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Kengo Dojun
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Japanese 道順健碁
Rōmaji Dojun Kengo
English Kenneth Drayden
The Shepherd (Link VRAINS)
Other Names, etc. Blood Shepherd
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed mother
Emma Bessho younger half-sister
Unnamed father (deceased)
Eye Pink
Hair Pink and purple
Duel Monster statistics
Win 1
Lose 3
Monster Type User Link Monster
Synchro Monster
Fusion Monster
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Affiliation SOL Technologies Logo of SOL.png
Partner(s) Go Onizuka
Enemies Ignis
Anime Episode 47
English Danny Kramer
Japanese Takanori Okuda

Kengo Dojun ((どう)(じゅん) (けん)(), Dōjun Kengo) known as Kenneth Drayden in the English Dub is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. In Link VRAINS, he is known as the bounty hunter Blood Shepherd (ブラッドシェパード, Buraddo Shepādo). In the English Dub he's known as the bounty hunter The Shepherd in Link VRAINS.



Kengo is a man with pink hair and purple accents. His standard attire consists sunglasses, maroon scarf around his face, white shirt with purple trim, brown belt, white pants and brown with green gloves.

While in Link VRAINS he wears purple with green hat, red and blue with pink eyes mask, purple cape, black coat, blue with green trims shirt, black pants and boots with red sole and yellow star behind the boots who look like cowboy boots. His right hand looks like a gun. He wears black glove on his left hand.



Kengo was once a kind hearted, positive young man who's only concern was to support his mother and keep her smiling and happy until the night an AI derailed his entire life, transforming him into the coldhearted bounty hunter known as Blood Shepherd. Now, Kengo seems to be not talkable person, but he doesn't show mercy to anyone. Kengo is cold and doesn't care what will happen around him like luring Akira Zaizen and Emma Bessho to be decoys in order to capture the illegal hacker. Probably he doesn't want to show emotions, but in one moment, Kengo cared for Emma.


Kengo is a professional hacker well known in the military for interrogating Artificial Intelligence using his prosthetic right arm. This is seen when he modified his support AI to lie and when he lured Playmaker and Soulburner into a trap by creating a gate that sucked in the later. Kengo is also skilled enough to decode an Ignis program, contrary to Varis's claim that only he, his father, and the Ignis themselves can do so. In LINK VRAINS, Blood Shepherd has the ability to shoot energy blasts from his prosthetic right arm.



Car accident

Kengo's mother taken in hospital

Kengo was shown how he's with his mother in one restaurant celebrating her birthday. After the dinner, Kengo and his mother, after they went into auto self taxi, they were involved into car accident when the AI stopped to work. His mother is in coma, while Kengo's eye and arm were hurt. That was the reason why Kengo hates AI.

Finding out his father's new family

As an adult, Kengo moved next door and saw his father again, with a new family included his new half-sister Emma, which only made him more resentful of his father. Kengo was angry seeing his father happy with his new family.

Mission with Akira and Ghost Girl

Three years ago, Blood Shepherd is shown with Akira Zaizen and Ghost girl on a mission to capture illegal hacker. Blood Shepherd was counting to three and he

Blood Shepherd on a mission with Akira Zaizen and Ghost Girl

used Akira and Ghost Girl as a decoys in order to shot the criminal. He protected Ghost girl, by calling her real name, Emma. After the mission was over, Blood Shepherd log out.


The Bounty Hunters

Blood Shepherd after he log out one guy with Penguin avatar

Blood Shepherd was in LINK VRAINS. Two avatars were trying to get rid of the people at a cafe, and attacked Blood Shepherd. In return, the latter grasped one of the avatars, causing it to vanish. Ghost Girl met up with Blood Shepherd, and the former noted he took the call of SOL Technologies for a bounty hunter, which she declined, believing she owed Playmaker her life. Blood Shepherd called her weak for turning down the offer. She replied she didn't base her choices solely on money, to which Blood Shepherd believed it is what made him a pro. Regardless, he proclaimed that she stayed away from him, else she would be his enemy, too. Eventually, she noticed Playmaker came to LINK VRAINS, but wondered why would he log in. When Playmaker logged in LINK VRAINS, he was confronted by Blood Shepherd, for he had a bounty on his head. Playmaker replied he didn't have Ignis by his side, but was pointed by his Duel Disk, for Ai returned to him with "Linkuriboh". To get rid of Blood Shepherd, Ai summoned a Data Storm, causing Blood

Kengo arguing with Go Onizuka

Shepherd to log out, due to the danger present.

