Emma Bessho
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Emma face Vr Form

B 112 (2)]

Japanese 別所(べっしょ) エマ
Base 別所 エマ
Furigana べっしょ エマ
Rōmaji Bessho Ema
English Ghost Gal (Link VRAINS)
Other Names, etc. Ghost Girl
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Kengo Dojun (Older half-brother)[1]
Unnamed mother[2]
Unnamed father (deceased)[3]
Kengo's mother (Step-mother)
Eye Pink
Hair Pink and Lavender
Duel Monster statistics
Win 1
Lose 3
Ace Altergeist Primebanshee
Monster Type User Link Monster
Synchro Monster
Occupation Hacker
Treasure Hunter
Partner(s) Aoi Zaizen/Blue Maiden
Akira Zaizen
Enemies The Knights of Hanoi
Anime Episode 3
English Megan MacPhee
Japanese Yuna Kamakura
Emma Bessho (別所(べっしょ) エマ, Bessho Ema) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.[4] In Link VRAINS, she is a Duelist who's known under the alias, Ghost Girl (ゴーストガール Gōsuto Gāru) in the Japanese version and known as Ghost Gal in the English Dub.

Appearance Edit

Emma is a tall young woman with fair skin. She has long pink hair with white bangs and pink eyes. She also wear reddish-pink lipstick. She wears a violet outfit with a pink t-shirt underneath with purple strip going across her body and a black belt at the waistline. She also wears a black choker and black and purple boots and sports a black fingerless gloves in both of her hand.

As Ghost Girl, Emma's bangs and part of her hair change from lavender and pink to gray. She wears a black mask that covers the lower half of her face.

Ghost Girl's second avatar is changed. She's no longer wearing her mask, her collar has been changed, her mauve stripes are now hot pink, her gloves have been altered and, along with her belt, are now dark purple. Part of her sides are now white, she has shoulder pads, the belt buckle is now in the shape of a gold and dark olive "G" with a similarly colored diamond where her zipper was.

While at home, Emma wears a white t-shirt under a pink-lined, dark purple short-sleeved, hooded shirt and matching shorts, also resembling her motorcycle suit. It appears she is usually barefoot.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be a mercenary Duelist/hacker for hire. She is cunning, playful, devious and skilled as shown when she trapped Playmaker. She also appears to have an interest in Playmaker. Emma shows little concern over which side of a conflict she takes as long as she gets paid and is even willing to backstab people she's worked with before. She prefers showing her clients proof that she indeed has the data they want before giving them the full archives as a show of trust.

Emma studies her opponents and surroundings carefully and makes close and precise assumptions to their moves. Thus, she uses this knowledge as she sees fit.

Emma does show some legitimate concern for Akira Zaizen though, informing him of her plans if she feels it will benefit him as well. This also extends towards his younger sister, Aoi Zaizen, as well, showing a particularly soft spot for her, encouraging her to take action when needed.

In Season 2, Emma retains much of her original personality but is more considerate and helpful at times, as seen when she refused to join the hunt against Playmaker out of gratitude, helping Shoichi save Soulburner, and helping Akira protect humanity against Lightning, and dueling Blood Shepherd to save Aqua, which shows that when lives are at stake, not all her actions are out of monetary concern.

Abilities Edit

Emma is a very skilled hacker and has the ability to turn the entirety of Link VRAINS into a trap.[5]

Inside LINK VRAINS, as a treasure hunter, she has equipment which helps her. She has a built-in rope feature in her Duel Disk, allowing her to swing. She also has "fire flys" which scan the areas and tell Emma where to go. She also has a knife which allowed her to cut through a virtual barrier. [6]

Etymology Edit

Emma is an English name which means "whole" or "universal" and shares same katakana as Japanese Name "Ema" (エマ). "Bessho" has no particular meaning on it own but is homophonous with the word "bessho" (別称) which means "alias", "pseudonym", "pen name", or "nom de plume".

Biography Edit

Past Edit

Three years ago Ghost Girl is shown with Akira Zaizen and Blood Shepherd on a mission to capture illegal hacker.
Tumblr p96ehwSFqa1rzcpvjo7 1280

Ghost Girl shocked that Blood Shepherd knows her real name

Blood Shepherd was counting to three and he used Akira and Ghost Girl as a decoys in order to shot the criminal. He protected Ghost Girl, by calling her real name, Emma. After the mission was over, Bood Shepherd log out, leaving Ghost Girl in wonder how Blood Shepherd knows her real name.

Present Edit

Meeting Akira Zaizen Edit

Ema Bessho

Emma talking with Akira about Playmaker.

While riding her motorcycle, Emma met up with Akira Zaizen, who requested her help in finding information about Playmaker, who had become a popular figure in the city. She agreed as she was also interested in him.[7] She was present in the hospital when Akira learned of his sister, Aoi Zaizen's condition. At some point, Emma was hired by SOL Technologies and reported to them about Aoi being Blue Angel. She later met with him to discuss trapping Playmaker. Akira was also aware that Emma worked for other people. Emma then masqueraded as Blue Angel and successfully lured Playmaker to LINK VRAINS. He confronted her knowing that she was deceiving him, she then proceeded to trap him and witnessed Akira's interrogation and torture of Playmaker. She was then surprised by the appearance of Revolver and his ability to control Data Storms.[8]

Playmaker vs Revolver Edit

Ema struggling against the data storm

"Ghost Girl" struggling against the Data Storm as Revolver Link Summons "Topologic Bomber Dragon".

Per Akira's orders, Ghost Girl went after Revolver and Playmaker with a camera to film their Duel. She was intrigued at how Playmaker performed three Link Summons at once, and was shocked at Revolver's power to summon a Data Storm and "Topologic Bomber Dragon".[9] As Revolver and Playmaker went inside the Data Storm, Ghost Girl was unable to enter it, and her camera stopped recording.[10]

Ghost Girl admitted she could log out of LINK VRAINS to create a program to enter the Data Storm, but she would not be able to return to the network. To find more about how Playmarker was doing, Shoichi created a path for Ghost Girl to enter the Data Storm. Ghost Girl was intrigued, seeing Playmaker had an ally they never knew about. She went through the path, wishing she could discuss more about this program. Nevertheless, after arriving inside the Data Storm, Ghost Girl watched Revolver and Playmaker's Duel, with her cameras recording it.[11]

Ep12 Ghost Girl intrigued

"Ghost Girl" intrigued by what had happened 10 years ago.

