A monster is in a Link State (リンク(じょう)(たい), Rinku Jōtai) if its Link Marker is pointing to a monster, or if it has at least one Link Monster's Link Marker pointing to it.

Mutual LinkEdit

A Mutual Link ((そう)()リンク, Sougo Rinku) is a kind of Link State that occurs when two Link Monsters' Link Markers are pointing to each other. For example, if one player controls a Link Monster with a Down Link Marker in an Extra Monster Zone, and a Link Monster with an Up Link Marker in their Main Monster Zone in the same column, those two Link Monsters are in a Mutual Link.

Extra LinkEdit

Normally, each player can only use an Extra Monster Zone at a time. But when both Extra Monster Zones has been bound together, a new monster can be summoned to the other! Extra Link!!

Revolver, explaining the advantages of Extra Link

An Extra Link (EX(エクストラ)リンク Ekusutora Rinku) is a special Mutual Link of multiple Link Monster connecting both Extra Monster Zones. All monster involved in the Extra Link is considered in "Extra Link State", and any monster in Mutual Link with those monster is also in Extra Link.

While each player can only use only one Extra Monster Zone at a time, if an Extra Link would be completed due to the summon of the new monster, a player who have already used an Extra Monster Zone can preform the summon. However, while Extra Link is needed to control both Extra Monster Zones, the Extra Link State itself can be achieved through any either player's Monsters. (The opponent may be the controller of Link Monsters in the Main Monster Zone, but you controlling both Extra Monster Zones)

An example of this is Episode 45, where Revolver legally Link Summoned "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" to the second Extra Monster Zone even though he already controls one by "Topologic Bomber Dragon", this is due to him controlling "Varrel Sword Dragon" in the same column as "Topologic Bomber", then "Varrel Load Dragon" in Mutual Link with it and "Varrel Guard Dragon" (counting from the right), and with "Varrel Guard" has an "Up" Link Marker.

In the next episode, Playmaker managed to use Revolver's Extra Link for his own Extra Link. However, Revolver is still the one in control of both Extra Monster Zones.

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