Go was surprised to see the guy wrapped-up, as Blood Shepherd didn't want to show his face to those that did reveal in LINK VRAINS. Go ignored that, claiming he would be the one to defeat Playmaker, since the latter was always one step ahead of him. Blood Shepherd ignored Go but reminded not to be ordered around, since he did his things at his own pace. Akira showed a footage of Bohman, the orange figure, since Blood Shepherd believed it would help them track Playmaker down. Gore was alarmed at the figure, while Blood Shepherd noticed the figure did not log out yet. Regardless, Akira exclaimed the figure went beyond the restricted area of LINK VRAINS.

Duel against Playmaker

Blood Shepherd was hiding in the restricted area, waiting for Playmaker. After he saw Playmaker and Ai, he started shooting, so Ai tried to lose him by releasing a Data Storm. However, Blood Shepherd resisted it saying that he wont fall for the same trick twice and he continued shooting. Playmaker reminded he was just threatening them, and could only win Ai through a Duel. Blood Shepherd made

Blood Shepherd confronts Playmaker

them choose two things: to either battle or surrender. Playmaker and Ai pondered thoughts, but Blood Shepherd shot at the second turn. Playmaker realized he wanted them to think they had three turns to lower their guard, and would do anything to win. Since neither side would give up, they started a Duel. Blood Shepherd summoned "Drone Pawn" and set a card. Ai commented he must be up to something when facing Playmaker, who shushed Ai. Ai thought Blood Shepherd was bluffing and was just bad at Dueling, but Playmaker asked of it not to interfere. Blood Shepherd was reminded of Playmaker's latest monster he had obtained, and claimed he shouldn't have played his monster. Ai boasted Blood Shepherd would lose soon, but even Blood Shepherd silenced it. Playmaker took a turn into a corridor, and summoned "Clock Wyvern", who summoned a "Clock Token", and brought out "Backup Secretary". He Link Summoned "Elphase", but remained silent for a moment, for Blood Shepherd's AI told him he could not activate his set card. Ai claimed they should finish off the bounty hunter in no time, so Playmaker used "Elphase" and "Clock Token" to bring out