While watching their Duel, Ghost Girl noted how Playmaker's next turn would decide the outcome. She noted how Playmaker made his attack and Revolver countered it. She heard how Playmaker wanted revenge for what had happened 10 years ago. This intrigued her, hearing the connection with SOL Technologies. With Revolver's defeat, Ghost Girl returned to Akira, and watched as Playmaker used the virus-removal program on Blue Angel. The latter disappeared, as Ghost Girl told Akira that she successfully logged out. Playmaker left without Akira being able to thank him, which impressed Ghost Girl for his cool attitude. After logging out, Ghost Girl had Isomaki drive Akira to the hospital to meet up with his sister.[12]

Meeting Shoichi Kusanagi Edit

Ep013 Ghost Girl meets Frog and Pigeon

Frog and Pigeon meet up with Ghost Girl to obtain footage and a interview with her on a data file.

A few days later Emma ran into Café Nagi and met Shoichi, but neither recognized each other as either "Ghost Girl" or "Playmaker's assistant". After ordering a coffee and two chili dogs, she said she was intersted in Dueling Playmaker, raising Yusaku's interest. Later she logged into LINK VRAINS and met with Frog and Pigeon regarding a interview they had asked "Ghost Girl" to do for them. She gave them the answers to their questions as well as all the information she had gathered about Playmaker for a very expensive price. The information she gave the two reporters would've allowed them to make a big scoop regarding everything Playmaker has done and vital information about the Ignis, but Yusaku and Shoichi deleted the scoop while cleaning files involving Playmaker.[13]

Lost incident's secret Edit

Ep014 Emma hacking Sol's data bank

Emma hacking SOL Technologies's data bank.

Emma was doing research on Playmaker, recalling his ability to obtain monsters from the Data Storm and noted how that is a Skill ordinary people cannot use. She wondered if Playmaker could do this sort of thing because of his connection with the Data Storm, a connection she believed to be related to that incident ten years ago. She went to hack SOL Technologies' data bank, to find out more, by creating a backdoor program. However, a Data Storm protected the database. Suddenly, she gasped and immediately shut down her computer. Despite her failure, she swore not to give up, considering her interest in Playmaker's history. At the bridge, Akira spoke to Emma, who noted even if Akira was involved in saving LINK VRAINS, he was still demoted. Akira was not displeased, since his wish to cure Aoi was fulfilled when Playmaker gave out the virus removal program. Emma stated Akira was replaced by his former boss Kitamura, whom Akira believed to be the one making the Duelist army that used Ai, and would do anything to get results.

Ep014 Emma and Akira

Emma tells Akira to pay her if he wants the backdoor program to infiltrate SOL Technologies's data bank.

Emma wished to know about Playmaker's incident ten years ago but since Akira knew nothing about it, she decided to make her search on her own, by hacking into SOL Technologies' data bank. Akira was shocked, but Emma claimed this was just to make connections with that company. Akira asked of her to give such data to him, but Emma stated she was not forced to do so, claiming he could pay her. Akira refused, and Emma grew disinterested of Akira. She left, claiming Playmaker could buy such data to know more about the ten-year-past incident. Back at her house, Emma remembered how someone created a path for her to enter the Data Storm during Revolver and Playmaker's Duel. She analyzed that program, and sent the message to its writer. Shoichi and Yusaku read the message she left on a forum, in which she challenged Playmaker to a Duel, betting her access to the SOL Technologies' data bank and Playmaker's Ai. Yusaku accepted her challenge, and Shoichi wrote the message to Emma. She quickly responded to the message by logging into the LINK VRAINS, as Ghost Girl.

Duel against Playmaker Edit

Ep014 Ghost Girl challenges Playmarker

Ghost Girl challenges Playmarker.

There, she quickly met up with Playmaker, and showed him her program she set as a stake for the Duel. Playmaker wondered why wouldn't she access the data bank, and was told Ghost Girl wanted his Ai, so she could sell it to the SOL Technologies. She admitted she grew more interested in Playmaker after his latest Duel, and wanted to battle him as a cyber treasure hunter. Despite Ai's warnings, Playmaker accepted her Duel, as the two rode off on the Data Wind. In her first turn, Emma summoned "Altergeist Marionetter" and set two cards. Playmaker had his "Cyberse Wizard" attack, but was stopped by Ghost Girl's "Altergeist Kunquery", brought out from her hand. Despite his attack, Ghost Girl was intrigued how he dared to attack, despite her set cards. Ghost Girl summoned another "Altergeist Marionetter", and set another card, then Link Summoned "Altergeist Primebanshee" and swapped one of her "Altergeist Marionetters" for "Altergeist Meluseek".

Ep014 Ghost Girl and Altergeist Meluseek

Ghost Girl attacks directly Playmarker with "Altergeist Meluseek".

Ghost Girl ended her preparations, and aimed to defeat Playmaker before he could use his Skill. As Ghost Girl initiated the Battle Phase and claimed she would win in that turn, Ai laughed, as she would make 2400 LP damage. Both Playmaker and Ghost Girl scolded Ai for such thinking; Playmaker claimed no Duelist would make that simple math error, making Ghost Girl wonder why everyone was after "this dumb AI". Regardless, "Altergeist Meluseek" attacked directly and sent "Cyberse Wizard" to the Graveyard, allowing "Altergeist Marionetter" to attack directly, and allowing "Altergeist Primebanshee" to do so as well. Ghost Girl smiled, feeling her dreams grow larger, and ordered Playmaker to brace himself for his defeat.[14]

Ghost Girl had "Altergeist Primebanshee" attack Playmaker directly. To prevent that, Playmaker Special Summoned "Lockout Gardna". Seeing that Ai was merely pretending to be sad, Ghost Girl knew they would have enough LP to use Storm Access, and opted not to attack. On Playmaker's turn, Ghost Girl swapped "Altergeist Meluseek" with "Altergeist Silquitous", by using "Altergeist Primebanshee's" effect, and also added an "Altergeist Kunquery" to her hand. Playmaker attempted to destroy her ace by Releasing "Backlinker", but was prevented by Ghost Girl's "Altergeist Protocol".

Ep015 Ghost Girl's Skill

Ghost Girl activates her Skill "Secret Curse".

Ghost Girl claimed she could anticipate their every move: Playmaker attempted to revive Backlinker with "Striping Partner", but was stopped by "Altergeist Silquitous'" effect. Using "Lockout Gardna", both effects were negated, though Ghost Girl had one final trap prepared. She noted how Playmaker was an interesting person, as she suspected. Playmaker Link Summoned "Underclock Taker" and tried to weaken "Altergeist Primebanshee's" ATK by that of the "Balancer Lord". Ghost Girl countered that with "Altergeist Camouflage", and protected "Altegeist Primebanshee" from attacks, stating Playmaker had reached his limits. Playmaker paid 1000 LP to activate "Balancer Lord's" effect, making him eligible to use Storm Access. Ghost Girl refused to let him activate the Skill and used "Secret Cure" to increase both of their LP. Playmaker Special Summoned "Scan Doll", and paid 1000 LP to use "Altergeist Protocol" to target "Altergeist Silquitous". However, Ghost Girl believed he simply forgot about "Altergeist Kunquery" she still had in her hand. Playmaker used Storm Access, but Ghost Girl went with him into the Data Storm. However, she lost control of her D-Board and was saved by Playmaker, which surprised her. Playmaker reminded her their Duel was not over yet and let her go back on the D-Board.

