Kiyoshi Kogami
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Dr. Kogami face
Japanese 鴻上 聖
Rōmaji Kōgami Kiyoshi
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Real-life)[1]
Deceased (Link VRAINS)[2]
Relatives Ryoken Kogami (Son)[3]
Eye Yellow
Hair Purple
Duel Monster statistics
Occupation Researcher
Affiliation The Knights of Hanoi (Founder)
SOL Technologies Logo of SOL (Former)
Partner(s) Kyoko Taki
Doctor Genome
Enemies SOL Technologies
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Takayuki Sugo
Kiyoshi Kogami (鴻上 聖, Kōgami Kiyoshi) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He exists only as an avatar in the network after being dead for seven years,[4] and as a member of the Knights of Hanoi with his son as its leader.[5] When he was alive, he was known as the creator of the Ignis and a researcher at SOL Technologies.[6]

Appearance Edit

Dr. Kogami is a sick man, who rests in a pod. He has tan skin and wears a grey outfit.

Inside LINK VRAINS, Dr. Kogami is a tall man, who has fair skin. He has purple hair, beard and mustache and he has yellow eyes. He wears a white coat with red outlines, a dark undershirt with red stripe, some black pants and a pair of brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Like Revolver, Dr. Kogami believes Ai to be a threat. However, since he did construct Ignis beings, he has slight regret about destroying them.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Kogami can teleport himself inside LINK VRAINS. In addition, he has superior programming and hacking skills, even helping out his son in dire need from a remote distance.

History Edit

Past Edit

Hanoi Project Edit

Ep028 Baira, Faust and Kogami looking

Kiyoshi with Kyoko Taki and Faust

Dr. Kogami as a researcher at SOL Technologies planned and executed the Hanoi Project 10 years ago prior to the start of the series.[7] Dr. Kogami along with his team of assistants: Faust, Kyoko Taki and Doctor Genome successfully gave free will to A.I. programs and named his creation Ignis with hope they'll be humanity's future.[8]

Post Hanoi Project Edit

Kiyoshi was able to finish his project before SOL Technologies infected him with a computer virus to cover up Hanoi Project and attempt to monopolize Ignis[9] Three years after the Hanoi Project, Kiyoshi was declared dead, but his consciousness continued to exist in the network. His son, Ryoken, is taking
Ep020 Kiyoshi Kogami real body

Dr. Kogami's real body

care of his body.[10]

Ryoken managed to contact his father, who noted Ignis' progress of creating the Data Material and creation of Cyberse World. Unfortunately, Kiyoshi told Ryoken that Ignis, who would progress, would eventually destroy the world. He believed Ignis would improve humanity's lives, and instead, he saw the AI would eventually supervise humanity. He feared the humanity would see AI as an enemy, a life-form they would want to conquer, and this would also make the humanity as Ignis' enemy. Kiyoshi told Ryoken SOL Technologies knew of this threat, but they only infected him with a virus.[6] With that in mind, Kiyoshi set his mission to stop Ignis, and formed the Knights of Hanoi, believing that they were savage creatures with the intent of destroying the world, rather than saving it

Present Edit

Hanoi's Plan Edit

Dr. Kogami and Revolver discussed about a new program. He said that he worked on a few new ideas but he needed more time.[11] After Blue Angel was defeated by Playmarker, Revolver was certain that Playmaker would have to
Ep008 Revolver and Dr. Kogami

Dr. Kogami discussing with Revolver about the importance of destroying Ignis

comply to his demands. Dr. Kogami said Ignis had to be destroyed and Revolver was concerned about Kogami since he designed Ignis. Kogami told Revolver was a painful decision to destroy the AI, while Revolver reminded the importance of destroying Ignis and Cyberse.[12]

Revolver vs Playmaker Edit

During Revolver's Speed Duel against Playmaker, the latter had Ai conjure a Data Storm. Revolver was glad, as this allowed Dr. Kogami to send a card to Revolver.[13]