Blood Shepherd about to lose to Playmaker

"Shootingcode Talker", and using "Elphase", Playmaker revived "Clock Wyvern". Blood Shepherd's AI explained its owner would lose in the next attack, and Ai confirmed this. Blood Shepherd, however, claimed he succeeded in fooling them; by playing "Capture Drone", Playmaker's "Shootingcode Talker" was unable to attack. Ai confronted Blood Shepherd that his AI stated he could not activate the set card. He simply replied nobody stated AI gave out correct information, which made Ai realize Blood Shepherd modified his AI to lie. Instead, the latter replied one should never trust an AI, which riled up Ai. Playmaker noted Blood Shepherd has analyzed his Deck, so he set a card. Blood Shepherd, however, Link Summoned "Battledrone Sergeant", but Ai pointed out he could not win with an 800 ATK monster. Blood Shepherd called him dumb for pointing out such obvious info, and used "Capture Drone" to summon three "Drone Tokens". After silencing his AI, Blood Shepherd used his tokens to Link Summon "Battledrone General" As the duel continues, Blood Shepherd activated "Battledrone General" effect. He special summon "Drone Pawn" from the GY next to it's link. Then, he activated the equip spell, ,,Drone Launcher Unit" and equip it with his "Battledrone General" Ai commented that he equipped an awesome weapon asking If Blood Shepherd is weapon otaku. Blood Shepherd commented that a solder gains power by reserving equipment, weapons and vehicles from excellent superior officers. Ai commented that he's serious. Blood Shepherd used ,,Drone Launcher Unit" effect. For every Link marker on the field, Playmaker reserves 100 LP damage. Ai said that is 6, but Blood Shepherd corrected him saying it was 7 and asked him If he knows to count. Ai commented that nobody decided that his info is accurate. Playmaker reserved damage as Blood Shepherd sets card saying that his formation is done. Ai commented that their formation isn't done yet. Blood Shepherd activated ,,Battledrone General" effect Once per turn his lever 4 or below Drone monsters with 1000 or fewer ATK can attack directly. Playmaker reserves big damage losing most of his LP. Before Playmaker loses his remaining 500 LP, he activates trap card ,,Cure Conversion" He tribute the monster that was attacked and ends the battle. Then Playmaker draw a monster card gaining 1800 LP, but still he couldn't use his skill. Blood Shepherd ends his turn. Playmaker continued his battle with Blood Shepherd, managing to release ,,Shootingcode Talker" from ,,Capture drone" Even, Playmaker tried to Link summon, Blood Shepherd told him that he can't attack his monsters during the effect of ,,Capture Drone" But, Playmaker managed to Ritual summon ,,Cyberse Magician" When ,,Cyberse Magician" attacked Blood Shepherd, he activated trap card ,,Demolition Drone" that his LP halved. With this, Playmaker ends his turn. Blood Shepherd used the same strategy as before, but when he attacked Playmaker directly, ,,Cyberse Magician" using his effect halved his damage. Blood Shepherd activates his skill ,,Drone Craft Force" thinking that he'll win. But, Playmaker managed to survive his attacks. Blood Shepherd commented that Playmaker is the first one who managed to escape his counts during a duel saying that he needs to be proud. Due the ,,Medicdrone Dock" effect, both of them reserved LP. With that, Blood Shepherd ends his turn. Playmaker managed to Fusion summon ,,Cyberse Clock Dragon" and with that manages to win the duel. Blood Shepherd commented that he lost to an AI ally. With that, Playmaker commented that his count ended in a waste.

Creating fake gate

Akira informed Go and Blood Shepherd of the gate in the restricted area, through which Playmaker and Soulburner

Blood Shepherd making plan

had gone to. Go questioned why Akira didn't inform them of this earlier, but was reminded they were only hired to capture Playmaker and his Ignis. Akira noted unless the gate was reopened, Playmaker had no reason to return to LINK

Blood Shepherd told Akira that he isn't his pet

VRAINS, while his team were investigating the chances of reopening the gate. Blood Shepherd asked about Soulburner, whom Akira had no information of, save for having an Ignis and being a Lost Incident victim. Akira simply asked of them to be ready to capture Playmaker. Blood Shepherd turned around, deciding to take the matter into his own hands, regardless of Akira's demands telling him that he isn't his pet. Blood Shepherd jumped and logged out, making Go question If it was wise to trust him. In the real world, Kengo started analyzing data, and set a trap in LINK VRAINS, in form of a gate. His efforts managed to trap Soulburner and Flame. Despite not the target he wished to capture which was Playmaker, Blood Shepherd was nevertheless pleased, since Soulburner had an Ignis, too. Bubbles appeared to show some of Soulburner's memories.

Duel against Soulburner

Blood Shepherd was looking into Soulburner's memories and he found his weakness. Meanwhile, Flame was trying to wake up Soulburner by shaking him. After Flame successfully managed to wake up Soulburner, he asked Flame

Blood Shepherd looking at Soulburner's memories

where are they. Flame answered that they're into Blood Shepherd's trap. A cave filled with lava was formed before Blood Shepherd confronted Soulburner. Soulburner was not pleased that Blood Shepherd peeked into his memories, but Blood Shepherd shot Emma Bessho's surveillance, in form of a data bug, down. The two then commenced a Master Duel. Blood Shepherd summoned a "Duplicate Drone"; Soulburner was displeased that Blood Shepherd had his AI explain the card effects, but Flame reminded him to concentrate on his turn. Soulburner proceeded to use "Salamangreat Meer" and "Salamangreat Wolvie" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf", then used the latter with "Salamangreat Mole" to summon his ace monster, "Salamangreat Heatlio". Its effect returned Blood Shepherd's "Mirror Coat Unit" to his hand, but its effect let him add a "Duplicate Drone" to his hand. Soulburner was in shock, since the AI didn't mention that effect, but Blood Shepherd simply claimed he didn't let the AI speak. Flame alerted Soulburner of this, for Blood Shepherd did something like that during his Duel with Playmaker. Due to this, Blood Shepherd called Soulburner a fool to trust an AI, for it was a tool