Ep015 Playmarker saves Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl is saved by Playmarker.

Outside the Data Storm, Ghost Girl thanked Playmaker, but stated that had nothing to do with the Duel. Playmaker brought out "Excode Talker", and prevented Ghost Girl from using two of her remaining Monster Zones, thus sealing "Altergeist Kunquery's" effect. Ghost Girl was in shock with her monsters being unable to attack and was defeated by "Excode Talker's" two direct attacks. At the end of Duel, Ghost Girl watched the moon. Ai stated that was just data, though Ghost Girl replied dumb AI-s can't understand this feeling. With her defeat, Ghost Girl gave the backdoor link to Playmaker. She bid him farewell and walked away. Frog and Pigeon were recording the Duel, but Ghost Girl deleted that info, wishing that Duel to be a secret.[15]

Infiltration to Sol Tech's data bank Edit

Ep016 Ghost Girl and Akira infiltrate SOL's mother computer

Ghost Girl and Akira infiltrate SOL's mother computer.

In LINK VRAINS, Ghost Girl told Akira how she gave the program to Playmaker. Akira was furious, wondering what was Ghost Girl thinking. As a digital butterfly flew near them, Ghost Girl defended herself, reminding Akira also wanted to know more about the data in the mother computer, but had no authority after his demotion. Ghost Girl claimed that Kitamura would be held responsible, and would make his attempt to stop Playmaker. Akira noted if Playmaker was the decoy, nobody would notice their activities, and he grew more interested in his company's activities. Akira wished everything would go as planned, and logged out. Ghost Girl, however, stated the digital butterfly was actually Blue Angel, and offered her a chance to restore her reputation. Later, Akira and Emma were watching Playmaker's infiltration in the system on the latter's computer. Seeing Kitamura sent two AIs to Duel Playmaker, Akira and Emma logged into LINK VRAINS, and went deeper to access the data bank.[16]

Ep017 Emma and Akira arrive in SOL's data bank

Emma and Akira arrive in SOL's data bank.

Ghost Girl was glad Blue Angel came to the mother computer system, but Akira, shocked at this, thought Ghost Girl had some involvement. He went to save her, but Ghost Girl reminded him this was their only chance to find more about the incident, and pointed out Blue Angel was not a mere child. The two continued on, intending on reaching the data bank before Playmaker did. The two went through a light, where the data bank was located. They saw a pedestal with golden pillars, where the data about 10 years ago was located. Inside, Ghost Girl obtained a data diamond, and hid when Playmaker arrived. She asked Akira to hide as well, but he refused, even if she warned him he would spoil their plan.[17]

Playmaker vs Akira Zaizen Edit

Ep018 Ghost Girl, Akira and Playmarker

Ghost Girl listening to Akira asked Playmaker to hand over Ignis and disperse and promises him to shed some light over the incident.

When Playmaker questioned Ghost Girl and Akira about why they were in the data bank, she explained they, were after the data as well. Ai thought Ghost Girl lost on purpose to hand them the backdoor route, but Ghost Girl corrected it that she still had the opportunity to obtain Ai. Regardless, she was fine with either outcome, making Ai curse her for being so cunning, which Ghost Girl took as a compliment. Akira challenged Playmaker, as the only way to stop him. Ghost Girl anticipated this, and noted Akira's deck was very tough. Seeing "Tindangle Angel" and "Tindangle Hound", Ghost Girl compared them to Akira and Aoi - if Akira, who protects his sister, was to fall, Aoi was there to bring him back up - a bond that cannot be broken.[18]

Ghost Girl complimented Akira for summoning "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" during his opponent's turn, as she continued watching the Duel.[19]

Ep020 Emma riding her motorcycle

Emma wondering who would buy the data of Hanoi Project she acquired.

She noted Akira's cards protected his monsters, and that he would either win with "Gergonne's End" or by inflicting damage on Playmaker. When Playmaker withstood by using "Cybenet Backdoor", Ghost Girl thought Playmaker would have a direct attack on Akira. Akira prevented this with "Euler's Circuit", and Ghost Girl thought he could deal 4500 LP damage with "Gergonne's End" on his next turn, and believed Akira would win. Still, Playmaker's "Firewall Dragon" defeated "Tindangle Acute Cerberus", and lowered Akira's LP to zero. Ghost Girl was impressed by Playmaker, seeing nobody could calm his desire for revenge. With Playmaker logged out, Ghost Girl wished the Zaizens to be nice to each other, and logged out as well. Riding her motorcycle, she wondered who would buy the data she acquired.[20]

Ghost Girl was in LINK VRAINS, when an eclipse blocking the virtual sun happened. She suspected The Knights of Hanoi were behind this, and thought of this as a new threat.[21]

At her hideout, Emma watched how Kitamura's army confronted the Knights of Hanoi.[22]

Ep025 Aoi walking by Ema

Emma ignored by Aoi Zaizen.

Emma was at a local café watching Go Onizuka duel a Knight of Hanoi on the news, as well as hearing the news that Blue Angel had not appeared in LINK VRAINS for some time. She met Aoi at Den City High School, telling her that she knew her identity as Blue Angel. At a nearby bridge, Emma asked if Aoi was done with her online persona, and then tells her that if she couldn't take full responsibility for her actions and only wanted to do things to please herself, then it would be fine if she stopped being Blue Angel. After the discussion, Emma rode away on her motorcycle, asking herself why she did that.[23]

Ep030 Emma meeting up with Akira

Emma meeting up with Akira.

Akira met up with Emma, reporting with the Knights of Hanoi gone, peace returned to LINK VRAINS. Emma wondered if Akira came here just to tell that, who reported despite the victory, SOL Technologies have been looking for more employees. Akira reminded that Knights of Hanoi wouldn't retreat that easily, and Revolver was still out loose. Emma felt something was going on, in this peaceful era. This motivated Emma to search through LINK VRAINS for a treasure, and promised to sell it to Akira. Akira asked for a discount, as Emma promised to think about it. Later, Ghost Girl appeared in LINK VRAINS for her treasure hunt. She emitted data fireflies to help her in this search. She found Playmaker and Ai, who traced her data fireflies. Ghost Girl admitted she had a tip from someone about something going on in LINK VRAINS, and finding Playmaker, noted the tip was true. Ghost Girl admitted the data fireflies lead her to treasure, and were reliable, too. Playmaker warned her the path ahead was dangerous, and advised her to log out. Ghost Girl thought Playmaker would steal her treasure, explaining the greater the danger, the greater the reward. The data fireflies opened a path, though which Ghost Girl entered, and Playmaker joined in, too. The two walked in a data sewer, through which many unimportant data flew to a reprocessing plant. Playmaker was surprised Ghost Girl knew of this, who explained she was a treasure hunter that visited many virtual worlds. Finding a fork in the path, Ghost Girl saw her data fireflies went to the path on the right.

