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Ignis ai head

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Japanese アイ
Rōmaji Ai
Other Names, etc. * Mysterious Lifeform (謎の生命体 Nazo no Seimeitai)
* Mysterious A.I.
Darkness Ignis (闇のイグニス, Yami no Igunisu)
Personal Information
Species A.I
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Yusaku Fujiki (Origin)
Bohman (Originator)
Eye Yellow
Hair Black, yellow, pink and purple
Duel Monster statistics
Win 6
Lose 3
Ace Dark Knight @IgnisterDarkKnight@Ignister-OW-NC
Light Dragon @Ignister
Wind Pegasus @Ignister
Fire Phoenix @IgnisterFirePhoenix@Ignister-OW-NC
Earth Golem @Ignister
Water Leviathan @Ignister
The Arrival Cyberse @IgnisterTheArrivalCyberse@Ignister-OW-NC
Monster Type User Link Monster
Ritual Monster
Fusion Monster
Synchro Monster
Xyz Monster
Partner(s) Playmaker (former)
Soulburner (former)
Shoichi Kusanagi (former)
Blue Maiden (former)
Revolver (former)
Ghost Girl (former)
Spectre (former)
Friends Flame (deceased)
Aqua (deceased)
Earth (deceased)
Windy (deceased)
Lightning (deceased)
Enemies Playmaker
Blue Maiden
Go Onizuka
Ghost Girl
Doctor Genome
Blood Sheperd
The Knights of Hanoi
SOL Technologies
Lightning (former; deceased)
Windy (former; deceased)
Bohman (deceased)
Anime Episode 1
English Michael Liscio Jr.
Japanese Takahiro Sakurai

Ai (Ai(アイ)) is the nickname given to the currently unnamed[1] "Darkness Ignis" by his model and partner Yusaku Fujiki and Shoichi Kusanagi. Being a member of the Ignis, his existence is sought after by SOL Technologies and The Knights of Hanoi, and is one of the Ignis who supports human coexistence. He is the deuteragonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS seasons 1 and 2, and the sole surviving Ignis. In Season 3, he now has a human form, and he serves as the main antagonist.

Appearance Edit

Ai is a small, digital humanoid being. Ai's distinct features that distinguishes him from the other Ignis is his pointed top and his clown shoe-like feet. He has markings over his shade of dark-purple body, in the shape of thin lines and circles, which are purple and connect with one another. He has oval-shaped, yellow-orange eyes. In stature, Ai is one of the taller Ignis, the same height as Flame and shorter than Earth. When he becomes angry, Ai turns into a fiendish shape, with six tentacles, a large yellow eye and mouth, with two of his eyes on the center of his body.

When one of Revolver's "Cracking Dragon" ate his body, Ai was reduced to an eye. However, when he ate Revolver's arm off, Ai regained his body back.

In the third season, Ai now has taken a "human" form. He got yellow eyes that have rectangular pupils, black shoulder length, spiky hair with yellow tips, along with purple bangs with pink highlights similar to Playmaker's. He wears a light purple formal shirt with a black handkerchief tie, vest, pants, and cape. He also has a pair of purple earrings with orange studs that resemble his old head and a blue diamond chip on his neck and back after using a SOLtis Android as a host.

When Ai made his copies, his eyes changed into orange color.

Personality Edit

Right from the start, Ai can be seen as mischievous and arrogant. According to his own words, he is very disliked by his own people.[2] Ignis struggles to understand humans' way of thinking that often seem completely illogical compared to his algorithm based way of thinking. However he can be more serious at times such as making observations both in and outside of duels. He also has a tendency to panic at times. Ai frequently tries to interact with other AIs, showing a more social side but is always left disappointed because they're not as capable of free thinking as himself.[3]


As an AI belonging to the Cyberse, Ai has some degree of control over it. He is the only one who knows its location and can unlock data from it to start a Data Storm. Ai is shown to be far more sophisticated than other AIs, being fully capable of thinking and acting on his own will and showing emotion. According to Shoichi Kusanagi, Ai is built out of highly complicated algorithms that even Yusaku couldn't fully decode. Ai's' memories are stored in the form of video logs.[4] However, Ai's' level of free will is limited by the fact that he is still an AI, as such he can't comprehend why humans do actions that would seem illogical and contradicting with each other.[5] Ai's Skill is Storm Access which is given to Yusaku after being trapped in Yusaku's Duel Disk.[6] Whilst trapped in the Duel Disk, he can also act as a Duel AI. Inside Link VRAINS, Ai is shown to be able to transform into a monster, which he did to devour a Knight of Hanoi member and a card infected by Hanoi.[7][8]Ai has the ability to sense a Knight of Hanoi's presence through the cards in their deck, such as when he knew right away that Go Onizuka was pretending to be a Knight[9] and when he discovered the Hanoi-affected card in Blue Angel's deck and could tell when it was drawn.[10] After Playmaker defeated Revolver, Ai regained his full body and can materialize himself in the real world.[11][12] Ai is able to release blasts of purple energy, which he used to try to free Aqua and fight off Bohman absorbing him.

After adapting a human form, Ai became able to hijack a SOLtis to enter the real world, when doing so the SOLtis takes his appearance. He can even transport people's minds into a private digital world. Despite his old panic and forgetful nature, Ai is actually an extremely skilled Duelist, easily able to cut through Queen's defense and win in just one turn.

Ai also possesses the ability to create copies of himself, as seen when sends 3 copies of himself to act as decoys to Revolver, Soulburner and Playmaker, while he proceeded forward.