Blood Shepherd finds out that he's tricked by Flame

that should only serve humans, and showed his right arm as reference, that Soulburner didn't knew it's pain. Since his field was wide open, Blood Shepherd activated "Drone Barricade" to protect himself from direct attacks. Soulburner, using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", summoned a new "Salamangreat Heatlio" to remove the barricade. Much to his dismay, Blood Shepherd countered that by setting a new "Drone Barricade" from his Deck and activate it. Flame noticed that Blood Shepherd did study Soulburner's Deck. Soulburner ended his turn, while Blood Shepherd started his own. The latter declared Soulburner would lose in this turn, to himself. Soulburner questioned the meaning of those words, as Blood Shepherd uses the effect of "3D Bio Scanner" to Special Summon "Despair from the Dark" from his deck. Soulburner suddenly became paralyzed with fear, remembering his trauma from the Hanoi Project. Taking advantage of the situation, Blood Shepherd uses the effect of three of his copies of "Duplicate Drone", to move "Despair from the Dark" to the Spell & Trap Zone. The drones camouflaged themselves as "Despair from the Dark", which overwhelmed Soulburner with fear. Flame called upon Blood Shepherd for using that fear to his advantage, but Blood Shepherd simply replied that he'd use everything to win. He proclaimed he'd bury Soulburner in dark despair. As the duel continues, Blood Shepherd declarate attack, using "Despair from the Dark" to attack "Salamangreat Heatlio" Soulburner loses life points. Then, Blood Shepherd directly attacked Soulburner calling him out of league to be duelist and that he doesn't have right to be duelist facing him off. But, when the third "Despair from the Dark" attacks Soulburner, he activates the effect of "Salamangreat Parro" in his hand, Special Summoning it in Attack Position (2000/1000), and making its ATK become equal to the ATK of a "Salamangreat" monster in his GY. He makes its ATK become equal to the ATK of "Heatleo"/ A replay occurs and the third "Despair from the Dark" attacks and destroys "Parro" Blood Shepherd started to talk about Soulburner's trauma, but Soulburner starts to laugh and asked Blood Shepherd what trauma? Blood Shepherd felt lied and he saw that Flame actually tricked him and that Soulburner managed to face off the trauma long time ago and everything was just an act. Continuing with the duel, Soulburner controls no monsters, he activates the Equip Spell Card "Rising Fire", Special Summoning a FIRE monster from his GY and equipping it with "Rising Fire". He Special Summons "Heatlio" (2300/↙↑↘) and equips it with "Rising Fire". The equipped monster gains 500 ATK. When Soulburner Link Summons a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary" allows him to use a monster with the same name as Link Material instead. Soulburner uses "Heatlio" to Reincarnation Link Summon another "Heatlio" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Rising Fire" left the field, Soulburner activates its effect, banishing a face-up monster Blood Shepherd controls and as many monsters Blood Shepherd controls or in his GY as possible with the same name as that monster, then inflicting damage to Blood Shepherd equal to the original ATK of one of those banished monsters. He targets a copy of "Despair from the Dark", and banishes three copies of it. As "Heatlio" was Link Summoned, Soulburner activates its effect, shuffling a card in Blood Shepherd's Spell & Trap Zone to his Deck. He targets "Drone Barricade", but as Soulburner activated a card or effect that targeted "Barricade", Blood Shepherd activates its effect, banishing it to Set another copy of "Barricade" directly from his Deck, which can be activated this turn. Blood Shepherd Sets and subsequently activates another "Barricade". As Soulburner has three or more "Salamangreat"

Blood Shepherd sees that Salamangreat Heatlio is vanishing

Link Monsters in his GY, Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Foxer" in his hand, sending it from his hand to the GY to return a "Salamangreat" Link Monster from his GY to his Extra Deck, then destroy a card in Blood Shepherd's Spell & Trap Zone. He returns a copy of "Heatlio" to his Extra Deck and destroys "Barricade". "Heatlio" attacks Blood Shepherd directly. At this point, Shoichi's rescue program is activated, freeing Soulburner from Blood Shepherd's trap,

Blood Shepherd declaring that Ghost Girl is his enemy and is ready to shot her

leaving the Duel with no result.

