Charisma Duelists (カリスマデュエリスト Karisuma Dyuerisuto) are a kind of Duelist featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. They are Duelist idols who use stage names and/or avatars and Duel in special stages in Link VRAINS. A Charisma Duelist's Duel is watched by crowds of people who can access Link VRAINS as well, and are broadcasted through screens for those who can't.[1]

Known DuelistsEdit

Image VR Name Name Deck
Blue Angelface Blue Angel
Aoi Zaizen
((ざい)(ぜん) (あおい))
Goface Go Onizuka
(Go (おに)(づか))
Go Onizuka
((ざい)(ぜん) (あおい))


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