Despite his old panicky and forgetful nature, Ai is actually an extremely skilled Duelist, easily able to cut through Queen's defence and win in just one turn and quickly defeat Dr. Genome, Baira, Faust, Spectre, and Go Onizuka, living up to his reputation as the Ignis modeled after Playmaker.

Biography Edit

Past Edit

The birth of Ignis Edit

Ai was created with the other Ignis by Dr. Kogami in the Lost Incident case to be the
Ep043 six AI's

All 6 created Ignis

saviors of humanity. Ai and the other Ignis evolved and created the Cyberse World, as well as the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted that the AI and humanity would become enemies, so he decided to destroy them.

Aqua's Prediction Edit

Aqua was watching Ai and "Linkuriboh" how they jump into the waterfall and

Aqua scolding Ai and [[Linkuriboh]]

almost drawn. Aqua was worried about Ai saying that he's an Ignis and he need to act like one. While she was scolding Ai and "Linkuriboh," Earth was watching them and got jealous.

Later, Earth approach Ai telling him to stay away from Aqua.

Revolver's attack Edit

Ep001 Ignis devoured by Cracking Dragon

Ai devoured by "Cracking Dragon".

Revolver launched an attack to Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". The entities of Cyberse, including Ai who took vital information about the Cyberse away from The Knights of Hanoi during their attack. Despite being crushed by a "Cracking Dragon", his eye survived. Ever since, he had been running from both the Knights and SOL Technology.[13] Being reduced to nothing but an eye also damaged most of his memories.[14]

Present Edit

Meeting Yusaku Fujiki Edit

Ep001 Ignis captured

Ai trapped inside Yusaku's Duel Disk.

While being pursued by both factions, Ai fell into a trap created by Yusaku, who saved him by absorbing him into his Duel Disk, turning him into a Dueling AI, thus necessitating the defeat of Playmaker in order to recover Ai.

Playmaker vs The Knight of Hanoi Edit

Ai doubted that Playmaker's Deck was strong enough to defeat the Knights' "Cracking Dragon" before stirring up a virtual wind called "Data Storm" that initiated a Speed Duel.[15] Before the Duel began, Ignis explained Playmaker how Speed Duels worked but didn't mention Skills.

Through out the Duel Ignis repeatedly tried to offer support for Playmaker, only for Playmaker to keep telling him to shut up and remind that he was holding Ignis hostage. When they sucked into a tornado within the Data Storm, Playmaker figured out that Ignis not mentioning skills and bringing him to the tornado was part of his calculations.
Ep002 Ignis tells Playmarker to use his skill

Ai tells Playmaker to use his Skill.

Ignis confirmed this, and activated Playmaker's skill "Storm Access", which allowed them to obtain "Decode Talker" so Playmaker could defeat the Knight.[16] The Knight attempted to self destruct and kill Playmaker, but Ignis turned into a monster and devoured the knight to save Playmaker. He suggested Playmaker should log off soon.

Ai's memories Edit

Yusaku and Shoichi Kusanagi spent the next few days trying to figure out Ignis' programming. Since Ignis was always noisy, Yusaku has the speaker turned off so he didn't need to listen to his ranting. Kusanagi suggested giving Ignis a nickname, and Yusaku nicknamed him "Ai" since he is an A.I, much to Ignis' dismay. Eventually Yusaku found footage from some of Ai's memories, which Ai himself didn't understand except for Revolver being the leader of Hanoi. Scanning those recordings caused Revolver to sense Ai and try to find him, but Shoichi shutting off Café Nagi's power prevented Revolver from finding them.

Ai and Roboppy Edit

The next day, Ai was left at Yusaku's house, there he tried to convince Roboppy to set him free by promising to make him a better A.I.[17] Ai panicked when Yusaku returned home and had Roboppy put him back on the shelf. When Yusaku found them, Ai told Yusaku that had arrived home early, to which Yusaku said a Knight of Hanoi appeared and revealed a secret room he uses to go to LINK VRAINS.

Go Onizuka vs Playmaker Edit

As soon as they arrived, both Playmaker and Ai quickly figured out the Knight was fake. The "Knight" revealed himself to be Go Onizuka, who wanted to challenge Playmaker. Ai looked up information about Go, Playmaker was
Ep004 Go's Duelist Data

Ai showed Go's Duelist Data.

uninterested and attempted to log out but a program from SOL prevented him from doing so, so he was forced to Duel Go. During the Duel, Ai continued researching Go and found out that Go donated most of his money to the orphanage where he grew up. When Go let himself take 2000 Damage when he had the chance to avoid it, Ai was confused about why humans make illogical choices. Playmaker said it was because of their hearts, but didn't explain what that meant because Ignis' algorithm-based thinking wouldn't undertand it.[18]

Approaching Aoi Zaizen Edit

Ep006 Ignis tried to interact with Aoi's Duel Disk AI

Ai tried to interact with Aoi's Duel Disk AI.

When Shoichi found out that Aoi Zaizen, Yusaku's classmate, is "Blue Angel", Ai helped Yusaku locate her while they were at school. Ai forced Yusaku to join the Duel Club and tried to interact with Aoi's Duel Disk AI. The next day Ai noticed something strange about Aoi's AI so he sent her a text message on Playmaker's behalf challenging Blue Angel to a Duel, then tricked Yusaku into going into VRAINS to confront Blue Angel.

