Kyoko Taki
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Kyoko Taki

B 20

Japanese 滝 響子
Rōmaji Taki Kyoko
English Clarissa Turner
Other Names, etc. Baira, Vyra
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 30[1]
Status Alive
Eye Blue
Hair Red and orange
Duel Monster statistics
Win 2
Lose 1
Ace Dark Mummy Surgical Cooper Dark Mummy Surgical Cooper full view
Monster Type User Link Monster
Occupation Doctor[2]
Affiliation Den hospital (Former)
The Knights of Hanoi Lieutenant
Partner(s) Kiyoshi Kogami
Doctor Genome
Enemies SOL Technologies
Blue Angel
Anime Episode 8
English Syndi Szabo
Japanese Ami Koshimizu
Kyoko Taki[3] (滝 響子, Taki Kyoko) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, She goes by alias Baira (バイラ, Baira) known as Clarissa Turner in dub version as a member of The Knights of Hanoi.[4]

Design Edit

Appereance Edit

Kyoko is a woman with red hair that spikes and orange highlights.  Her standard attire consists white coat, black shirt, black mini skirt and black shoes.

While in VRAINS Baira has red hair that spikes and orange highlights, blue eyes, left covered with gray, green, yellow and red eye mask. She wears white coat with purple trims, white shirt also with purple trims, white mini skirt also with purple trims, long white socks and purple and white boots.

Personality Edit

Like other Knights of Hanoi, Kyoko is fiercely loyal to Revolver and will carry out the ambitions of Dr. Kogami to the very end. Like Faust, Kyoko shows a degree of sympathy and mercy as seen when she felt remorse watching the six victims suffer during the Hanoi Project and when she had a change of heart and released the Another virus victims after her defeat by Blue Angel.

History Edit

Past Edit

Lost incident case Edit

Ep028 Baira, Faust and Kogami looking

Young Kyoko with Faust and Kiyoshi Kogami

10 years before, Kyoko was one of Dr. Kogami's assistants who helped him plan and execute the Hanoi Project. Together with Dr. Kogami, Faust, and Dr. Genome, she helped create the Ignis - six AI with free will based on the Lost Incident victims and the Duel Monsters attributes. When SOL Technologies infected Dr. Kogami with a computer virus to cover up the Hanoi Project, she helped recreate his consciousness inside the network, faithfully serving as a Knight of Hanoi ever since.

Present Edit

Another case Edit

Baira was first shown as one of the doctors who was informing Akira Zaizen about his sister's condition.[5]

Baira later appeared in Vrains as she stands right next to Faust as they appeared right in front of Revolver saying that their mission was to kill the Ignis and they gave Doctor Genome the Data Gale.[6]

After defeating a Knight, Playmaker and Ai then interrogated him and asking him about the removal program that can cure victims of Anothers. Before the knight could explain, he was erased by Baira. Later, she and Faust defeated Kitamura's AI army.[7]

Duel against Blue Angel Edit

When a surprised Baira thought Blue Angel would never show up in LINK VRAINS, Blue Angel angrily questioned her is she going to give lecture to her. When Blue Angel learned she was used as a test subject to create the Another virus and Baria as its creator, she became furious and vowed to defeat her. The two Speed Dueled with Blue Angel activating "Trickstar Lightstage", adding "Trickstar Lilybell" to her hand and activates its effect to Special Summon it. She then Normal Summons "Trickstar Nightshade" and Link Summon "Trickstar Holly Angel". As "Nightshade" was used as a Link Material for the Link Summon of a "Trickstar" monster, Blue Angel activates its effect, Special Summoning it from the Graveyard. When Baira uses - Current - Hack Virus, all of Blue Angel's monsters effects are negated and their ATK reduced to 0 for three turns.
Ep026 Yusaku finds Kyoko

Yusaku Fujiki finds Kyoko

While Baira was still dueling Blue Angel, Yusaku along with Ai with help of Shoichi Kusanagi found her apartment and they finally found her.

