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XiaolongDrake XiaolongDrake 10 June 2019

Beyond Destiny

(Note that this is more of an RP than Blog)

(Tune: Intergalactic by Beastie Boys or Jump by Van Halen)

Characters/ Decks:

Antimony (XiaolongDrake; Me): Rokket/ Borrel/ Topologic

Madam Ghostly (GhostGirlviolinist): Altergeist

Glacier (Glacieroftheicewings5612): Marincess/ Tindangle

Anaconda (Anaconda the RainWing IceWing SeaWing): Dinowrestler/ Gouki

Titan (IceTitan64 ): Cyberse/ Code Talker

QueenIce ( Icebutterfly116): Trickstar

Z-Days (Zodazzle): Salamangreat

Summary: You and your 6 friends you known are logged on to Link VRAINS and encountered some bizzare situations through out your time in Link VRAINS.  You create your time, and use some oc's you create, but go 50/50 with the decks.  Check the wiki for duel rules (yes, there will be dueling).  E…

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XiaolongDrake XiaolongDrake 15 May 2019

Cybernetic Hope

Ask me any VRAINS-related q's needed.


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