Playmaker vs Blue Angel Edit

There, he explained that Hanoi must've planted a card into Blue Angel's deck to use her as bait for Playmaker.[19] During the Duel, Ai was horrified when Blue Angel was affected by Hanoi's card and warned Playmaker that if the Duel continued much longer, Aoi would suffer permanent brain damage.[20]

Ep008 Ignis devouring Hanoi's program

Ai devouring Hanoi's program.

After the Duel concluded Ai devoured Hanoi's program and detected that they had infected Aoi with a virus to keep her comatose. Later Ai told Yusaku and Shoichi that the only way to remove the virus was to get an anti-Virus from Hanoi.

Ghost Girl's trap Edit

Right after that, a "Blue Angel" impostor appeared demanding a rematch. Despite knowing that it was a trap, Yusaku went to confront the impostor because he could get a chance to obtain the anti-virus. Upon arriving however, the impostor turned the entirety of VRAINS into a trap to capture Playmaker and revealed herself to be Ghost Girl. Akira Zaizen appeared and tortured Playmaker, believing him to be the culprit of Aoi being comatose and swore to reclaim Ai. Playmaker and Ai tried to explain that Hanoi were the real culprits to no avail, until Revolver appeared and blackmailed Akira into releasing Playmaker so they could Duel.[21]

Playmaker vs Revolver Edit

Ep010 Ai vanishes

Ai vanishes due to the effect of "Skyfire Prison".

During the Duel Ai noted that Revolver didn't have an AI. Revolver said that he didn't trust AIs and that Ai must be destroyed otherwise the virtual fiction of VRAINS will destroy the world. When Revolver used "Storm Access", Ignis was shocked that because that was his signature program, but also called out Revolver's hypocrisy of wanting to destroy Cyberse while borrowing power from it, Revolver countered that claiming that he was "countering poison with poison".[22] As the Duel progressed, Revolver gained the upperhand, and worrying that they might lose, Ai led Playmaker to another Data Storm, where the two obtained a dragon. However, Revolver activated the Trap Card, "Remote Reborn", and combo-ed it with the effect of "Topologic Bomber Dragon", ending the Speed Duel in a draw. Following that, Revolver dragged Playmaker and Ai inside a Data Storm, where they began a Master Duel. As the Duel went on, Revolver activated the effect of "Skyfire Prison", eliminating all Cyberse cards from the field, as well as making Ai seemingly vanish into thin air.[23]

Ep011 Ai wakes up at sea

Ai wakes up at sea.

Ai woke up at sea, and remembered how "Skyfire Prison" erased his program. Though he was surprised by the surroundings, Ai felt somewhat sleepy, even if he never had felt this before. When Playmaker called out to him, Ai woke up and came back after Playmaker summoned "Firewall Dragon" and "Skyfire Prison" was destroyed. Ai was concerned if Playmaker lost, and panicked to see he only had 600 LP left. Ai was amazed to see the two dragons, until Revolver used the effect of "Varrel Load Dragon" to take control of "Firewall Dragon".[24] Ai was frustrated how "Firewall Dragon's" effect failed to remove "Varrel Load Dragon" from the field, and reminded Playmaker to protect his own dragon. He also reminded Playmaker how they had to count everything on their next draw. Ai was pleased when Playmaker used "Battle Buffer" to negate Revolver's Varrett monsters' effects and could not use them as ammunition for "Varrel Load Dragon". He claimed "Firewall Dragon's" attack on "Varrel Load Dragon", who had more ATK, was but a part of the strategy for "Encode Talker" to destroy Revolver's dragon.

Ai watched as "Firewall Dragon" defeated "Varrel Load Dragon", and Revolver as well. He then became vicious and tried to devour Revolver, even biting his avatar's arm off but a lightning stroke, restraining Ai and cursed Revolver for leaving.

Ai return his body Edit

Later on, Ai noticed how Yusaku was sleeping, and called out how lazy he was. Shoichi replied heroes need rest, too, though Ai started bragging how heroes needed to be just like him. When Shoichi went to analyze the program,
Ep12 Ai gets his body back

Ai gets his body back.

Ai he called him a pervert for "looking into his private parts", and refused to say anything about the program he ate off from Revolver. Later, Ai woke up and explained to Yusaku and Shoichi he was alive, but they wanted proof. Ai then started to focus and a golden light appeared out of Yusaku's Duel Disk. Ai came out, with his whole body intact, stating his pride how he managed to recover his body back. Playmaker and Shoichi were unamused by his small size and went to analyze if Ai had any memories of his past. Ai was displeased by their ignorance, and wanted them to
Ep013 Ai flexes his muscles to impress Roboppy

Ai flexes his muscles to impress Roboppy

show some reaction to see his true self.[25] After returning to Yusaku's house Ai flexed his muscles to impress Roboppy. Roboppy clapped, while Ai thought how cool he looked to "dumb" robots. Roboppy exclaimed that was the forbidden word, but Ai promised when he was complete, he'll "start to do that", and swore to make Roboppy smarter, and both started blushing.[26]

Playmaker vs Ghost Girl Edit

Ep14 Ai and Playmarker

Ai states that Playmarker doesn't have to accept Ghost Girl's challenge.

