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Ep 003 Pigeon
Rōmaji Hato
Other Names, etc. Saito (real name)
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Duel Monster statistics
Occupation Journalist
Affiliation Frog
Anime Episode 3
English Billy Bob Thompson
Japanese Tomokazu Seki

Pigeon (鳩, Hato) is a avatar character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. Along with Frog, he is one of the reporters trying to get a scope on Playmaker and The Knights of Hanoi. Pigeon frequently suffers connection issues when in LINK VRAINS.[1]

History Edit

Pigeon joined Frog who called him by his real name which irritated Frog. They noticed that there were more than usually ton of people from the press at Link VRAINS wanting a shot of Playmaker. Then they heard that Playmaker had show up, Frog urged his assistant to start recording but Pigeon informed him that there were others and concluded that they was all impersonators. Later on, Pigeon searched for Playmaker and was surprised to find a Knight of Hanoi.[2] Pigeon and Frog later filmed Blue Angel issuing a public duel challenge to Playmaker. Before leaving to fulfill other commitments, Frog told Blue Angel to notify them if Playmaker accepted her challenge.[3]

A few days after Revolver's assault on LINK VRAINS, Frog and Pigeon contacted "Ghost Girl" for an interview regarding recent events in LINK VRAINS. Due to Ghost Girl's expensive prices, Frog spent all of his and Pigeon's budgets and extra bonuses. She gave them a data file with the answers to the questions they sent her as well as everything she discovered involving Playmaker as well and she witnessed during Revolver's attack. Frog and Pigeon went to a private editting room to check Ghost Girl's data and prepare a big scoop, but before they could publish the article Yusaku and Shoichi deleted it while cleaning "Playmaker" files across the network much to Frog and Pigeon's dismay.[4]

Frog and Pigeon stumbled into "Ghost Girl" about to start a Duel against "Playmaker" which they recored. During the Duel, they argued about what's more important, their report or Playmaker's title as "Hero of LINK VRAINS". When the Duel concluded, "Ghost Girl" deleted Pigeon's recording, leaving him and Frog without anything to make their Playmaker scoop yet again.[5]


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