Ai thought they could settle this with a game, which amused Ghost Girl, who credited the AI.

Ghost Girl amused by Ai wanting to play a game

Ai explained he had a name, and Ghost Girl thought his name was just a pun. Ghost Girl told the one that chose the "lovelier" card from her Deck could choose the path. Ai was confident in his skills, but had his doubts that Ghost Girl could cheat, who told there wasn't anything beneficial in that. Ghost Girl shuffled her Deck, and let Ai draw a card. Ai declared "Destiny Draw", only to choose "Fake Trap". Ghost Girl claimed the card was nothing her favorite, and didn't even choose to draw a card. She bid farewell to Ai and Playmaker, going to the path on the right.

Duel against Revolver Edit

Ghost Girl continued, and saw the path led to the reprocessing plant, protected by a force field. Using a knife, Ghost Girl cut her way through, and found a big pulsing thing. She had her data fireflies gather information on the thing. She found out lots of energy poured into the thing. Using a rope, Ghost Girl went to a different position, only to find Revolver, who was surprised by her arrival. Revolver noted Ghost Girl was snooping again, who promised to leave. However, Revolver raised the barrier, stating he can't let her leave this place.

Ghost Girl trapped by Revolver

Ghost Girl used the rope to reach a different exit, but Revolver barred the exits. Ghost Girl questioned Revolver what would he do with her after she would be captured, suspecting she would be in trouble. Revolver offered her a Duel to shape his Deck out, allowing her to leave if she would win. Ghost Girl attempted to leave, but Revolver pointed out logging out was disabled. Being forced to Duel, Ghost Girl started off by summoning "Altergeist Marionetter" and setting "Altergeist Materialization".[24]

Ghost Girl was surprised to find Revolver in the reprocessing plant, but swore to defeat him to inform others about what was going on. Ghost Girl noted Revolver did not bring an AI for his Duel Disk, as Revolver stated trusting an AI is foolish. Ghost Girl remembered Revolver spoke that Ignis would destroy the world, but Revolver ignored her, considering her as a mercenary that would not understand that. Ghost Girl reminded herself of Revolver' ace, and noted the longer the Duel lasted, the more she would be at a disadvantage. Revolver quickly brought out "Topologic Bomber Dragon", as Ghost Girl sensed Revolver wanted to quickly end the Duel. "Topologic Bomber Dragon" attacked Ghost Girl's "Altergeist Marionetter". To prevent this, Ghost Girl played "Altergeist Kunquery" to seal off its effects. Ghost Girl questioned Revolver about the energy sphere, and Revolver simply replied something unimaginable was bound to happen. Ghost Girl, using "Altergeist Silquitous", returned "Altergeist Protocol" to remove "Topologic Bomber Dragon" from the field, displeasing Revolver. Ghost Girl made her offense by Link Summoning "Altergeist Primebanshee" and reviving the "Altergeist Kidolga" she used as a Link Material for the latter's Summon, by using "Altergeist Materialization". Ghost Girl's "Altergeist" monsters attacked Revolver directly, dropping his LP to 400, and even took Revolver' "Twin Triangle Dragon" to defeat him.

Ghost Girl gloated in her victory, but Revolver called her a fool. Playing a Trap Card, Revolver negated the attack and destroyed all of Ghost Girl's Link Monsters. Ghost Gal realized Revolver could've simply played his card earlier to avoid damage, and all of that was just so he could activate his Skill. Revolver mocked her for not being able to predict that, while Ghost Girl returned her "Altergeist Marionetter" to her hand. To prevent Revolver from using his Skill, Ghost Girl activated her, Skill, Secret Cure, to at least raise Revolver' LP. Much to her displeasure, she drew the 0 ATK "Altergeist Kunquery". Revolver continued mocking her, stating luck has abandoned her. Ghost Girl planned her strategy to deal with Revolver' effects and attacks by using "Altergeist Protocol". Revolver Set Ghost Girl's card with "Red Reboot", at the cost of halving his LP for using it from his hand. He also let Ghost Girl set a Trap Card from her Deck, but she was unable to use any Trap Cards during his turn. Ghost Girl still hoped in having the LP and field advantage, but Revolver mocked her, claiming only darkness awaited her, from which she could not escape from. Revolver used his own Skill, Storm Access, to obtain a new Link Monster, which emitted from the purplish sphere. Revolver Link Summoned his new monster, "Topologic Trisbaena", and used it to defeat Ghost Girl, who screamed as she fell off her D-Board. Playmaker swore to save her, but Ghost Girl claimed she was too pathetic for a professional. Instead, she gave Playmaker the data she acquired. Ghost Girl glowed with a red light, and started vanishing.
Ep031 Ghost Girl vanished

Ghost Girl vanishing

She warned Playmaker about Revolver and his new card before disappearing. With Revolver's defeat, Playmaker stopped the Tower of Hanoi, which emitted the data back. Thus, Emma woke up from her coma.
Ep046 Ema waking up

Emma waking up from her coma

New Link Vrains Edit

Ghost Girl, wearing a new outfit, watched over the new LINK VRAINS. She assumed there were new treasures around to explore. She was surprised to find out Playmaker was a wanted man in LINK VRAINS. Later, Brave Max accidentally bumped into her, and apologized. Ghost Girl was amused by his name, as Brave Max claimed he was Playmaker's best friend. Ghost Gairl advised him not to mention that, due to his bounty. Brave Max assured her he would defeat them, and Ghost Girl bid him farewell. She met up with Blood Shepherd, who hit a LINK VRAINS avatar for annoying him. She noted he took the call of SOL Technologies for a bounty hunter, which she declined, believing she owed Playmaker her life. Blood Shepherd called her weak for turning down the offer. She replied she didn't base her choices solely on money, to which Blood Shepherd believed it is what made him a pro. Regardless, he proclaimed that she stayed away from him, else she would be his enemy, too. Eventually, she noticed Playmaker came to LINK VRAINS, but wondered why would he log in.
Ep047 Ghost Girl watching

Ghost Girl wondering why Playmaker logged in after seeing him come in

She was concerned for Playmaker's well being, seeing he faced a strange new foe.

Soulburner vs BitBoot Edit

Much to her surprise, she saw a person with a new Ignis, and wondered who he was. When Soulburner summoned another copy of "Salamangreat Heatlio", Ghost Girl wondered about the Reincarnation Link Summon the guy conducted. 
Ep049 Ghost Girl surprised

Ghost Girl wondering about the reincarnation link summoning that Soulburner did

Meeting with Akira Edit

Later, she and Aoi met with Akira at a gazebo. Eventually, Emma sent the info from Akira to Kusanagi about a gate to the restricted area in LINK VRAINS.

