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Ep006 Hosoda.png
Japanese 細田
Other Names, etc. デュエル部の部長 (Duel Club's President)
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Duel Monster statistics
Occupation Student
Duel Club's President
Affiliation Den City High School's Duel Club
School Den City High School Logo of Den City High School.png
Anime Episode 6
Japanese Yuki Ishikari

Hosoda, credited as Duel Club's President (デュエル部の部長 Dyueru Bu no Buchō) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is the President of Den City High School's Duel Club.[1]


Hosoda opened the door from inside to reprimand Naoki for making so much noise, but allowed Yusaku to join, stating that new applicants are always welcome. Aoi noticed that Yusaku's Duel Disk was a card-loading model, the same as Playmaker's. Naoki speculated that Yusaku was copying Playmaker, but lamented that Playmaker was behind the times using such an old model. Aoi then asked to see Yusaku's Deck, and was scolded by Hosoda who thought the question to be rude, but Yusaku said it was fine and handed Aoi his Deck. After Aoi looked at the cards, she tried to give the Deck back, but Naoki snatched it up and started laughing about how lame the Deck was, to which Hosoda rebuked him for insulting it. Naoki then gave it back to Yusaku and apologized, but Yusaku told him he was right.

Afterward, Hosoda gave a lesson on the differences between Speed Duels and Master Duels.[2]

During the Incident of Another, Hosoda forbade to the Duel Club's members to fight The Knights of Hanoi, or else he'd regret that. Thus, he disbanded the club until the problem was solved.[3]