Ep001 Data Storm

Ignis unlocks the Data Storm.

The Data Storm (データストーム Dēta Sutōmu) is a plot element featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.

The Data Storm was rumoured to be a wind that once blew inside Link VRAINS, which Duelists used to conduct a kind of Duel called "Speed Duel", but that wind had disappeared.

However, after Yusaku Fujiki obtained the powerful AI program Ignis in his Duel Disk, he was about to initiate a Duel against a member of The Knights of Hanoi; when Ignis learned that he would be caught if Yusaku lost, he declared "Cyberse - Data Material Unlock", producing a beam of light inside Link VRAINS that produced a Data Storm, shocking everyone. He then told the "Playmaker" to ride it, with Yusaku using a D-Board to ride through the Data Storm while Ignis declared the beginning of a Speed Duel.[1] After the conclusion of the Speed Duel, the Data Storm continued to linger in Link VRAINS, allowing other Duelists to ride them.[2]

Ep002 Unstable Data Storm

An unstable Data Storm.

Sometimes when a Data Storm is active, there are chances of it going unstable around some places and creating a vortex of it which swallows up all things in its path and is considered to be extremely dangerous, while escaping from it is also difficult. But according to Ignis, inside an unstable Data Storm there are 'never-before-seen' monsters living inside it, and Skills like "Storm Access" can access these cards. Ignis also mentioned that the more intense the unstable Data Storm is, the more powerful monster card be accessed from them.[3]


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