After the trap was destroyed, Blood Shepherd saw Ghost Girl. He told her not to interrupt him anymore or he'll be her enemy. He claimed that he could've won the duel, but Ghost Girl told him that he was actually going to lose. He turned to Ghost Girl declaring her as an enemy and it was about to shot her.

Declaration of war

Blood Shepherd shots Bit and Boot

Following Akira's order, Blood Shepherd, Yoroizaka and Kenmochi were sent to Windy's temple, to find the Ignis. The trio went after Lightning, who summoned dozens of Bit and Boot programs to fight them. To fight the AI, Blood Shepherd rapidly shot all of them.

Comforting Aqua

Kengo visited his mother in the hospital, and thought of th

Kengo swears that he'll destroy AIs

e incident that scarred her and him for life. He swore to protect humanity from being conquered by AI. Later, Blood Shepherd attacked Aqua, who was mourning Earth. Aqua told him if he wanted to capture her, he would have to defeat her in a duel. However, Blood She

Blood Shepherd shots Aqua

pherd intended on destroying her. Aqua teleported into LINK VRAINS, but Blood Shepard analyzed the Ignis algorithm to track her down, and fired more shots to hit her. Just as he fired, Blue Girl showed up and rescued her. Blood Shepherd attacked Blue Girl and chased her, but ended up facing Ghost Girl, who noted how much time had passed since they had seen each other.

Ghost Girl's trap program

Ghost Girl refused to have Blood Shepherd obtain the WATER Ignis, and used a program to teleport Blood Shepherd in a place where he could not track the Ignis down. Furious, Blood Shepherd shot the doors of the place. As he tried

Blood Shepherd trapped in Ghost Girl's program

to search for his target, Ghost Girl went to confront him. Blood Shepherd was annoyed that she continued foiling his plans, and wondered why would she side with an Ignis. Ghost Girl simply replied that it was an exception of her to be in the women's company. Blood Shepherd went as far to challenge Ghost Girl in a special duel - the ante was to have the opponent's avatar deleted, thus making them unable to log into LINK VRAINS forever. Ghost Girl accepted, and wished Blue Girl to keep Aqua safe, while she confronted her brother, Blood Shepherd, in the speed duel.

Duel against Ghost Girl

By summoning a "Drone Corporal" and setting a card, Blood Shepherd ended his first turn. Ghost Girl added that she found out about Blood Shepherd's identity, as Kengo Dojun - her half-brother. She also knew about the car incident, but commented it was no reason to hate the Ignis. Blood Shepherd silenced her, envious that she had a good

Blood Shepherd facing off Ghost Girl

childhood. He exclaimed his father abandoned him and his mother, and later found out to have started a new family, with his new daughter, Emma Bessho. Ghost Girl tried to reason with Blood Shepherd, who fired a shot and wanted the Duel to continue. Ghost Girl used "Infinite Imperitance" to negate the effects of "Drone Corporal", whose effect triggered to negate Ghost Girl's card. Though this backfired, Ghost Girl summoned "Altergeist Multifaker" by its effect. Preparing her field with "Meluseek" and "Marionetter", and the latter set "Altergeist Haunted Rock" to Ghost Girl's field, who activated that card by sending an "Altergeist" card from her hand to the GY. Using "Meluseek" and "Multifaker", Ghost Girl Link Summoned "Altergeist Hexstia". Next, Ghost Girl sent "Altergeist Haunted Rock" to her GY to have "Hexstia" Special Summon the monster she recently sent, the Tuner monster "Altergeist Fifinellag". Using the latter and "Marionetter" as materials, Ghost Girl Synchro Summoned "Altergeist Dragvirion". Blood Shepherd attempted to counter her tactics by using "Capture Drone" to prevent "Altergeist Hexstia" from attacking, who tributed "Dragvirion" to negate Blood Shepherd's Trap. Blood Shepherd commented tributing her Synchro Monster was a big price to pay just to negate his card. Ghost Girl reminded her turn was not yet over, and revived "Dragvirion" by its effect, and "Hexstia" gained 2200 ATK. Belittling Blood Shepherd for wasting his Trap, Emma had "Altergeist Dragvirion" destroy "Drone Corporal", and inflicted 600 LP damage to Blood Shepherd. Confident in her victory, Ghost Girl had "Hexstia" attack Blood Shepherd, who sent "Drone Asteroid" from his hand to the GY to negate that attack, and gained two "Drone Tokens". Ghost Girl felt that Blood Shepherd could've easily countered her attack, and ended her turn. Blood Shepherd exclaimed he would win the next turn, and snapped his fingers. Blood Shepherd summoned "Drone Carrier", and used it and his tokens to Link Summon "Battledrone General". Its effect revived "Drone Carrier", who Special Summoned "Drone