Ai "played" with Roboppy, and claimed Yusaku wouldn't watch them, since he was deep in a thought. After Yusaku got a message from Shoichi, he took Ai with him to the food truck. There, the two read how Ghost Girl challenged Playmaker, with her access to the data bank and Playmaker's Ai as wagers. Ai stated they didn't have to accept her challenge, but Playmaker nevertheless did so, as he was interested in the data from SOL Technologies' data bank. Inside, Ai was displeased the two initiated the Duel. Ai reminded Playmaker while he did not know anything about Ghost Girl, she must've studied his tactics well. During the Duel, Ai pointed out how Ghost Girl reinforced her defenses, and even set three Trap Cards that would stop them. As Ghost Girl initiated the Battle Phase and claimed she would win in that turn, Ai laughed, as she would make 2400 LP damage. Both Playmaker and Ghost Girl scolded Ai for such thinking; Playmaker claimed no Duelist would make that simple math error, making Ghost Girl wonder why was everyone after this dumb AI. Ai was offended, while Playmaker pointed out she did bring out "Altergeist Meluseek". The latter attacked directly and destroyed "Cyberse Wizard", allowing "Altergeist Marionetter" attack directly, and allow "Altergeist Primebanshee" to do so as well. Ai started panicking, as its fate was on the stake.[27]

Ep15 Ai pretending to be scared

Ai pretending to be scared by Ghost Girl's attack.

Ai yelled at Playmaker that Ghost Girl's next attack would deplete all of his LP. As Playmaker Special Summoned "Lockout Gardna", Ai knew they would have enough LP to continue and even use Storm Access, and exclaimed how "bad" this would be. However, Ghost Girl knew Ai was just pretending, and decided not to attack. Ai was in shock, and Playmaker told him this acting stinked, making Ai sniff himself. Ai continued watching the Duel, and commented how Ghost Girl was foiling their strategies, and wondered what her Skill was. Using Secret Cure, Ghost Girl increased both her and Playmaker's LP with "Altergeist Meluseek's" ATK, making Ai comment how the latter punished them before already. Still, Playmaker paid the LP to activate "Scan Doll's" effect, and Ai praised him, encouraging him to use Storm Access. Since Ghost Girl was in the Data Storm, Ai was surprised that Playmaker went to save her, even if they could be swallowed inside, too. Coming out of the Data Storm, Ai commented how Playmaker behaved like a hero. With "Excode Talker" brought out and able to attack twice, Ai smiled, claiming it is over for Ghost Girl. At the end of Duel, Ai explained it was a stressful battle, and would've ended in defeat if it wasn't for him. After Ghost Girl left, Ai asked what was in the SOL Technologies' data bank. Playmaker admitted he did not know, but hoped there was some info about himself, ten years ago.[28]

Infiltrating Sol Tech's data bank Edit

Ep016 Ai informs Shoichi and Yusaku

Ai informs Shoichi and Yusaku that they are linked to SOL's mother computer.

The next day, Yusaku was searching for Aoi, but noticed she was not present there, nor in LINK VRAINS. Ai thought her brother was blocking her the access to LINK VRAINS, to prevent any further danger that might harm her. However, Ai also wondered why was Yusaku concerned about "that cutie", as Yusaku wished that she shouldn't give up on Duels. The following night, Shoichi created a link to the mother computer. Yusaku started hesitating to enter, making Ai surprised, since he did wish to find more out and even won the program as a bet from Ghost Girl. Ai claimed he did warn them there were traps from the start, but Shoichi explained Yusaku was just being careful. Ai expressed his annoyance, and went with Yusaku into the LINK VRAINS. While inside the system, Ai saw how empty the place was, and wasn't impressed by the rope Playmaker held. Soon, Ai warned Playmaker about the security traps, which were sent to hamper their path. After passing through Area A, Ai was glad they succeeded, but was shocked to see a Data Storm inside the network. Playmaker and Ai were pulled towards the Data Storm, with their rope shattering and alerting Kitamura. Playmaker and Ai were "visited" by two AI prototypes, who went to Duel them, even if Ai reminded them Duels were one on one. Playmaker avoided them and proceeded further, though one of the AI-s intercepted him. The two began a Duel, in which the AI prototype dropped all of Playmaker's hand with "Tentacluster Nautilus'" effect. Ai told Playmaker had no luck, thinking he was bad at old maid, but Playmaker shushed him. The two were attacked by the other AI prototype until Blue Angel came to stop the AI-s.[29]

When Playmaker shaved his LP down to 1000, AI encouraged him to enter the Data Storm, wondering what monster would he obtain. Inside the data bank, Ai and Playmaker were surprised to see Akira, who expected Playmaker to arrive there.[30]

Playmaker vs Akira Zaizen Edit

Ep018 Playmarker and Ai

Ai amused how much Akira sacrificed himself to look Aoi.

Ai pointed out the core of the data bank was where SOL Technologies' information was processed and released. Hearing Ghost Girl's plans, Ai thought Ghost Girl lost on purpose to hand them the backdoor route, but Ghost Girl corrected it that she still had the opportunity to obtain Ai. Regardless, she was fine with either outcome, making Ai curse her for being so cunning, which Ghost Girl took as a compliment. When Akira refused to hand over the data from the bank, Ai started to complain, claiming he is the great Ignis everyone was searching for. Akira wondered if Ai actually had free will, like Revolver told them. Ghost Girl told them Akira was demoted, which made Ai amused how much he sacrificed himself to look after his sister. Since Akira refused to hand over the data, Playmaker challenged Akira to a Duel, betting Ai for the data, which Akira accepted. Ai was displeased, as being bet was a normal thing to it. As Akira reinforced his defenses, Ai noted Akira was a stiff man, just like his strategy.

Ep018 Playmarker and Ai 2

Ai and Playmarker annoyed by the effect of "Tindangle Hound".

