Believe In Magic
Believe In Magic Ed1
Japanese Believe(ビリーブ) In(イン) Magic(マギック)
Rōmaji Birību In Majikku
Performer(s) 龍雅 -Ryoga-
Episodes Episode 1 - Episode 24
Airdate May 10, 2017
Previous N/A
Next Writing Life
"Believe In Magic" (Believe(ビリーブ) In(イン) Magic(マギック), Birību In Majikku) is the first Japanese ending theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, performed by 龍雅 -Ryoga-.

Lyrics (TV Size)Edit

踊れ! その踵で打ち鳴らせ
叫べ! You Gotta Go 声張り上げ
謳え! 存在をさあ解き放て
Get Away! 掲げた限界超えるまで

何度でも Try It


迷わず Set Yourself Free
Cuz We Still Believin' Magic

Never Give Up Never!
諦めないさ Never Give Up Never!

Odore! Sono kakato de uchinarase
Sakebe! You Gotta Go koe hariage
Utae! Sonzai o saa tokihanate
Get Away! Kakageta genkai koeru made

Nandodemo Try It

Hateshinaku hirogatteyuku
Sekai no naka de
Kagirinaku tsunagatteyuku
TAIMURAIN no nagare

Tashikana koto nadonai
Kono kodokuna jidai
Mayowazu Set Yourself Free
Cuz We Still Believin' Magic

Bokura ga nokosu kiseki
Bokura ga nokosu kiseki
Bokura ga okosu kiseki o
Never Give Up Never!
Akiramenaisa Never Give Up Never!

Dance! Hammer down with your heel
Shout out! You Gotta Go, raise your voice
Sing out! Come on, and unleash your being
Get Away! Until you surpass the limits raised before you

Try It any number of times
Spreading forth endlessly into the world
Without limits, the flow of Timeline is connecting

There is nothing that is for sure
In these solitary times
Without hesitation, Set Yourself Free
Cuz We Still Believe in Magic

The miracle we leave,
the miracle we leave,
Never Give Up on
the miracle we make happen, Never!
I won't give up, Never Give Up Never!

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Yusaku Fujiki
  2. Go Onizuka
  3. Aoi Zaizen
  4. Emma Bessho
  5. Ai
  6. Spectre
  7. Revolver
  8. Shoichi Kusanagi
  9. Akira Zaizen
  10. Naoki Shima

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