Blood Shephred counts

Corporal" from his GY. He had his general target "Drone Carrier", who could attack directly, and even attempt to inflict damage by its ATK, if tributed afterwards. He had "Drone Corporal" attack Ghost Girl directly by its effect, and "Battledrone General" could also tribute it to inflict damage to Ghost Girl. She played "Altergeist Kunquery" to stop the attack, and negate the effects of "Battledrone General".Blood Shepherd exclaimed he didn't actually want to attack Ghost Girl directly; using "Drone Force Tuning", he used two of his monsters for Synchro Summon. Ghost Girl used "Hexstia" to tribute "Dragvirion" to negate that effect, but Blood Shepherd stated his Spell's

Blood Shepherd using his skill

effects could not be negated. Despite this, Ghost Girl revived "Dragvirion" and boosted the ATK of "Hexstia" back to 3700. Blood Shepherd proceeded with the Synchro Summon of "Commandrone Double Sniper". "Battledrone General" attacked "Altergeist Dragvirion", but Ghost Girl had it return "Altergeist Kunquery" to negate that attack. Blood Shepherd thanked Ghost Girl for this move, as his Synchro Monster received a Drone Counter. Using "Drone Craft Force" Skill, Blood Shepherd reduced the ATK of "Dragvirion" by 1000 and boosted the ATK of "General" by that difference. Ghost Girl used "Altergeist Kunquery" to negate the attack of "Commandrone Double Sniper", who gained the Deleted counter. This let Blood Shepherd negate the effects of "Kunquery", destroy it and inflict 1000 LP damage to Ghost Girl. "Commandrone Double Sniper" attacked, inflicting 1000 damage to Ghost Girl.

Blood Shepherd logs out

With the

Blood Shepherd about to delete Ghost Girl's account

final move, Blood Shepherd tributed his Synchro Monster and dealt 2000 damage to Ghost Girl, thus making her lose the Duel.

Ghost Girl fell to the floor, unable to protect Aqua and Aoi and crying that she'd lose her avatar. Just as Blood Shepherd proceeded to erase Ghost Girl's account, she stated that their father died last year, and he wanted of Emma to help her half-brother in need. In response, Blood Shepherd turned around and logged out.

Finding the truth

Kengo watches the duel between Go Onizuka and Earth

Kengo was shown how he watched video of SOL Technologies how they turn Earth into data. After that, Kengo watched the duel between

Blood Shepherd goes in the SOL Technologies data bank

Go Onizuka and Earth, who commented that Go Onizuka is foolish doing such stuff as becoming one with an AI. After that, Blood Shepherd went in SOL Technologies data bank and read some documents of the true intention of SOL Technologies. He was shocked finding the truth and commented are they serious. Kengo left the building and went into a car, without knowing that someone was watching him.

