Cyberse (world)
Ep. 50 Cyberse World Regions
Japanese サイバース
Rōmaji Saibāsu
Members Ai
Anime debut Episode 1
Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Cyberse is a hidden world in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. This world was under attack by The Knights of Hanoi led by Revolver. Ai was able to escape with a Program before being attacked by "Cracking Dragon".


Past Edit

Revolver's attack Edit

Five years before the start of the series, Revolver assaulted "Cyberse" with "Cracking Dragon" with the intention to destroy it. The different Artificial Intelligences that protected it were
Ep001 Ignis disconnecting the Cyberse World

Ai disconnecting the Cyberse World from the rest of the network.

restrained by Revolver and thus unable to stop the destruction of their world. However the AI Ignis appeared and forced a disconnection of the Cyberse World from the rest of the network, thus forcing Revolver out of Cyberse while keeping its location known only to him. However, Revolver, furious by Ignis' interference, ordered his "Cracking Dragon" to capture Ignis, which led to the AI to be dismembered by the monster's jaws. This made Revolver and the Knights of Hanoi spend the following years searching for Ignis' parts in order to find the location of Cyberse. SOL Technologies is also searching for Ignis because without Cyberse, their network will continue to deteriorate, having already dropped 30% by the time the series started.[1]

Present Edit

Cyberse world destruction Edit

At an unspecified time when Ai and Playmaker are battling against the Knights of Hanoi an unknown enemy breaks through Ai's program and starts an attack against the Cyberse world. Using Judgement Arrows, they discovered the
Ep047 Ignis crying

Ai sees the destroyed Cyberse world

realm's weaknesses and instantly destroy it. The Ignis evacuate the world to parts unknown, as Flame contacts Takeru Homura in the Human World. Ai reopens the Cyberse world after the threat of the Knights of Hanoi had been eliminated, but is devastated by the state he finds it in. Unable to find the other Ignis, Ai begins to panic before discovering Linkuriboh hiding among the ruins of the world. A conversation between Queen and Akira Zaizen seems to indicate SOL Technologies was able to locate the Cyberse World and realized the Ignis are missing.

The fake Cyberse world and the truth of the destruction Edit

Windy tried to reunite with the other Ignises. Thus, he started collecting data material and used it to create a place

Ai sees the fake Cyberse world

near LINK VRAINS. He believed the Ignis would learn about the territory and seek it out, as well as the enemies, whom Windy wanted to battle against.

Windy unlocked the program to release Ai, who was invited in fake Cyberse world. Ai noticed that this fake world was actually the dream from all Ignises to rebuild their home. However, Lightning eventually revealed to Ai and Flame he was the perpetrator that was responsible for destroying the Cyberse World so he could "reconstruct" the realm, as well as to initiate his plans to fight humanity itself.

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