Akira explained there were six Ignis created from the Lost Incident, one of which was Ai, Playmaker's AI. Since their Cyberse World was attacked, the Ignis have disappeared, so Akira asked of Emma to find the missing Ignis. Emma reminded that Akira hired bounty hunters to track Playmaker down, but realized Akira wanted to find Ignis without SOL Technologies' permission. Akira showed an entrance to the restricted area, where the figure that had went to after attacking Playmaker. Since the team that Akira had sent to investigate never returned, Akira asked of Emma to go there and find the Ignis. Emma assumed Akira wanted to bargain with SOL Technologies to sell the Ignis. Aoi defended that her brother would never do that, who wanted to know of Ignis' intentions and capabilities. Emma accepted, under the condition of three times the ordinary payment, since she would become a target of bounty hunters. Akira complied, and gave Emma a program that would force her to log out in dire circumstances. Much to Emma's disapproval, Aoi obtained the program and wanted to head with Emma, too. Emma believed Aoi would slow her down, who only wished to help her brother find the truth about the Ignis. Emma sighed, while Akira reminded the importance of finding the Ignis, for the sake of humanity, and to return safely, for his sake. He noted they won't be able to communicate past the restricted zone, and wished the girls luck in their mission.

The two went to Emma's hideout, where they logged into LINK VRAINS.

Playmaker vs Blood Shepherd Edit

Tumblr p96e8a4ZQN1rzcpvjo10 1280

Ghost Girl talks with Blue Girl

Inside LINK VRAINS, Blue Angel and Ghost Girl watched as Blood Shepherd confronted Playmaker. They focused on entering the restricted area, and had activated Ghost Girl's stealth program to bypass the surveillance. They made pass by the security devices, which impressed Blue Angel, who noted it is why her brother had trust in Ghost Girl. Blue Angel wondered why the bounty hunters were not after them, and was told they were hunting Playmaker down. Ghost Girl revealed she gave the info to the access to the restricted zone to Playmaker, to let him access the zone after dealing with the bounty hunters. Once they crossed the barrier, the girls removed their stealth programs, and Blue Angel changed her outfit. Blue Angel exclaimed this was a secret mission and could not wear her regular outfit, so Ghost Girl, noting her maturity, dubbed her as Blue Girl. She also asked about Blood Shepherd, whom Ghost Girl described as a troublesome man that would not let go of his target. Blue Girl noted Ghost Girl knew Blood Shepherd, and was told even Akira knew him three years ago from a mission. Blue Girl noticed Ghost Girl remained silent for a moment, who simply replied that Blood Shepherd would do anything to win, and if Playmaker would to lose, his Ignis would be taken to SOL Technologies.

The mysterious gate Edit

Blue Girl and Ghost Girl followed Playmaker and Soulburner. The two ladies passed through the "gate"; Akira, who lost their signal, prayed for Aoi's safe return. The two arrived to canyon area, and were engulfed by the winds. Blue Girl lost focus - she crashed and fell down. Ghost Girl launched a rope for Blue Girl to hold onto and land down safely, enough for the two to seek refuge in a cave.

Ghost Girl looking at Blue Girl after escaping the wind and ending up in a cave

Blue Girl believed the winds were what kept the research team away, but Ghost Girl was more concerned that they lost sight of Playmaker. As the two started wondering what to do, Blue Girl received a signal from the research team. She went to find them, making Ghost Girl sigh, thinking she'd have to charge extra cash. The two continued through the wind territory, and found the unconscious research team in a cave. Blue Girl noted they must've crashed, could not log out or even send a distress signal. Blue Girl went to use the emergency log out program to save one of the men, and asked Ghost Girl to do the same. The latter refused, reminding the program was in case of an emergency, and that their mission was to find the Ignis, rather than save the research them. Blue Girl exclaimed this was an emergency, and saving lives was a greater priority. She noted that she was still inexperienced, and she got others into trouble due to her own mistakes by facing Spectre. She believed to have enough power to take on problems, but instead had to be rescued. Blue Girl exclaimed this time, she wanted to save others and grow stronger. Ghost Girl, despite her better judgement, passed her own program to the research team, forcing the two to log out. After the research team disappeared, Blue Girl thought they should find their own way to escape, but Ghost Girl pointed out they came too far to retreat. She bet her pride as a treasure hunter to succeed the mission, and Blue Girl approved of that. Eventually, Playmaker and Soulburner intercepted Ghost Girl and Blue Girl. Blue Girl still thanked Playmaker for his victory over the Tower of Hanoi, but still wanted to Duel him. Playmaker didn't recognize Blue Girl, until realizing she had been known as Blue Angel. Ghost Girl noted Soulburner was the victim of Lost Incident, but asked why did he team up with Playmaker. Playmaker replied they were to collect some consciousness data, which made Ghost Girl remember something about Bohman.

Blue Girl vs Soulburner Edit

Blue Girl stated that Ghost Girl and her came to find an Ignis, to have her brother analyze it. Soulburner noted not only bounty hunters were hired, and replied that they would not hand Ignis over to SOL Technologies, since they were also involved in the Lost Incident. Instead, Blue Girl demanded the two to hand Ignis over, since they were still under SOL Technologies' property. Ghost Girl was surprised by Blue Girl's demand, and was told they could use Ignis to find others of their kind. Soulburner and Blue Girl were eager to Duel, as the former even wished to battle one of LINK VRAINS' heroes. Ghost Girl went after Playmaker, but Ai summoned a Data Storm to distract her. Ghost Girl watched the two Duel, noting Blue Girl has improved herself.
Ep056 Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl saying that she will see how Blue Girl has improved

She became shocked, however, how Soulburner used her "Trickstar Divaridis" to Fusion Summon his own monster. When Blue Girl was defeated, she was
Ep056 Ghost Girl winking

Ghost Girl thanked Flame saying that he's cuter than Ai

forced to log out. Ghost Girl confronted Soulburner, who explained the program activated to make her log out. Ghost Girl wanted to face off Soulburner, but saw he was weakened from the last Duel. Instead, Flame showed a copy of the program that forced Blue Girl to log out. Ghost Girl took the program, thinking Flame is more charming than Ai. She logged out, proposing to meet someday.

Aoi's suspicion Edit

Akira met up with Emma and Aoi, who reported their findings through the gate. Emma stated Playmaker was after consciousness data, leading Aoi to believe there was a connection towards the Ignis and that data. Akira noted Playmaker was the one that could contact the Ignis, and still had regrets for having bounty hunters track him down, since Akira owed his life to him. Emma stated they had to wait for the gate to be
Ep60 Aoi with Ema looking at Akira

Emma meets with Aoi Zaizen and Akira Zaizen

reopened, while Akira wished there was a way to speak with Playmaker. Emma noted Akira wanted to search the city for a Dueling hacker that fought the Knights of Hanoi, but neither she nor Aoi were aware of such a person. Akira reminded a person's can act differently while logged in, though Aoi replied they would feel who Playmaker was.

