Gouki The Great Ogre

Gouki The Great Ogre

Gouki The Great Ogre Full View

Rōmaji Gōki Za Gurēto Ōga
Japanese (ごう)()ザ・グレート・オーガ
Base 剛鬼ザ・グレート・オーガ
Furigana ごうきザ・グレート・オーガ
English Gouki the Great Ogre
Attribute EARTH Icon of EARTH
Type Warrior / Link / Effect
Link Markers Bottom-Left,LM-BottomLeft Bottom,LM-Bottom Bottom-RightLM-BottomRight
ATK / Link 2600 / 3
Link Material 2 or more "Gouki" monsters
Effect type Continuous, Continuous
Appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! LABO: 002

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 004, 005, 013, 023, 025

Card descriptions

All monsters on the field lose ATK equal to their own original DEF. If this card would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can destroy 1 monster at this card's Link Point instead.

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