Meeting with Akira Zaizen

Kengo went to visit Akira Zaizen. Akira was surprised seeing Kengo visiting him. He asked him what he wants. Kengo said that he needs to ask him something. He asked Akira what's SOL Technologies's true intention and are they really

Kengo talks with Akira

try to kill the Ignises. Kengo throws one usb to Akira, as Akira turn on the usb seeing some documents and asking what is it. Kengo said that it's pointless to hide things from him. Kengo told Akira that with the data that SOL got from the Ignises, the plan is to create a new AI with free will, a high performance Ignis. Akira told Kengo that he heard rumors about it from the researches, but he never knew that it was true. Kengo told Akira that If really SOL's intention was that, they hired him under false pretenses. He said that If the Ignis

Kengo swears that he'll get his revenge

es are destroyed, a new Ignis will be created. Akira just told him seems so. Kengo got pissed off asking Akira what he thinks about it. Akira told Kengo that not to expect so much from him and that he's only lapdog, a low level in SOL Technologies and that he can't go against them. Kengo called Akira lame and that he wasted time talking with him and that he'll think what to do next. With that, Kengo left the building. Kengo is shown up sitting on his computer and told that he'll take revenge of the Ignises. With that, he logs into the Link VRAINS.

Meeting with Revolver

After Blood Shepherd logs in Link VRAINS he thought of the words that Emma told him about his father. But, at that time, Revolver shows up behind him. Revolver starts to talk about how Blood Shepherd got huge hole in his heart after losing his father. Blood Shepherd was surprised that Revolver knows his identity. Revolver told him that he knows everything. Revolver talks to Blood Shepherd about his desire for revenge. Blood Shepherd got angry at Revolver saying to stop talking like he knows him. Blood Shepherd told that he wont forgive the AI's for hurting his mother.

Blood Shepherd thinks of Emma's words

Revolver agreed with him saying that this desire is important for revenge. Revolver told him that the Knights of Hanoi wants to use his fighting spirit against the Ignises, because they wont have much time. Blood Shepherd asked why is that, as Revolver answered him that some of the Ignises declared war against humanity. Blood Shepherd was surprised, but Revolver told him that now is the time to annihilate the Ignises. Revolver told Blood Shepherd that his goal is same as The Knights of Hanoi. Blood Shepherd asked Revolver that he means to team up with the Knights of Hanoi as Revolver confirmed that. Blood Shepherd told Revolver that he doesn't know them and why should he team up with them. Re

Revolver told Blood Shepherd that he choose him

volver smirked telling Blood Shepherd to leave his pride as lone wolf and that he'll force him to obey him. Blood Shepherd told Revolver that he's so much confident and that he can erase him by counting to three. As Blood Shepherd started counting, Revolver disappeared and show up behind Blood Shepherd on the second count. Blood Shepherd asked Revolver why on the second count, but Revolver simply told him that Blood Shepherd will do anything to accomplish his goal and that's why Revolver choose Blood Shepherd. Blood Shepherd said that is interesting and he can't wait to test the power of the Knights of Hanoi.  

Duel against Revolver

Blood Shepherd grew more intrigued to test Revolver's power: the two started a Duel. However, when Revolver ended his turn with a set card, Blood Shepherd thought he was mocking him. Thus, Blood Shepherd proceeded on with offense by Link Summoning "Battledrone General", which revived its Link Material, "Battledrone Warrant". Revolver suffered the latter's attack, and "Battledrone General" inflicted additional 1200 LP damage by tributing the

Blood Shepherd summons his monster

attacking monster. Blood Shepherd claimed Revolver would regret underestimating him, as "Battledrone General" proceeded to attack, though Revolver made him doubt if he'd allow such an attack to defeat him. Revolver Special Summoned "Checksum Dragon" to protect himself, leaving his LP at 800. Blood Shepherd played "Blitz Drone", and used it to tribute the revived "Battledrone Warrant" to inflict 1200 LP damage. Revolver reminded he would not be so easy to defeat, as his "Imperial Order" negated his Spell's effect. Instead, Revolver warned Blood Shepherd about Link Spells that the Light Ignis use. Blood Shepherd became alarmed at this, but Revolver reminded like a Spell Card, it could easily be prevented. Blood Shepherd asked why was Revolver warning him about this. He was told, since he disliked AI, he would be an attack target for the Ignis. Thus, Revolver asked Blood Shepherd to join him, to prevent that demise. Blood Shepherd refused, since he didn't want anyone to order him around. Revolver became disappointed with his pride, and took his turn. Due to "Imperial Order", he paid 700 LP to keep it. Revolver summoned "Gateway Dragon" and "DMZ Dragon", and used them, as well as "Cheksum Dragon", to Link Summon "Topologic Trisbaena". Blood Shepherd's "Capture Drone" tried to limit Revolver by negating his Link Monster's effects, and make it unable to attack. Revolver smirked, as he played "Vulnerability Dragon" to destroy the Link Monster he just summoned. Blood Shepherd was shocked, but Revolver made this move to allow his Link Monsters to attack, since "Capture Drone" was destroyed by its own effect. Next, Revolver summoned "Rokket Synchron", which revived "Checksum Dragon". Summing his dragons to Level 8, Revolver Synchro Summoned "Varrel Load Savage Dragon". The latter, with its own effect, equipped "Topologic Trisbena", its ATK raised to 4250. Revolver's Synchro dragon attacked "Battledrone General", inflicting 1950 LP damage to Blood Shepherd. By banishing "DMZ Dragon", Revolver made his Synchro dragon attack once more, this time defeating Blood Shepherd.