In LINK VRAINS, Brave Max was excited to hear about the event of Blue Angel before he was approached by Ghost Girl. Brave Max remembered Ghost Girl from his previous encounter, and introduced himself. Ghost Girl asked if he was pursued by bounty hunters, to which he replied he still wanted to show his skills. Brave Max panicked when Ghost Girl insinuated to be one of the hunters, but she still proposed to test his skills, as Playmaker's best friend. Brave Max was charmed, but claimed he would give his best to defeat her.

Duel against Brave Max Edit

Ghost Girl expected no less, and summoned "Altergeist Silquitous", as well as setting two cards. Brave Max simply summoned "Scrap Kong", destroying it and paying 1000 LP to summon "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest", and repeating that combo with "Double Summon". Brave Max continued bragging about his bond with Playmaker. Brave Max bore a confident look, believing he'd win in one turn. Blue Girl watched the duel, wondering about Brave Max's strange tactics. Brave Max continued bragging, as he used two baboons to Link Summon "Metal Baboon, Ruffian of the Forest". Brave Max declared his victory chances are at max values. Ghost Girl wondered if he didn't take her cards in consideration, feeling he was acting foolish. Brave Max smiled, as his monster attacked. Ghost Girl's "Altergeist Camouflage" defended "Altergeist Silquitous" from the attack, and Special
Ep60 ghost girl dumbfounded

Ghost Girl realizing that Brave Max is an idiot

Summoned "Altergeist Multifaker", chaining it to summon "Altergeist Marionetter", and having "Altergeist Silquitous" return Brave Max's baboon to his hand. Brave Max corrected her that it was a Link Monster, and thus could not return to the hand. This made Ghost Girl to realize that Brave Max was indeed foolish. She simply had "Altergeist Camouflage" return to her hand, declaring "Metal Baboon, Ruffian of the Forest" returned to Brave Max's Extra Deck. Brave Max fell to his knees that his "perfect formula" was in vain. He ended his turn, promising his comeback, all the while Ghost Girl thought that was a waste of time. She was dumbed down by the climax nonsense, and drew a card. To save his reputation, Brave Max asked her not to do something bad to him. Ghost Girl cringed, but smiled as she made that promise, and Link Summoned "Altergeist Hextia". Brave Max
Ep60 Blue girl looking sadistic with ghost girl

Blue Girl apologize to Ghost Girl for wasting her time with Brave Max

believed she was complying to his request, until "Altergeist Hextia" gained 1600 ATK from "Altergeist Marionetter". Without further ado, Brave Max was defeated in one hit. Brave Max was embarrassed, and Ghost Girl sarcastically apologized to him for her victory. The latter claimed that was a waste of time, and Blue Girl apologized for that. However, Ghost Girl reminded Blue Girl of the event, just to lure Brave Max out.

The fake gate Edit

Emma reported to Aoi that the gate in LINK VRAINS was a fake, and Aoi deduced it was a trap meant to capture

Emma talks with Aoi Zaizen

Playmaker. Emma believed she knew who created the trap, but asked of Aoi not to do anything, and believed her brother would know of the gate's origins, too.

Blood Shepherd vs Soulburner Edit

Emma had a data ladybug placed on Soulburner, who was captured in Blood Shepherd's trap. She attempted to spy on Blood Shepherd, who shot the data ladybug down. Emma noticed someone tried to break through Blood Shepherd's program. She guessed it was Playmaker's partner, and noted not everyone can try to penetrate through Blood Shepherd's code. Thus, she decided to help out a bit, since that person didn't know Blood

Blood Shepherd confronts Ghost Girl

Shepherd's intentions. She had a data lizard spy on Blood Shepherd, and was amused that Soulburner managed to trick Blood Shepherd. She corrected the program, allowing Shoichi to execute it. Emma logged in to LINK VRAINS, where Blood Shepherd confronted her. Blood Shepherd was angry at her interference, despite her claim that he would've lost. Blood Shepherd branded her an enemy, and charged his hand to launch a blast at her.

Akira's warning Edit

Akira came to Emma's hideout, to warn her and Aoi of the Ignis, as well as Bohman, who pose threat to h

Akira informs Emma and Aoi about Ignises declaration of war

umanity. He noted that the Wind and Light Ignis want to conquer humans, which was what the Knights of Hanoi were trying to fight against. Emma reminded that Ai and Flame were their supporters, and believed the Ignis would face each other. Akira feared what would happen if Playmaker would lose, but Aoi wondered where were are the two remaining Ignis. Akira thought the two remained neutral for now. While Akira went back to his company, Emma promised she and Aoi would search for the remaining two Ignis.

Earth vs Go Onuzuka Edit


Aoi and Emma watch the duel

After finding Earth, Akira sent a live video to Emma and Aoi,
Ep074 Ema Smiling

Emma comments that Aoi matured a bit

who saw Go Onizuka was pursuing the Ignis. As the duel progressed, Emma commented that Earth had the advantage. Aoi wanted to log into LINK VRAINS and sway the Ignis to join their side, for they could not let the enemy have them. Emma saw she was right, and noted she matured a bit.

Earth's death Edit

Emma and Aoi spied on SOL Technologies, as they dissolved Earth into data. She commented how that was a horrible treatment, while Aoi could not comprehend what an Ignis was.

Akira's answer Edit

Aoi called her brother for a meeting. She wanted to ask him what is an Ignis, as Emma told her that Akira would have answers. Akira frowned, while Skye wondered if the Ignis were actual living beings. Emma believed Akira wanted her and Aoi to capture the Ignis to avoid such an incident. Akira denied, though he also didn't count on SOL Technologies to make such a drastic move.

Emma's plan Edit


Emma teasing Aoi

oi took rest in Emma's apartment, and as she woke up, Emma stated she should get more sleep. She teased Aoi she could dream of a date with a handsome boy, as she was trying to find the WATER Ignis before SOL Technologies would. Despite this a risky task, Emma was up for this challenge. 