As Ai swapped "Tindangle Base Gardna" for "Tindangle Hound", Ai started complaining until seeing how scary the latter was. "Tindangle Hound" roared as its effect activated, making Ai feel woozy, but Playmaker silenced Ai. Playmaker brought out "Flame Administrator" and destroyed "Tindangle Hound", with Ai mimicking Playmaker's pose. However, it cursed, as Akira revived his "Tindangle Hound", via "Tindangle Angel's" effect, and ended the Battle Phase. Ai realized Akira played a Reverse Monster deck, with unique strategies. Since Playmaker refused to give up, Ai encouraged him to crush Akira. Ai admitted Akira's monsters hurt his pride, seeing its power continued lowering Playmaker's monsters' ATK.[31]

Ep019 Playmarker and Ai

Ai impressed by the ATK of "Tindangle Acute Cerberus".

Playmaker destroyed Akira's monsters with "Linkage Hole", and Ai taunted Akira for being unable to use his Reverse Monsters' effects. However, Ai started panicking when "Decode Talker" was destroyed and an "even scarier pooch" was summoned, whose ATK was boosted to 3000. "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" attacked "Firewall Dragon", and Ai feared he and Playmaker would lose, so the latter protected "Firewall Dragon" with "Doppler Phase Coating". Akira protected his own monster with "Gergonne's End", so Playmaker tried to have "Firewall Dragon", enhanced with "Alert Lancer", attack "Tindangle Token" to finish the Duel. Ai smiled for the victory, until Akira protected himself with "Morley's Shield". Ai continued panicking when Akira played "Nagel's Protection" to protect his Tokens, and even doubling the damage "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" dealt, lowering Playmaker's LP to 500. Ai yelled to Playmaker to do something, and even wondered if there was anything that can be done to get them out of the situation.

Ep019 Ai shocked by Playmarker

Ai is shocked to learn that Playmarker doesn't think of him as a friend.

Playmaker asked of Ai to stop panicking, asking if it even was an AI, making the latter furious why he was so calm. Playmaker claimed if Ai was so worried about losing, it should consider about finding a new home. Ai replied he didn't think of that, since he had Playmaker as a friend to help him out. Playmaker claimed they were no friends, stating Ai should behave like other AI-s. This crushed Ai, seeing Playmaker was colder than AI-s. Ai started acting like a dumb AI to amuse Playmaker, though he also wished to know about the incident from ten years ago. Hearing Playmaker was a part of Hanoi Project, Ai started to ponder thoughts about it. He was also shocked to hear SOL Technologies' data bank contained the name of the mastermind behind the project.[32]

Ep020 Ai panicked

Ai panicked by the attack of "Tindangle Acute Cerberus".

Ai realized Playmaker had two parallel choices who confirmed this, exciting Ai, as their opinions matched. As Akira declared an attack on "Firewall Dragon", Ai panicked once more, but was silenced by Playmaker. As "Doppler Phase Coating" was removed, Akira's Battle Phase ended, and Ai was impressed, seeing Playmaker could survive. As Akira summoned another token to power up "Tindangle Acute Cerberus", Ai ignored that, thinking that was a pointless move, as "Firewall Dragon" would attack Akira directly. Instead, the latter activated "Euler's Circuit" to stop Playmaker from attacking. Ai lost hope, thinking he would be turned over to SOL Technologies. However, as the conditions for "Gergonne's End" were fulfilled, Akira destroyed all monsters linked to "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" to defeat Playmaker. However, the latter's "Secure Gardna" prevented the damage, and Ai taunted Akira for falling for the trick. Ai bragged his acting made this possible, but Playmaker brushed him off, as it was poor acting that nearly made Akira suspect something wrong. Despite the advantage, Playmaker used "Recovery Sorcerer" to bring back "Secure Gardna".

Ep020 Ai after eating SOL data

Ai after eating SOL Technologies' data.

Ai questioned this, as Playmaker could simply make a direct attack with "Firewall Dragon", but was told a Duel is more than just winning or losing. With Akira's defeat, Playmaker walked pass by Akira and Blue Angel, having Ai eat away SOL Technologies' data. Ai was surprised his name was mentioned, and ate the data, to the point of becoming stuffed. Outside, Shoichi praised Yusaku and Ai, the latter being happy he was praised. The two hacked into Ai, and found out the Hanoi Project's leader was Dr. Kiyoshi Kogami, an employee from SOL Technologies, who alone worked on the project in secrecy. Ai doubted the man could have done this on his own, and thought Akira was involved, but Shoichi reminded him Akira, back then, was 16 and was not employed at SOL Technologies. The two continued browsing, and were shocked to see Dr. Kogami died seven years ago.[33]

Ai's story Edit

Ep021 Ai and Roboppy giggling

Ai promises to tell a story to Roboppy.

After being left home again, Ai promised to tell a story to Roboppy, who wanted to listen more, since she did help Ai out in "secret things". Both started blushing and giggling. Ai told the story of the recent events: the confrontation with Ghost Girl, entering the SOL Technologies' data bank, battling the AI prototypes and facing the former security-in-chief, Akira Zaizen, himself. Ai credited himself for some of Playmaker's contributions, amazing Roboppy, until he claimed he wished everyone to fight, with him as the bet. He also thought Playmaker as some sort of a fiend, though Roboppy stated he was just cold-hearted. After he told the story, Ai admitted he was uncertain what would they do next, since nobody else but Dr. Kogami knew about the incident.[34]

Another case Edit

Ep022 Playmaker looking at the sun

Ai and Playmarker watching an eclipse blocking the virtual sun in LINK VRAINS.

