Altergeist Protocol
Altergeist Protocol
Rōmaji Orutāgaisuto Purotokoru
Japanese オルターガイスト・プロトコル
English Altergeist Protocol
Card Trap Card Icon of Trap
Property Permanent Magic Card Icon of Permanent
Effect type Continuous-like, Immediate Trigger-like Effect, Rule Effect
Appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 014, 015, 031
Anime Effect

The activation and effects of "Altergeist" cards you control cannot be negated. When your opponent activates a monster effect: You can send 1 other face-up "Altergeist" card you control to the GY; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card. You can only use this effect of "Altergeist Protocol" once per turn.

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