Ghost Girl's trap program Edit

Emma traced Blood Shepherd's location in LINK VRAINS, knowin

Emma tracked Blood Shepherd

g that he'd go after the WATER Ignis, after Go Onizuka had captured Earth. Blood Shepherd attacked Blue Girl and chased her, but ended up facing Ghost Girl, who noted how much time had passed since they had seen each other. Ghost Girl refused to have Blood Shepherd obtain the WATER Ignis, and used a program to teleport Blood Shepherd in a place where he could not

Ghost Girl used her program to trap Blood Shepherd

track the Ignis down. She and Blue Girl were teleported in a safe place, where Aqua recognized Blue Girl as Aoi Zaizen. To protect the WATER Ignis, Ghost Girl went to face off Blood Shepherd. Blood Shepherd was annoyed that she continued foiling his plans, and wondered why would she

Ghost Girl facing off Blood Shepherd

side with an Ignis. Ghost Girl simply replied that it was an exception of her to be in the women's company. Blood Shepherd went as far to challenge Ghost Girl in a special duel - the ante was to have the opponent's avatar deleted, thus making them unable to log into LINK VRAINS forever. Ghost Girl accepted, and wished Blue Girl to keep Aqua safe, while she confronted her brother, Blood Shepherd, in the speed duel.

Duel against Blood Shepherd Edit

By summoning a "Drone Corporal" and setting a card, Blood Shepherd ended his first turn. Ghost Girl added that she found out about Blood Shepherd's identity, as Kengo Dojun - her half-brother. She also knew about the car incident,

Emma find out about Kengo Dojun

but commented it was no reason to hate the Ignis. Blood Shepherd silenced her, envious that she had a good childhood. He exclaimed his father abandoned him and his mother, and later found out to have started a new family, with his new daughter, Emma Bessho. Ghost Girl tried to reason with Blood Shepherd, who fired a shot and wanted the Duel to continue.Ghost Girl used "Infinite Imperitance" to negate the effects of "Drone Corporal", whose effect triggered to negate Ghost Girl's card. Though this backfired, Ghost Girl summoned "Altergeist Multifaker" by its effect. Preparing her field with "Meluseek" and "Marionetter", and the latter set "Altergeist Haunted Rock" to Ghost Girl's field, who activated that card by sending an "Altergeist" card from her hand to the GY. Using "Meluseek" and

Ghost Girl facing off Blood Shepherd

"Multifaker", Ghost Girl Link Summoned "Altergeist Hexstia". Next, Ghost Girl sent "Altergeist Haunted Rock" to her GY to have "Hexstia" Special Summon the monster she recently sent, the Tuner monster "Altergeist Fifinellag". Using the latter and "Marionetter" as materials, Ghost Girl Synchro Summoned "Altergeist Dragvirion". Blood Shepherd attempted to counter her tactics by using "Capture Drone" to prevent "Altergeist Hexstia" from attacking, who tributed "Dragvirion" to negate Blood Shepherd's Trap. Blood Shepherd commented tributing her Synchro Monster was a big price to pay just to negate his card. Ghost Girl reminded her turn was not yet over, and revived "Dragvirion" by its effect, and "Hexstia" gained 2200 ATK. Belittling Blood Shepherd for wasting his Trap, Emma had "Altergeist Dragvirion" destroy "Drone Corporal", and inflicted 600 LP damage to Blood Shepherd. Confident in her victory, Ghost Girl had "Hexstia" attack Blood Shepherd, who sent "Drone Asteroid" from his hand to the GY to negate that attack, and gained two "Drone Tokens". Ghost Girl felt that Blood Shepherd could've easily countered her attack, and ended her turn. Blood Shepherd exclaimed he would win the next turn, and snapped his fingers. Blood Shepherd summoned "Drone Carrier", and used it and his tokens to Link Summon "Battledrone General". Its effect revived "Drone Carrier", who Special Summoned "Drone Corporal" from his GY. He had his general target "Drone Carrier", who could attack directly, and even attempt to inflict damage by its ATK, if tributed afterwards. He had "Drone Corporal" attack Ghost Girl directly by its effect, and "Battledrone General" could also tribute it to inflict damage to Ghost Girl. She played "Altergeist Kunquery" to stop the attack, and negate the effects of "Battledrone General". Blood Shepherd exclaimed he didn't actually want to attack Ghost Girl directly; using "Drone Force Tuning", he used two of his monsters for Synchro Summon. Ghost Girl used "Hexstia" to tribute "Dragvirion" to negate that effect, but Blood Shepherd stated his Spell's effects could not be

Ghost Girl cries

negated. Despite this, Ghost Girl revived "Dragvirion" and boosted the ATK of "Hexstia" back to 3700. Blood Shepherd proceeded with the Synchro Summon of "Commandrone Double Sniper". "Battledrone General" attacked "Altergeist Dragvirion", but Ghost Girl had it return "Altergeist Kunquery" to negate that attack. Blood Shepherd thanked Ghost Girl for this move, as his Synchro Monster received a Drone Counter. Using "Drone Craft Force" Skill, Blood Shepherd reduced the ATK of "Dragvirion" by 1000 and boosted the ATK of "General" by that difference. Ghost Girl used "Altergeist Kunquery" to negate the attack of "Commandrone Double Sniper", who gained the Deleted counter. This let Blood Shepherd negate the effects of "Kunquery", destroy it

Blood Shepherd about to delete Ghost Girl's account

and inflict 1000 LP damage to Ghost Girl. "Commandrone Double Sniper" attacked, inflicting 1000 damage to Ghost Girl. With the final move, Blood Shepherd tributed his Synchro Monster and dealt 2000 damage to Ghost Girl, thus making her lose the Duel.

Ghost Girl fell to the floor, unable to protect Aqua and Aoi and crying that she'd lose her avatar. Just as Blood Shepherd proceeded to erase Ghost Girl's account, she stated that their father died last year, and he wanted of Emma to help her half-brother in need. In response, Blood Shepherd turned around and logged out.

Blue Girl Became Blue Maiden Edit


Ghost Girl, Playmaker, Ai, Flame and Soulburner shocked seeing Blue Girl's transformation

Ghost Girl deactivated her trap, thus returning to LINK VRAINS, where she met Playmaker and Soulburner. She reported that Blood Shepherd had left, and Aqua was with Blue Girl. The latter revealed herself and Aqua, who greeted Ai, the DARK Ignis. Just as Flame went to introduce himself, Blue Girl announced her rebirth. She transformed her avatar, calling herself now as Blue Maiden, and exclaimed she would now fight together with Playmaker. Ghost Girl stated now all three participants arrived. In LINK VRAINS, Blue Maiden, Playmaker, Soulburner and Ghost Girl went to the place where Aqua had been imprisoned. They went to inspect traces of Lightning's logs, but Ai found nothing. Playmaker reminded Lightning was not so careless to leave clues behind, which made Ai curse for their predicament.

The group continued searching the network, but found no trace of Lightning. Flame and Aqua advised caution, for Lightning was the type that erased any sort of evidence. Soulburner sensed they could only wait until the situation escalates. Since LINK VRAINS was huge, Ghost Girl thought of modifying her data fireflies, but knew that would not be enough. Ai thought they needed more allies, and Ghost Girl thought of Blood Shepherd.