Dr. Kogami watched the Duel between Playmaker and Revolver, and wished of
Ep010 Dr. Kogami sending a card to Revolver

Dr. Kogami sending the Field Magic Card "Skyfire Prison" to Revolver.

the latter to take Ignis back. Much to his surprise, Playmaker summoned the "Firewall Dragon" and destroyed the "Skyfire Prison". Dr. Kogami was still pleased, as Playmaker had 600 LP left, and expected of Revolver to take him down.[14]

Dr. Kogami was surprised how Playmaker wanted revenge for what had happened 10 years ago. Spectre arrived, noting how scary the fate can be. As Revolver returned, Dr. Kogami was surprised how he let his guard down, seeing it was about that incident Playmaker spoke. Revolver apologized to him as his father, and as his hand recovered, claimed next time would be different. Dr. Kogami stated that Revolver didn't need to think of that, and seeing how they could not retrieve Ai, he went to execute the other plan, and needed time to make preparations for that.[15]

Another case Edit

Kogami and Revolver went to a deep pit where he showed Revolver a seed shaped like a data cube, which would grow into a "fruit" that would destroy the whole network, including LINK VRAINS. Kogami then released the seed, which fell into the pit.[16] Kiyoshi contacted Revolver, informing his son his program would soon be finished. Revolver was depressed, and told his father he wanted to confront someone. Kiyoshi sensed Revolver wished to face Playmaker and permitted this as long as it did not take too much time.[17]

Meeting Akira Zaizen Edit

Akira ran towards Blue Angel, but was trapped in a cage made of vines. Dr. Kogami appeared, explaining Akira would be infected by the virus that would make one lose consciousness. Akira recognized Dr. Kogami as a former employee of SOL Technologies, who died because of SOL Technologies, but was revived. Akira listened to Dr. Kogami's personal story, and their mission to destroy Ignis. Dr. Kogami explained anyone that is trapped inside the Tower of Hanoi cannot leave, and once the tower was completed, data worldwide would be erased. Akira was overwhelmed by the fact Dr. Kogami would erase even himself to get rid of Ignis. Dr. Kogami deemed it was the only way they had left, and warped away.

Hanoi tower Edit

Just as the tower was nearly completed, Dr. Kogami approached Revolver, asking if he uncovered Playmaker's identity. Revolver denied, even though he did saw Yusaku's face in a footage. Kogami noted ever since the tower was in place, Revolver's interest in Playmaker's identity vanished. Regardless, he reminded Revolver that even if the world would see them as criminals that took revenge against SOL Technologies, even with all the victims that would soon be erased, he thought one day they would learn the truth of the danger an AI with free will imposed. Revolver noted that they were prisoners of destiny, and the fated, final Duel against Playmaker would commence soon, one he intended to win.

Revolver vs Playmaker Edit

When Revolver failed to execute Storm Access Skill, the Data Storm stopped. Dr. Kogami appeared to his son, Revolver. Dr. Kogami admitted he was not a good father to let his son suffer, referring to him as Ryoken, who never c

Dr. Kogami appears in front of his son

omplained. He explained he didn't want Revolver to be involved in an

Dr. Kogami's heart stops after he helped Revolver

y of this, but reminded without him, the world would be in chaos. While Playmaker and Ai were wondering about Dr. Kogami's words, the latter decided to lend his strength in helping Varis to win, all to protect the humanity. Dr. Kogami's essence passed onto Revolver, who noticed a glitter in the Data Storm, much like the light of the Stardust Road. Revolver went through the Data Storm and obtained a new Cyberse monster, but noticed Dr. Kogami's heart was damaged and eventually stopped beating.

Dr.Kogami deceased body behind Ryoken Kogami

Kiyoshi Kogami's death Edit

Kiyoshi Kogami was dead in the real world while Ryoken mourned his father, until Yusaku and Shoichi arrived to him. Ryoken confirmed to them that dr. Kogami is dead.


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