A Duel Disk (デュエルディスク Dyueru Disuku) is a piece of Dueling equipment attached to the left forearm within the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. They use a portable hologram generator to display Duel Monsters cards and in the case of the Mark 1, the player's hand. Cards that are played are placed on the Duel Disk's blade. Since their introduction in the anime and manga, they have become a fundamental necessity among Duelists.

The Duel Disks in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS appear to function similar to those used in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, but presumably due to being solely used in Link VRAINS, they do not have the tablet multipurpose screen seen since Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.

Ep002 Double Draw

The layout of a new model Duel Disk.

The newer models use a Cloud function connected to SOL's card database, therefore physical cards are not needed. Instead they project the user's hand in front of them by swiping their drawing hand in front of them; also, the cards can be played either by voice command or through physical interaction. There are no visible Zones for the Duelist to physically play cards, instead they are merely being played in a normal fashion before disappearing from view. When actions that require interacting with Main Deck, Graveyard or Extra Deck are triggered, a glowing white/red ring of energy (that features three trapezoid-shaped ridges [with a thin slot in the middle of each one] arranged in a triangular fashion) is projected around the user's wrist; the one on top acts as the Main Deck Zone, and the ones on the sides act as the Graveyard and Extra Deck Zones. Moreover, they include a support AI program that helps the user during Duels for simple tactical advice and allows them to access LINK VRAINS itself (these AI programs also seem to forbid the usage of certain words, such as "idiot").

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Yusaku Fujiki: The body of the Duel Disk used by Yusaku Fujiki heavily resembles that of the Kaiba Corporation Duel Disk, while the blade is composed of energy as the ARC-V Duel Disks were, but is shaped differently, being straight with edges that spread out in a long trapezoid shape with extra detailing along the edges. It is unclear whether the Pendulum Zone are still on the blade due to their relocation to the Magic & Trap Zones, and while Extra Monster Zones are not visibly present, the blade has two depressions in its edge that correspond to their location.AI resides with in this duel disk. Ep002 Playmarker's Duel Disk
Naoki Shima:Blue with an elongated hexagonal shape, a gray-and-orange wristband, and a yellow button. (This particular one also appears to be the standard-issued version of the latest model, as many other characters are seen with their own copy of this Duel Disk, with the exact same shape and color scheme) Naoki's Duel Disk
Go Onizuka: Gold plated gauntlet with an elongated hexagon-shaped screen and a dark red band that features a single spike on each side, a red arrow where the Main Deck Zone should be and glowing yellow accents around the spikes and the upper edges of the screen. Ep004 GO's duel disk
Aoi Zaizen: Light blue with a wavy shape, a small dark blue gem at the back and a white armband that features a glowing light blue stripe. (Interestingly enough, she also possesses the latest model Duel Disk, like Naoki, in addition to this one.) Ep006 Aoi's duel disk
Revolver: Golden and white with red light. Ep009 Revolver's duel disk
Emma Bessho: White and purple. Ep014 Ghost Girl's Duel Disk
Prototype Ai-A: Green and purple. Ep016 Ai-A's Duel Disk
Prototype Ai-B: White and purple. Ep017 Ai-B's Duel Disk
Akira Zaizen: Grey and black. Ep018 Akira's Duel Disk
Makoto Kimishima: Orange and Green. Ep022 Makoto's Duel Disk
Doctor Genome and Baira: White with yellow light. Ep022 Doctor Genome's duel disk
Takeru Homura: An older model similar to Yusaku's except with a purple orb outlined by a yellow circle with a sharp protrusion and a red body. It has an orange side. Flame resides within this Duel Disk.
Takeru Homura's duel disk
Blood Shepherd: Grey with yellow ring.
Kengo's Duel disk
Bohman: Pink and yellow, with black band, red light. However, instead of a ring; a red circle is shown on the disk with a strange pattern. Towards the hand is a rectangle that acts as the deck zone.
Bohman's duel disk

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