Visiting her father's grave Edit


Kengo with Emma on their father's grave

mma visited her father's grave, and noted her brother's presence. She thought that Kengo came to forgive his father, but he denied. Emma took note of that, and, due to the rising danger in LINK VRAINS, asked of him to join their cause. Kengo was aware the danger was about the start of the Ignis' war, and refused to join, since he worked alone. However, he advised his sister to stay out of this, as the opponent he would face was too dangerous.

Lightning vs Blood Shepherd Edit

Playmaker regrouped with Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Ghost Girl, and sensed Lightning bey

Ghost Girl with Playmaker, Ai, Flame, Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Aqua watch the duel

ond the portal. Blue Maiden exclaimed this was their opportunity to face Lightning, and Soulburner cheered her on for her bravery. The group went through the portal, where they saw Lightning and Jin facing Blood Shepherd. Ghost Girl questioned Blood Shepherd, who demanded of them to stay put and not to interfere. Lightning explained to the group that he wanted them invited; he Dueled Blood Shepherd to reduce the amount of his enemies. Thus, the group watched the Duel, and noted how Blood Shepherd timed his "Snatch Drone" destroy "Judgement Arrows", though Lig

Blood Shepherd disappears in Ghost Girl's hands

htning managed to evade its negative effects.

Ghost Girl remained silent during their Duel, and was worried about her brother. Upon his defeat, Ghost Girl rushed to Blood Shepherd's side, who admitted he failed to protect his sister. Blood Shepherd, referring to her as Emma, apologized and disappeared in a flash of light.

Playmaker vs Go Onizuka Edit

Emma visited the graveyard, and when she thought of Kengo, she muttered "brother."
Ep081 Ema sad

Emma sad

As the rain poured, Emma rode through the streets when Aoi reported that Playmaker and Soulburner returned to LINK VRAINS. Later, Emma joined Aoi, and the two watched Go Onizuka dueling Playmaker. Blue Maiden and Ghost Girl met up with Playmaker and Soulburner. Blue Maiden and Ghost Girl noticed someone crashing into a building, which made Ghost Girl think it was a fool that could not control his D-Board. Much to everyone's shock, Playmaker stated that Revolver wanted to meet with them. Playmaker didn't know why would Revolver want to talk with them, but Soulburner wanted to know how could he even know where Playmaker even was. Ai mentioned that Varis knew Playmaker's identity, as he knows about Soulburner's, much to the latter's shock.

Flame asked Soulburner to calm down, since Revolver, as the leader of the Knights of Hanoi, knew who was involved in the Lost Incident. Ai admitted that they also knew Revolver's identity, which surprised Blue Maiden and Ghost Girl. The latter wanted to know who that was, but Ai replied that she could ask Revolver herself. Aqua feared an incoming trap, but Ai stated they were not enemies, at least, for Varis gave them a protection program. Aqua still thought this could be a trap, but Ghost Gal wanted to stay, since she had a score to settle with the guy. Despite this, Soulburner was disturbed. As they waited, the area they were in was shielded with a program, as Revolver arrived through a portal. Revolver noted everyone was present. Ghost Girl demanded to know the meaning behind the barrier. Revolver simply stated this was to ensure nobody could spy on them. He wanted to join the group, since they had a common enemy to defeat: Lightning and his group. Aqua noted that he did speak the truth, but Ghost Girl wanted to know the reason behind that, since he wished to eliminate all the Ignis.

He wanted to join the main group to fight the enemy, hence why he wanted Blood Shepherd to join them, who refused, but still gave him the advice on how to fight the enemy. He reminded that Blood Shepherd's Dueling was perfect, but the Light Ignis was more powerful, and ended up taking Blood Shepherd's consciousness. He knew the enemy was plotting something, and they had act immediately on finding them. Much to Blue Maiden's shock, Soulburner felt grudge for the Lost Incident project, and wanted to avenge his parents by Dueling Revolver. Blue Maiden wondered what'd Revolver do, and Ghost Girl reminded he was a serious Duelist that would push his challenger to the limits. Much to their surprise, Revolver drew a card and passed his turn. Aqua didn't sense anything from Revolver. Soulburner demanded a reason for the lack of action, but Revolver refused to answer. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar", and had "Heatleo" attack Revolver directly, successfully inflicting 2300 LP damage. As he went to attack directly with "Jack Jaguar", Soulburner screamed and fell to his knees. He realized he wouldn't accomplish anything by defeating Revolver like that.

Revolver asked if he was satisfied, but Soulburner denied, since he didn't know anything about Revolver. Revolver replied he was Ryoken Kogami, son of Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami, who initiated the Lost Incident. Everyone was shocked that Revolver revealed his identity like that. Soulburner was still not satisfied, but Playmaker added that Revolver was eight years old during the project, and he felt guilt about the whole project. Ai noted that Revolver actually saved them, and that Doctor Kogami had passed away, which frustrated Soulburner. Revolver told him they would work together only to defeat the Light Ignis. He reminded once that was done, they would return on being enemies, since they still protect their Ignises. Soulburner calmed down, while Revolver wanted to show them something. Since Aqua noted Revolver's heart was pure, Blue Maiden and Ghost Girl decided to tag along, while Soulburner swore to fight Revolver if he was to trick them.

Revolver snapped his fingers, conjuring a portal for the group. They went to the place that Revolver recently visited, the ruins of the Tower of Hanoi. Soulburner realized they were in the old LINK VRAINS, which was in ruins. Blue Maiden thought that Revolver would reconstruct the tower. Revolver confirmed this, for it was the only way to find the Light Ignis. In fact, by scanning the network, Revolver believed they could find his hideout. However, he needed a programmer that knew about the Ignis algorithm. Ghost Girl noted that was the reason why he sought Blood Shepherd out. Blue Maiden sensed the risk of using the Tower of Hanoi, since Revolver could simply use it as a weapon to delete everything, as he did with Ghost Girl. Revolver showed them a program that they could use to simply stop the tower's reconstruction. Playmaker accepted this deal, since they all had to work together to build a new future. The frog and the pigeon were shocked to see Playmaker and Revolver teaming up, and wanted to make a new story out of it. However, Revolver knew they were hiding behind a rock; to stop them, he locked them up. Outside of LINK VRAINS, Aoi and Emma gave approval for this plan, as they analyzed Revolver's program. As the rest of the group scanned the network, Ghost Girl remained in LINK VRAINS to warn Akira about the incoming danger.


Extra Deck

Effect Monster

Tuner Monster

Link Monsters

Synchro Monsters


Ep014 Ghost Girl vs Playmarker Playmarker 14-15 Lose
Ep030 Ghost Girl vs. Revolver Revolver 30 - 31 Lose
Ghost girl vs Brave Max
Brave Max 60 Win
Blood Shepherd vs Ghost Girl
Blood Shepherd 77 Lose
Roboppi vs Blood Shepherd and Ghost Girl
Roboppi 106-107 Lose w/Blood Shepherd


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