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  • Jasmine could you upgrade some tropes for vrains characters

    Yusaku Fujiki

    • Beauty equels goodness:He is very handsome and many internet commuinty also consider him as this and he is the main protoganist of this show
    • Beauty Is Never Tarnished:Even after getting kidnap for Hanoi Project he wore a nice casual outfit and after being rescued his clothes still look good and it didnt get damaged or teared despite getting many electric toture during the Lost Incidet

    Delete Ungrateful bastard in his character sheet

    Reason:false characterization Yusaku isnt rude towards Aoi he is shown to care for her and he isnt rude towards her and he is not ungrateful to her

    Akira Zaizen

    • Deforsting Ice King:Towarda Playmaker at first Akira hated him for stealing Ai and thought he was the one who put Aoi in coma upon learing the truth he felt remorse for what he did to him and upon learing that Playmaker is the same age as Aoi he started to sympatize with him and wanted Playmaker to stop his revenge and have a happy normal life

    Aoi Zaizen

    • Break the cutie:Poor girl just cant catch a break she got brainwashed by Specter which made her get humilated and fall in coma after her duel with Playmaker and after her recovery her brother becomes more protective of her and prevents her from leaving the house and this causes her to develop Heroic B.O.S.D
    • Heroic B.O.S.D:Suffers this one after she agreed to join forces with Yusaku and Go.Aoi finally got Akira to spend more time with her and she has a tough time thinking weather she should stay under Akiras protection and not dissapoint him or team up with Go and Playmaker to defeat Hanoi
    • Humilation Conga:Suffers this one during her duel with Playmaker when she went insane and ended up getting her ass kicked by him the next ep she recived many abuse in social media
    • Idiot Ball:She made a public challenge for Playmaker and this causes her to become one of Hanoi targets and ended up being in coma


    • Hospital Hottie:She works as a doctor in real life

    Emma Bessho

    • Badass Adorable:Not to the level of Blue Angel but she is kawai at times and has her cute moments best seeing during her duel with Playmaker

    Dr Genome

    • Jerkass:Like the other members of Hanoi he has no problem attacking random civillians and turning them into another
    • Smug Snake:He enjoys understimating his opponents and often think he is above them


    • Jerkass:He is really unpleasent towards his subordinates
    • Smug Snake:Thinks he is above Akira

    Shoichis brother

    • Expy:
      • He is this to both Mokuba and Haruto due to him being the missing younger brother and the older brother Kusanagi goes through hell to find and take care of since he serves as a motivational fuel to Kusanagi he comes a bit closer to haruto
      • He is also this to Ruri they both got kidnap by antagoinst orgainzation and their ni-san has to work with their close friends to get them back
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  • Hi Jasmine  .If you don’t mind could you please update some tropes for the vrains character in their character sheet. Sorry to disturb you because my account has been hacked and I am having a tough time making another account

    Yusaku Fujiki

    • Aloof Dark haired girl:Yusaku is the gender flip version of this trope.He has dark hair and is very stoic and aloof most of the time
    • Broken Bird: In a rare male version of this trope. The Hanoi project has made Yusaku a very bitter, Vengeful and broken person consumed with revenge .No matter how much he wanted to interact with others and try to have a normal life his PTSD keeps on getting worse. He sees this world as a cruel place and he believes that his life is cut short and he doesn’t need future or friends and all he is consumed is revenge.
    • Emotionless Boy:Downplayed of The Stoic type. Yusaku does have emotions but he just doesn’t want to express them unless he is provoked
    • DontYouDarePityMe: Other than Kusanagi Yusaku doesn’t want other people to help him or sympathize with him because he doesn’t want others to get involved in his fight against Hanoi and out of concern would prefer to keep everyone safe
    • Hidden Heart of Gold: Yusaku may be cold hearted most of the time but he does have a nice and compassionated side to his personality as well and he may be a anti hero but he is not a bad person.
    • Ill Boy: Downplayed but he has severe PTSD. His methods of eating are unhealthy and he frequently looks tired and collapse after logging out of LINK VRAINS
    • Red Oni,Blue Oni:The quite and emotionless blue oni to Ais red

    Delete Ungrateful Bastard in his character sheet because that trope doesn’t apply to him and it is a false characterization


    • Adorkable:His comic relief antics are really dorky
    • Red Oni,Blue Oni: The self centered and talkative red to Yusakus blue

    Shoichi Kusanagi

    • Beware the Nice ones:He is one of the most easygoing and friendly character in the shown but don’t piss him off.
    • Deconstructed Character archertype: Kusanagi serves as this to Kurosaki.They both are older brother characters who lost their younger sibling and their younger siblings got kidnap by the antagonist organization.Kurosakis sister Ruri got kidnap by Academia while his brother got kidnap by Hanoi and this causes both Kusanagi and Kurosaki to develop grudge on them for kidnapping their sibling and they both work with their close friends Yuto and Yusaku to save them.While Kurosaki became an extremely cold hearted and hot headed Jerkass after losing Ruri Kusanagi however still manages to be a friendly nice guy after losing his brother.
    • Revenge:Though he is good at hiding it.It is shown deep down he has a deep grudge towards Hanoi for what they did to his brother