Playmaker and Ai watched an eclipse blocking the virtual sun in LINK VRAINS. Ai remembered people in the ancient past were scared of such events, and was surprised people, even today, were still afraid. Playmaker replied people remain the same, unlike technology that advances. The latter proclaimed the light was blocked by darkness, and confirmed to Ai he meant about the Lost Incident. He would not let the incident be buried in darkness, and would uncover the truth. Later, Yusaku was at school, Naoki called out to Yusaku, reminding him the class was over, and thought he was one of the "Athnoers" who were people trapped in LINK VRAINS. He thought no person would return back to their old-selves, even if they were taken to the hospital. Ai thought this had relations to Blue Angel, but Yusaku shushed him, since Naoki could hear him.

Ep022 Yusaku, Ai and Shoichi watching

Ai, Yusaku and Shoichi watching a person turned into an Another.

Inside the van, Shoichi showed to Ai and Yusaku the footage of a camera, when a person turned into an Another, which happened six minutes before midnight. Ai noted there were no white hands taking the person into LINK VRAINS. Shoichi told them the person had not recovered yet, and showed pictures of more Another patients in the hospitals. Ai and Yusaku knew this was the same accident with Blue Angel, who was infected by a virus. The trio realized Playmaker, or Ai, were the targets. Yusaku reminded the importance of uncovering the truth behind Lost Incident, and as noted by Ai, they had to stop people from becoming Anothers. Ai noted Yusaku was a cool hero of justice, even if the latter claimed that was unnecessary. Shoichi showed a list of possible targets, from which the first was Makoto Kimishima. Yusaku traced the person to his house, and saw lights at his window. Yusaku broke through into his room, and saw he became a victim. In addition, he and Ai watched Makoto's avatar inside LINK VRAINS being confronted by a person, who wished to know if he was Playmaker and had Ignis.

Go Onizuka vs Doctor Genome Edit

Ep022 Yusaku hearing that Go knows the identity of Playmaker

Ai and Yusaku hearing that Go knows the identity of Playmaker.

Yusaku and Ai saw the person casted some glitter, causing Makoto to fall asleep and fall off the cliff, but was saved by Go Onizuka. Playmaker watched as GO confronted the person, Dr. Genome, who placed the virus into Makoto, only to draw Playmaker out. At the van, Shoichi and Yusaku watched The Knights of Hanoi were Dueling people, and turning them into Anothers. Yusaku decided to go into LINK VRAINS, even if Shoichi believed he would be at a disadvantage, and Ai wished to feel secure. Surprisingly, they saw "Playmaker" battling the Knights of Hanoi, by stopping their programs and tossing them away from their D-Boards. Dr. Genome confronted "Playmaker", who revealed himself to be Go Onizuka. The latter stated he came to save Makoto, and knew Playmaker's identity. The group watched as Dr. Genome activated the Data Gale, conjuring black tornadoes for the Speed Duel.[35]

Ep023 Yusaku, Ai and Shoichi

Yusaku tells Ai that Go has changed his fighting style.

Yusaku, Shoichi and Ai watched Go confronting Doctor Genome. Since Go claimed to have known Playmaker's identity, Shoichi remembered Yusaku did run into Go at the hospital, but Yusaku claimed it was impossible. Once Go equipped himself with a mask and declared himself as "Dark Onizuka", Ai thought that was a tacky thing to do. Yusaku and Shoichi realized Go changed his battling style to a heel, and would not hold back. Ai was surprised to see Go actually had his "Gouki Rising Scorpio" attack "Hellix Marmotroll", causing the former to be destroyed, since it had less ATK. However, Ai noticed this was to have Go gain an advantage, as 500 LP was inflicted on Genome, and Yusaku added that was how a heel fights. Ai noticed Go started using his brain to win, while Yusaku noted Go still wanted to win, in his own way. Just as Go was to win, Genome played "Regeneration Cure" to stop the damage, and everyone saw Genome had the advantage. As Genome released "Hellix Necro Darwin" to defeat Go, Yusaku became displeased. Ai suggested he could enter LINK VRAINS to save Go. Yusaku who saw Go barely saving himself with "Gouki Octolock's" effect, decided to take Ai's advice.[36]

Ep024 Playmarker and Ai questions a Knight

Ai threatens the Knight of Hanoi to delete him.

Playmaker and Ai came to LINK VRAINS to help Go Onizuka. Doctor Genome noticed the Ignis was here, who claimed he had a name, Ai. Genome was surprised, and saw Ai was domesticated, like a pet, who denied that. Later, Playmaker and Ai suggested a person, who wanted to fight The Knights of Hanoi, to go home. The man did so, while Playmaker confronted the Knight of Hanoi. After the defeat, Playmaker demanded the virus-removal program. The Knight did not have it, so Playmaker questioned who was the virus' creator, and Ai threatened the Knight to delete him. However, someone else dissolved the Knight before he could reply.[37]

Blue Angel vs Baira Edit

At the van, Ai was amused to read Kitamura was criticized for his failed efforts to stop The Knights of Hanoi. He also read the people demanded some action to be taken for someone responsible in SOL Technologies. Yusaku shushed Ai, since he was interfering with their work. After Yusaku returned, Shoichi found nothing new. Ai believed Shoichi gave up, who replied he was just getting started. Later, Ai watched Blue Angel Dueling Baira. He noted Blue Angel was cornered, but Yusaku shushed him, since they were still working.[38]

Yusaku showed the woman behind an Another victim, and compared her to Aoi Zaizen's doctor, Kyoko Taki. Ai confirmed this, but wondered if she would help the victim because she was a doctor. Yusaku reminded Ai to listen in the end, as he proclaimed she was one of the Knights of Hanoi. Yusaku went to her apartment, worrying Ai, as the place could be the Knights of Hanoi's headquarters. Yusaku replied it was more reason for him to go, and Ai even asked if he was good at fighting. Inside, the two passed by a robot, and Ai hacked into the security system, opening the apartment. Ai saw nobody, but Yusaku shushed him. Continuing on, the two found a room with a pod, in which Kyoto Taki was, logged in LINK VRAINS as Baira. When she logged out, Ai proposed to tie her up, but she appeared next to Varis, who punished her. Yusaku thought she released the virus-removal program because she felt guilty, a feeling Ai did not understand.

