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Makoto Kimishima
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Japanese 君島マコト
Rōmaji Kimishima Makoto
English McKendrick Kellenbocker
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Status Alive
Duel Monster statistics
School Den City High School Logo of Den City High School.png
Anime Episode 22
Japanese Ryota Suzuki

Makoto Kimisima (君島マコト, Kimishima Makoto) known as McKendrick Kellenbocker in the English dub is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.[1]




The bulling

When Makoto was a child, he was being surrounded by other kids when Go Onizuka stepped in and struck the other kids who were surrounding Makoto. Makoto later went with Go as he let a butterfly go he had in a field. Makoto later smiles at Go.[2]


The Another case

Makoto falls from the cliff after Doctor Genome infected him with the virus.

Makoto first appeared lying on the ground as his head was leaning on his chair in his room when Yusaku burst in hoping to save him but found Makoto unconscious. Makoto was shown on screen on his computer in LINK VRAINS near the edge of the cliff being corned by Doctor Genome. He was question about if he had an Ignis with him by Doctor Genome and had no idea what he was talking about. Doctor Genome then thrown the virus to Makoto which he then fell, falling unconscious in till Go Onizuka arrive and jumping off his board and save Makoto from falling into the water. When Go came out of the water, he was holding an unconscious Makoto. Makoto then went fully unconscious in the real world.

Makoto was later rush to the hospital thanks to Yusaku calling the paramedics that arrive to help Makoto. He was then shown coming out of the Operating Room in a hospital bed.[3] Shortly after, he was seen in the Exam Room where the manager of Go Onizuka watched over him.[4]

After Go defeated Doctor Genome and acquired the virus-removal program, Makoto woke up from his coma.[5]