    Akira Zaizen

    • Big brother Instinct:Is very protective towards Aoi especially after she recover from her coma

    Aoi Zaizen

    • Boobs of steel:As Blue Angel she has big breast and is considered to be one of the best duelist in LINKV VRAINS
    • Stepford Smiler:She hides a sadness with cheerful deposition as Blue Angel ep 6 prev cemmented on this
    • Lady of War:Her Trickstar Holly Angel is this and Aoi is graceful and elegent is her duels

    Go Onizuka

    • Cool Big Bro:Acts as one to the orphaned Kids
    • Mr Fansevice:His usual outfit shows of his entire body and he is shirtless


    • Not so Stoic:When Ai eats his arm he looks visibally disturb
    • The Stoic: Out of duels Revolver is calm and collected individual

    Dr Kogami'

    • The Stoic:He is very calm and level headed and never shows emotion
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    • Done. Let me know if you need help again. :)

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    • Thank you so much and one more thing I forget to mention 

      Aoi Zaizen

      • Dark Action Girl:She became this tempory after she was brainwashed by Specter
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  • Hi Jasmine! :")

    Can you edit episode 22 and add episode 23, I added episode 22 but can you edit the info box please? 

    Its also been awhile! How are you? :-) 

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  • Hi Jasmine I am proud to have u as a admin for this wiki the wiki looks much better and good after u became a admin 

    Jasmine could u do me a favor if you have tv tropes account could u upgrade some tropes for the vrains character.If I have tv tropes account I would have done it I tried more than 100 times to get a account in tv tropes but it never worked for me 

    Yusaku Fujiki

    • The comically serious:When Kusanagi and Ai teases him for his poor social skills with womens he doesnt react in anger or embrassment and maintains a deadpan expersion as usual.He is frequently this when it comes to dealing with Ais antics he will always remain deadpan no matter what happens to him
    • Emotionless Boy:He is very emotionless and stoic and hardly changes expression
    • Rei Aynami expy:Dark and troubled past check,Blue Hair check very stoic and emotionless check 
    • Sugar and Ice personality:He may be ruthless,aloof and cold most of the time but he does have good heart deep down,
    • When He smiles:Its rare but when he does smile  its very beautiful


    • Plucky comic relief:He serves as the main comic relief in the show

    Aoi Zaizen

    • Action Girl:She is also a very skilled and a talented duelist and can push her opponents in big disadvantage.She knows how to ride her D-Board properly
    • Amazon Brigade:All her tricksters are female
    • Badass Adorable::She is cute and Kawai and cute as Blue Angel.As Blue Angel she has her cute and adorable movements
    • Split personality:She is serious,calm and collected as Aoi but cheery,perky and friendly as Blue Angel

    Could u also delete the trope The Queit one and Bitch in Sheeps Clothing from her since those two tropes dont appeal to her character at all

    Shoichi's brother

    Shoichi Kusanagi's younger brother and a friend of Yusaku like Yusaku he was also involved in Hanoi Project and he is still suffering from PTSD

    • Ambiguous Disorder:He is heavily implied to suffer the same problem as Yusaku.Like Yusaku he is still suffering from the shock of the incident and PTSD and hasn't recoverd from it.But his fate is much worster than Yusaku.
    • Broken Bird:His Dark and Troubled Past being improsend as a child and underground hellish experiment has made him this
    • Chekhov M.I.A.:He is also involved in Hanoi Project along with Yusaku and is mention frequently by him and Kusanagi and it is likely he will make a major appearance at some poiny
    • Cynicism Catalyst:His dissapearance is what made Yusaku to fight for him and become vengeful towards Hanoi
    • Dark and Troubled Past:He was also suffering the same fate as Yusaku
    • Emotionless Boy:Heavily implied to be more emotionless than Yusaku and the Hanoi project has made him an [[Empty Shell] when we see him each time he doesnt show any emotions at all
    • Empty Shell:The Hanoi project and all the hell and toture he has been through has made him suffer even worse than Yusaku he is still shock about the incident and he is uanble to leave
    • The Ghost:He has been mentioned by Yusaku and Kusanagi multiple times since the start of show and we get to see him only in flashback and has yet to appear in person.
    • No Name Given:We dont know his first name.Yusaku often refers to him as Kusanagi's younger brother or Kusanagi's brother even Kusanagi himself doesnt refer to his brother by his actual name and only refers to him as my brother.
    • Strong Family Resemblance:He looks a lot like a younger version of his older brother
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    • Okay, I will do that! :)

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    • Thank u so much Jasmine one more thing I forgot to mention you could you delete The Quiet One trope for Aoi in her character sheet because that trope doesnt suit her and that trope only applies to characters that rarely speak so Aoi gets so much lines and diaglouges to speak when she apears so that trope doesnt apply to her

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  • Can you help me fix Aoi's gallery? I accidentally replaced episode 1 pics with the episode 2 pics

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  • Thank you very much for helping out on this Wiki. It's looking better day by day. 

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  • You are now an administrator! :)

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  • thank you for being an editor here. Do you want admin rights?

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