Cyberse wizard missing and Naoki captured Edit

Ai boasted he couldn't be captured, and laughed with Roboppy, thinking how Yusaku would be surprised when he saw them. Later, he was at the van with Yusaku and Kusanagi. The next day, Yusaku spoke with Naoki, who wished to battle the Knights of Hanoi. Yusaku knew Naoki was scared, and knew Naoki came to ask him for help. Naoki was furious and stormed out, and Ai noted Yusaku went too far on him. When Yusaku came to the van, Kusanagi showed him someone has played his "Cyberse Wizard". Kusanagi identified him as Lonely Brave, which Ai thought as a cool name. When Yusaku showed his "Cyberse Wizard", Ai touched it and sensed the data from the card was missing. Ai thought Lonely Brave was the mastermind, and defeated the Knight of Hanoi to lure Playmaker out. Brave Max was soon interrogated by the mastermind, Faust, and called out to Playmaker to Duel him. Yusaku went to grab his Duel Disk, but saw it was gone. Ai logged on the screen, and showed he was on the Duel Disk, which Roboppy modified it with a drone. While Yusaku noted the device felt heavier, Ai explained he was searching for Naoki, though the data of "Cyberse Wizard". Yusaku realized Ai even knew this would happen, which offended Ai, seeing Yusaku was even accusing him. Regardless, Ai showed the location, where Naoki was captured. Ai got distracted by another drone, and nearly crashed into the building. Yusaku called out to him, and Ai returned to the van. Yusaku grabbed the Duel Disk and left Kusanagi to rescue Naoki, while Yusaku logged in to LINK VRAINS.

Playmaker vs Faust Edit

Playmaker confronted Faust, who denied having stolen "Cyberse Wizard" and giving it to Brave Max. Playmaker was confused, but Ai reminded him that was not important, and had to defeat Faust, who summoned the Data Gale. Playmaker noted it was just like during Blue Angel and Go's Duels, and Ai noted this prevented them from returning home. Faust started the Speed Duel with summoning three "Motor Worm Tokens", and Ai sensed Faust was going all-out from the start. As "Cyberse Wizard" destroyed "Motor Worm Spreader Queen", Ai waved goodbye to her until Faust revived her with "Worm Revival". Shockingly to Ai, Faust used "Egg Clutch" to turn "Cyberse Wizard" into an Insect monster. Ai wondered if there was nothing they could do, and repeated this to Playmaker when he ended his turn. Due to "Egg Clutch", Faust tributed his "Motor Worm Token" to summon two new tokens on Playmaker's field, and Ai counted the queen got 700 additional ATK. The queen attacked Playmaker, who halved the damage by using "Urgent Link". Ai pointed out he barely survived with 50 LP left, though Playmaker stated it was still enough to fight. After destroying "Wormhole Defense", Ai encouraged Playmaker to use Storm Access skill. After Playmaker won, he repeated "humanity's future" Faust spoke of, though Ai didn't know anything of that. After the Duel, Yusaku went to rescue Naoki, who complimented him. He also spoke about Playmaker rescuing him, and Ai told Naoki talks too much. Yusaku, however, wondered if Ai was the one that put him in danger by giving Naoki his "Cyberse Wizard".

Revolver's plan Edit

Since Yusaku felt uneasy, he could not sleep and went to Shoichi's van. Ai smiled at Yusaku, thinking how cute he was, but Yusaku ordered him to be quiet. Regardless, he also agreed with Yusaku something bad would soon begin, as Yusaku believed Revolver would make his move soon.

Meeting the mysterious person Edit

Yusaku and Ai, in real life, sensed something wrong in LINK VRAINS. Later, Ai saw that Shoichi lost a customer with a red triangle on his right arm. Ai claimed Shoichi needed a mascot, who claimed Ai would make a terrible mascot. Shoichi noted Anothers' incident has been resolved, but also reminded Revolver was still out there. Ai thought Revolver had retreated, but Yusaku doubted that. Suddenly, Yusaku and Ai felt a pulse within LINK VRAINS, and the latter noted Yusaku had Link Sense. Yusaku asked Shoichi to scan through the network. Shoichi worked on scanning, and just as Yusaku and Ai sensed another pulse, Shoichi saw LINK VRAINS infrastructure was changing. Yusaku decided to visit LINK VRAINS, even if Ai felt a bad omen ahead. Ai tried to convince Playmaker things would go bad and they should return home, but Playmaker was focused on finding the cause. Once again, they sensed the pulse coming from the network.

