• I live in Canada
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is Violinist
  • I am female
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  • Sorry I have been inactive, but as gratitude, I'll place you in my blog/ RP on-wiki.

    IRL: Beyond Destiny

    Don't worry, I got u in!!!

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  • Hi, GhostGirlViolinist, I'm Xiaolong Drake, and I'm just wondering if we can chat here...

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  • Hello. There aren't any pictures from episode 83. I'm glad you found them. Since they made some mess and the episode didn't aired yesterday. So, I guess officially we can have pictures on 9th January along with episode 84. That's what I read. If you find more pictures related to episode 83, please publish them. Thank you.

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  • Hello. Sorry for bothering you.. Idk If you noticed that ending 4 has been changed, the part with go onizuka and blood shepherd... I'm trying to find those pictures, but only they come with english sub and I can't post them here *bows* If you can find them without eng sub, can you put them? Thanks 

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  • Hello. Sorry for bothering you. But can you put screencaps for episode 72? Since I'm busy and can't put. When I got free, I'll add what I got. Thank you ^^

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    • HI Lala! Sure i can post some screencaps i've taken for today's episode! ^^ 

      I'm make sure i don't post the same ones you already posted :")

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  • Hello. Sorry for bothering you. I got some sreencaps for ending 4. Is it okay to put them? If you don't mind? I saw that you put most of them. But I got extra some more. If you want me I can put them. Thank you ^^

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  • What is Ai's real name?

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  • Hi Flora sorry to disturb u but if you have tv tropes account could you mind upgrading some tropes for vrains characters if I have one I could have done it I tried more than 1000 times creating an account but it never worked

    Yusaku Fujiki

    • Beauty equels Goodness:He is very handsome and many internet commuinty also consider him as this and he is the main protoganist of this show
    • Beauty Is Never Tarnished:Even after getting kidnap for Hanoi Project he wore a nice casual outfit and after being rescued his clothes still look good and it didnt get damaged or teared despite getting many electric toture during the Lost Incident
    • Vitriolic Best Buds:Has this dynamic with Ai however instead of seeing him as a friend he sees Ai as nothing more than a annoyance

    Delete Ungrateful bastard in his character sheet

    Reason: false characterization Yusaku isnt rude towards Aoi he is shown to care for her and he is not ungrateful to her


    • Smarter than he looks:He may be a comic releif and many people dont take him seriously but he is very smart and manuplative and is the only one who can trick Yusaku
    • Vitriolic Best Buds:Has this dynamic with Yusaku.

    Akira Zaizen

    • Deforsting Ice King:Towards Playmaker at first Akira hated him for stealing Ai and thought he was the one who put Aoi in coma upon learing the truth he felt remorse for what he did to him and upon learing that Playmaker is the same age as Aoi he started to sympatize with him and wanted Playmaker to stop his revenge and have a happy normal life

    Aoi Zaizen

    • Break the cutie:She got brainwashed by Specter which made her get humilated and fall in coma after her duel with Playmaker and after her recovery her brother becomes more protective of her and prevents her from leaving the house and this causes her to develop Heroic B.O.S.D
    • Heroic B.O.S.D:Suffers this one after she agreed to join forces with Yusaku and Go.Aoi finally got Akira to spend more time with her and she has a tough time thinking weather she should stay under Akiras protection and not dissapoint him or team up with Go and Playmaker to defeat Hanoi
    • Humilation Conga:Suffers this one after her lost against Playmaker.During her duel she went insane and gets defeated and the next episode she fall into coma and recieves lots of abuse in social media which damages her reputation as charisma duelist
    • Idiot Ball:She made a public challenge for Playmaker and this causes her to become one of Hanoi targets and ended up being in coma.
    • Silk Hiding Steel:She is a cheerful idol as Blue Angel but piss her off she wont hesitate to kick others ass


    • Hospital Hottie:She works as a doctor in real life
    • Put in the Bus:After her duel with Blue Angel she became into Another
    • Token Good Teammate:Unlike other members of Hanoi who show no remorse for their action Baira feels really guilty for what she has done and she also takes her defeat with a grace


    • Affably Evil:He is even more polite than Genome even to his enimes
    • The Comically serious:Remains stoic when Lonely Brave complains for needed to be saved
    • Token Good Teammate:Similar to Baira he shows guilt over his action and he is the only Hanoi to doesnt underestimate or trash talk his opponenents

    Emma Bessho

    • Badass Adorable:Not to the level of Blue Angel but she is kawai at times and has her cute moments best seeing during her duel with Playmaker
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
      • While she is mainuplative,cunning and can be bitchy at times she is playful and she does have a heart and a caring side to her personality.
      • She provoked Aoi during their first intearaction IRL but she wanted to help her and push her sense to go back to LINK VRAINS and continue her job as Blue Angel
    • Lovable Aplha Bitch:Downplayed she is mostly Playful but she does have some bitchy quailites to her personality

    Dr Genome

    • Jerkass:Like the other members of Hanoi he has no problem attacking random civillians and turning them into another
    • Smug Snake:He enjoys understimating his opponents and often think he is above them


    • Jerkass:He is very unpleasent towards his subordinates
    • Smug Snake:Thinks he is above Akira

    Jin Kusanagi

    • Break The Cutie:The Hanoi Project has made him withdrawn
    • Expy:
      • He is this to both Mokuba and Haruto due to him being the missing younger brother and the older brother Kusanagi goes through hell to find and take care of since he serves as a motivational fuel to Kusanagi he comes a bit closer to haruto
      • He is also this to Ruri they both got kidnap by antagoinst orgainzation and their ni-san has to work with their close friends to get them back
    • The Stoic:He never shows any emotion at all.Each time he is seen he often has a emotionless and melancholic expression on his face
    • Used to be a sweet kid/Used to be more Social:Just compare Jin in his childhood and teenage self his childhood self shows that based on the picture of him he used to be a cheerful person in the present he closed his heart form the world and has become more withdrawn,aloof and distant due to severe trauma he induced
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