Baira activated the effect of "Dark Mummy Surgical Cooper" which inflict 500 damage to Blue Angel. As Baira summoned "Surgical Cooper" which attacks "Holly Angel", Blue Angel activated the effect of "Trickstar Perennial", sending it to the GY to prevent "Holly Angel's" destruction. Blue Angel later drew "Trickstar Narkiss", and subsequently Normal Summon it to Link Summon "Trickstar Bella Madonna" and defeat Baira. After the duel, Baira approached her saying that she is back to LINK VRAINS. Blue Angel then told her all she did was defeat her and get her revenge on Baira, claiming she only fights for herself and was back only for today. Baira activated the removal program which cures the Another victims

Ep026 Baira and Blue angel

Baira and Blue Angel watching the end of Another

She then told Blue Angel to look at the sky and both witness Another victims getting cured and logging out of LINK VRAINS. Blue Angel questioned her why
Ep038 Genome Baira Faust and Revolver

Baira with Doctor Genome and Faust who are lying down as Revolver is passing by them

did she activate the program. Baira claim that Blue Angel was able to change her heart and she may have fought for herself but can change those around her and encouraged her to carry hopes on others if she does she is fighting for everyone. After losing to Blue Angel, Kyoko activated the removal program in a change of heart, curing all the Another Victims. Consequently, The Knights of Hanoi 'purged' her shortly after for releasing the removal program.

Prison break and the return of The Knights of Hanoi Edit


Kyoko in prison

Following the collapse of the Tower of Hanoi, Kyoko was sentenced to a maximum security prison and was placed under strict security, but later escaped and returned to the Knights of Hanoi thanks to the help from Revolver, Spectre, Faust and Dr. Genome.

Windy and Lightning's objective Edit


Baira with Spectre and Doctor Genome destroying the fake Cyberse world

Baira and the rest of Revolver's subordinates marched through the fake Cyberse World destroying it with "Cracking Dragon"

Windy vs Revolver Edit

Following her comrades, Baira destroyed Echo programs. After she finished with them,

Baira arrives with Dr. Genome and Faust

Baira along with Dr. Genome and Faust rushed to Revolver watching his duel with Windy. They reported to Revolver that they finished their job and watched the rest of the duel. After the duel was over, Baira, Dr. Genome and Faust activate the anti Ignis program and were about to kill Windy, but before Windy dies, he was saved by Lightning who declared war against humanity.

Ignis vs Humanity Edit

Following Lightning's war against the humans, Baira was present as Revolver resolved to team up with Playmaker and his comrades in order to stop Lightning's faction. While her leader and Spectre would scour Mirror LINK VRAINS for the LIGHT Ignis, Kyoko, Aso, and Genome would monitor the network in the real world. The three Commander Knights witnessed each of the Duels, including the defeat of their 2 superiors at the hand of Lightning. They later aid Playmaker in his Duel with Bohman, attempting to shut down the Neuron Link Bohman used to abuse his Master Storm Access skill, which was powered by the minds of people in real LINK VRAINS. They witnessed the humanoid AI's defeat by Playmaker's hand, using Firewall Dragon Darkfluid, as well as the subconsciousness of all the innocent people killed.

A.I.'s Vengeance Edit

1 month after the events of the war on humanity, Baira was present in LINK VRAINS with the other Knights of Hanoi, following a string of attacks on SOL Technology, including the high executive, Queen. The Knights and Playmaker's team witnessed as the attacker revealed himself as Ai, now in human form, along with Roboppy. Revolver resolved to team up once more, to stop Ai from carrying out his unknown plan.

Baira, Dr. Genome, Faust, and Spectre attempt to stall Ai, and prevent him from stealing the code key from Akira Zaizen, but are all easily defeated by his @Ignister deck. Ai succeeds in taking the code key from Akira, and ends up taking control of SOL Technology.

3 months following Ai's supposed death by Playmaker's hand, Clairissa, Aso, Genome, and Pandor are monitoring over the safety LINK VRAINS on Revolver's boat, as a way to atone for their cyber crimes.

Deck Edit

Kyoko uses a "Virus" Deck.To facilitate her use of "Virus" cards, she uses DARK monsters, including the "Dark Mummy" archetype. Her skill is Forbidden Surgical Operation. Banish 2 Level 2 or lower monsters that with the same name from the user's GY; Special Summon 2 monsters with same name, whose Levels are equal to the excluded monsters', from the user's Deck.

Extra Deck

Effect Monsters

Link Monsters


Ep024 Kitamura looking at Faust and Baira defeat AI's army Multiple AI Duelists 24 Win (with Faust)
Ep025 Blue Angel vs Baira Blue Angel 25-26 Lose
Echo 69 Win
Ai 106 Lose/w Doctor Genome


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