Reunion with Ghost Girl Edit


Ai making Ghost Girl amused on how he wanted to play a game

Finding some data fireflies, Playmaker traced them to a spot. As the data fireflies stopped, Ai thought they were taking a break. The two were visited by Ghost Girl, who wasn't particularly pleased Ai and Playmaker were present, too. The data fireflies opened a path, though which Ghost Girl entered, and Playmaker joined in, too. Finding a fork in the path, Ghost Girl saw her data fireflies went to the path on the right. Ai thought they could settle this with a game, which amused Ghost Girl, who credited the AI. Ai explained he had a name, and Ghost Girl thought his name was just a pun. Ghost Girl told the one that chose the "lovelier" card from her Deck could choose the path. Ai was confident in his skills, but had his doubts that Ghost Girl could cheat, who told there wasn't anything beneficial in that. Ghost Girl shuffled her Deck, and let Ai draw a card. Ai declared "Destiny Draw", only to choose "Fake Trap". Ghost Girl claimed the card was nothing her favorite, and didn't even choose to draw a card. She bid farewell to Ai

Ai's destiny draw

and Playmaker, going to the path on the right. Ai was displeased he chose "Fake Trap", but Playmaker knew that Ghost Girl cheated, by using a Deck filled with bad cards. Ai was even more depressed he was cheated off once more, but Playmaker reminded the importance of their mission, and continued on. They were ambushed by a data giant, who went after them, making Ai even panic. While dodging the data giant's attacks, Playmaker and Ai sensed the pulse was getting stronger, and felt a danger was coming.

Ghost Girl vs RevolverEdit

Playmaker continued running away from the data giant, and Ai told him to run faster. The two ran to a dead end, and just as the data giant went to attack them, it disappeared in a veil of light. Ai was glad they were saved, while
Ep031 Playmarker and Ai surprised

Ai and Playmarker surprised to see Ghost Girl duels Revolver.

Playmaker noticed another abnormality. Playmaker jumped in the crack, and Ai noticed that was the path that Ghost Girl took. The two watched as Ghost Girl was defeated by Revolver's "Topologic Trisbaena". Ghost Girl glowed with a red light, and started vanishing. She warned Playmaker of Revolver and his new card before disappearing. Ai and Playmaker were terrified, and were soon visited by Revolver behind bars. Playmaker yelled at Revolver, while Ai pointed out the place was collapsing, and they swore to protect Ghost Girl's data. Playmaker ignored Ai, who forced Playmaker to log out.

Hanoi Tower Edit

Yusaku and Ai joined Shoichi and watched hundreds of tentacles wrapped a beam that was shot in the sky and destroyed LINK VRAINS' cyberspace. Yusaku, Shoichi, and Ai watched as the tower appeared in LINK VRAINS, causing the cyberspace to be absorbed. Since Yusaku obtained Ghost Girl's data, Shoichi promised to look into it. Ai noticed the avatars were being absorbed, and not just buildings or roads - Yusaku knew this was Revolver's doing. Shoichi analyzed Ghost Girl's data, showing the Tower of Hanoi. Ai was shocked, seeing how much data has been absorbed, as Shoichi noted that speed has not decreased. Shoichi counted six rings would be crafted from this system, one per each passing hour. He realized that once every ring is crafted, a pulse would be sent with high-density data, affecting every machine or program - every piece of technology existing in the world would cease function, as if the world has no computers at all. Ai thought it was safe as long as they did not enter the network, but Yusaku was certain Revolver thought of that, and made something that would still erase Ai. Shoichi continued his analysis, seeing even devices not connected to the network would also be affected, as an electromagnetic pulse would be sent out, even to erase Ai. While Ai was frustrated, Shoichi was overwhelmed, knowing Revolver made all of this just to erase an Ignis.

Kitamura's test Edit

The trio watched Kitamura - Akira's successor in SOL Technologies battling a Knight of Hanoi, named Spectre. They saw how Spectre erased Kitamura, and the former threatened to do this to anyone that dared entering LINK VRAINS. Yusaku swore to stop the Knights of Hanoi, by shutting down the core.

Playmaker, Go Onizuka and Blue Angel's team up Edit

Yusaku logged in to LINK VRAINS with Ai, and he quickly met up with Go Onizuka and Blue Angel. The latter
Ep032 Go and Ai

Ai told Go Onizuka that he got a name

explaining she was fighting for everyone, as those people look up to her. Go exclaimed the same, since he was the hero that needed to protect LINK VRAINS. Ai noted how full of energy Go was. Go noted that was the Ignis, who yelled out he had a name, Ai. Playmaker explained he came to stop the Tower of Hanoi, rescue Ghost Girl and confront the mastermind, Revolver. Playmaker exclaimed the importance of stopping the tower's completion, and Ai added it would prevent him from being erased. Go asked how to stop the tower, and was told Revolver had to be defeated. Ai warned the time limit was six hours before the tower was completed. The trio promised to meet up against and went in different directions.

Deck Edit

Ai uses an "@Ignister" Deck, which focuses on swarming the field with different "@Ignister" monsters so they can use removal effects equal to the number of "@Ignisters" they control. It is capable of Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summoning, making Ai the first Ignis to incorporate summoning methods other than Link Summons.

Monsters Spell Traps Extra
Effect Monsters

Tuner Monster

Ritual Monsters

Fusion Monsters

Synchro Monsters

Xyz Monsters

Link Monsters

Duels Edit

Image Opponent Episode Outcome
Queen vs Ai
Queen 104 Win
Doctor Genome and Baira 106 Win
Ai vs Revolver,Playmaker and Soulburner
Playmaker, Revolver and Soulburner 106-108 Lose
Faust and Spectre 107 Win
Ai vs Go Onizuka
Go Onizuka 107-108 Win
Pandor vs Ai
Pandor 108-109 Win
Akira and Blue Maiden vs Ai
Blue Maiden and Akira Zaizen 110-111 Win
Ai vs Playmaker
Playmaker 117-120 Lose


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