Blood Shepherd logs out

Blood Shepherd, kneeling, noted this was the power of Hanoi. Revolver reminded he could not stop Link Spells. Blood Shepherd replied that he didn't need any advice, and swore to pay Revolver back someday, who noted he was not the type of guy that would leave his debts behind. Blood Shepherd logged out, but Revolver remarked his individualism.

Visiting his father's grave


Kengo with Emma on their father's grave

engo was shown how he's at the cemetery to visit his father's grave. He left some flowers and remembered how he saw his father with his new family. Kengo said that he always hated him because he left him and his mother to suffer. Then, he remembered Emma's words as at that time, Emma came to the grave as well seeing Kengo and she asked him If he came to visit their father. Kengo simply answered that he came only to break up with his father and that's all. Emma, remembered that they need allies and asked Kengo to join her side to fight the enemy. Kengo refused saying that he's loner and told Emma not to get involved in this war. However, Emma was worried about him as Kengo left.

Meeting Lightning


Blood Shepherd uses a "Drone" deck. His main strategy is to use "Drone Pawn", "Battledrone General", and "Battledrone Sergeant" to perform a One Turn Kill through direct attacks and effect damage, while using Traps like "Capture Drone" and "Drone Cordon" to shut down the opponent's Link Monsters. Though he tends to bypass his opponent's monsters due to the low ATK of most of his monsters, he can use his skill, "Drone Craft Force" to lower the ATK of his opponent's monsters. Blood Shepherd Duels pragmatically, ordering his AI to lie about the capabilities of his cards and employing strategies to prevent Playmaker from using Storm Access.

After learning about Takeru Homura's weakness, he adds "Despair from the Dark" to his Deck, setting up a combo between it, "Duplicate Drone", and "3D Bio Scanner" in order to trigger Takeru's PTSD.

Monsters Magic Traps Extra

Effect Monsters

  • Despair from the Dark x3
  • Drone pawn
  • Duplicate Drone x3
  • Drone Asteroid
  • Drone Corporal
  • Drone Fatty
  • Drone Recycler
  • Scud Drone

Tuner Monsters

  • Drone Carrier
  • Assemble Drone
  • Blitz Drone
  • Drone Force Fusion
  • Drone Launcher Unit
  • Drone Force Tune
  • Drone Unity
  • Mirror Coat Unit
  • 3D Bio Scanner
  • Capture drone
  • Drone Barricade x 2
  • Demolition Drone
  • Drone Cordon
  • Snatch Drone

Fusion Monsters

  • Fortressdrone Beehive

Synchro Monsters

  • Commandrone Double Sniper

Link Monsters

  • Battledrone General
  • Battledrone Sergeant
  • Battledrone Warrant
  • Medicdrone Dock






Playmaker vs Blood Shpepherd.jpg
Playmaker 53-54 Lose
Blood Shepherd vs Soulburner.jpg
Soulburner 62-63 No result
Blood Shepherd vs Ghost Girl.png
Ghost Girl 77 Win
Revolver vs Blood Shepherd.png
Revolver 78 Lose
Lightning vs Blood Shepherd.png
Lightning 79-80 Lose
Roboppi vs Blood Shepherd and Ghost Girl.png
Roboppi 106-107 Lose w/Ghost Girl