Miyu's mother
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Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Miyu daughter
Unnamed husband
Eye Brown
Hair Dark Green
Duel Monster statistics
Anime Episode 76
Japanese Aki Kanada
Miyu's mother is a character appearing in season two of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is the mother of Miyu.

Appereance Edit

Design Edit

Miyu's mother is a woman with fair skin, dark green hair and brown eyes. Her standard attire consists  black shirt, peach jacket, necklace and white pants.

History Edit

Past Edit

Lost ring Edit

Miyu took her mother's wedding ring without consent and showed it off proudly to Aoi. Miyu wanted Aoi to wear it, but

Miyu's mother tells Aoi to don't close to Miyu

Aoi refused. Despite this, Miyu went to give it to her, but she accidentally lost the ring in the drain. Shocked and scared of what happened, Miyu

Miyu's mother takes Miyu away

cried as her mother came and asked her on the whereabouts of the ring. As Miyu continued crying, unwilling to see her friend getting punished, Aoi took the fall and told Miyu's mother that she was the one who lost the ring. Miyu wanted to explain that's not the truth, but her mother believed Aoi and promptly told her not to approach her daughter again as they left.
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