Unwavering Instinct
Japanese 迷いなき本能
Rōmaji Mayoinaki Honnō
Alternative Titles
Season 2
Episode number 101
Air date Flag of Japan May 8, 2019

Flag of USA TBA

Opening Go forward
Ending Are You Ready?
Director Mikamoto Yasumi
Storyboard Ruche Yagi
Animation director Satou Mizuki , Hasegawa Issei
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Unwavering Instinct is the hundred and one episode in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. In Japan will air on May 8, 2019

Synopsis Edit

Bohman set up something called a Neuron Link to use the consciousness of humans to create his Data Storm. The three Knights, Akira and Ghost Girl put their lives on the line in an effort to destroy this Neuron Link. They succeeded, but Bowman then started repairing the Neuron Link right afterward, leaving Playmaker in despair Playmaker is now in a pinch. Ai decides to go for a dangerous gambit.

Featured duel: Playmaker vs Bohman Edit

Duel continues from the previous episode

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit


Cast Edit

Japanese character name Japanese voice actor
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker Shouya Ishige
Ai Takahiro Sakurai
Shoichi Kusanagi Subaru Kimura
Akira Zaizen Shouma Yamamoto
Emma Bessho/Ghost Girl Yuna Kamakura
Faust Satoshi Mikami
Doctor Genome Takuya Kirimoto
Kyoko Taki/Baira Ami Koshimizu
Bohman Kenji Matsuda
Hayami Chihiro Ikki
Roboppy Minami Takahashi
Frog and Pigeon Tomokazu Seki
Operator Yusuke Tonozaki
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