Dreaming Roboppi
Japanese 夢見るロボッピ
Rōmaji Yumemiru Roboppi
Alternative Titles
Season 3
Episode number 114
Air date Flag of Japan August 14, 2019

Flag of USA TBA

Opening Calling
Ending Are You Ready?
Director Kurii Shigenori
Storyboard Takada Masahiro
Animation director Kataoka Emiko, Honda Matsuki
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Dreaming Roboppi is the hundred and fourteen episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. In Japan will air on August 14 2019.

Synopsis Edit

Soulburner and Roboppi are evenly matched in the Duel. Roboppi uses ever-changing tactics to drive Soulburner into a corner. Unfazed by the Appliancer monsters’ fierce attacks, Soulburner launches a counterattack against Roboppi… As the intense back-and-forth battle between the two rages on, something abnormal happens to Roboppi!

Featured duel: Soulburner vs Roboppi Edit

The duel continues from the previous episode

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit


Cast Edit

Japanese character name Japanese voice actor
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker Shouya Ishige
Ai Takahiro Sakurai
Takeru Homura/Soulburner Yuki Kaji
Roboppi Minami Takahashi
Shoichi Kusanagi Subaru Kimura
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