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Prototype Ai-B
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Ep016 Prototype Ai-B.png
Personal Information
Duel Monster statistics
Lose 1
Ace Tentacluster Nautilus
Monster Type User Link Monster
Affiliation SOL Technologies Logo of SOL.png
Anime Episode 16
Japanese Manabu Sakamaki

Prototype Ai-B is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


Prototype Ai-B Special Summons "Tentacluster Darkwhip".

Prototype Ai-B is a Ai created by SOL Technologies. When Playmarker infiltrated SOL's mother computer, Kitamura sent Ai-B and Ai-A hunted after Playmaker, who managed to elude them. However, Ai-A caught up with him, and initiated a Duel with him. Shortly after, Ai-B arrived and started attacking Playmaker, intending on grabbing his Duel Disk. Much to everyone's surprise, Blue Angel arrived, using her whip to grab Ai-B. Blue Angel declared she would be the one to defeat Playmaker, and started a Duel with Ai-B.[1] Blue Angel used "Trickstar Lightstage" to summon "Trickstar Lilybell" and, with "Trickstar Candina", Link Summoned her "Trickstar Holly Angel". Special Summoning a "Trickstar Narkiss", Blue Angel had "Trickstar Holly Angel" and "Trickstar Light Stage" shave off the Ai-B's LP, and brought back "Trickstar Narkiss", along with "Trickstar Lycorissica". As Ai-B drew another card, another 400 LP was dealt to it as damage, while "Trickstar Holly Angel" increased its ATK, Blue Angel wished to sting Ai-B even more. To halt Blue Angel's strategy, Ai-B used "Abyss Invitation" to inflict 200 LP damage back to Blue Angel whenever Ai-B is damaged.

Ai-B activates the effect of "Tentacluster Nautilus" to Special Summon "Tentacluster Bombsucker".

Like Ai-A, Ai-B Link Summoned "Tentacluster Nautilus", and destroyed two of his "Tentacluster Bombsucker" to inflict a total of 1200 LP damage. Blue Angel noted Ai-B fought her by using effect damage, and she would retaliate in a smilar manner. Ai-B excluded two of his "Tentacluster Bombsucker", to shave Blue Angel's LP to 400, while it had 1500 LP left. Ai-B brought back a "Tentacluster Bombsucker", and had it attack "Trickstar Lycorissica", while Blue Angel noted it would destroy it on purpose and exclude it to win the Duel. Using "Trickstar Cascade", Blue Angel negated the attack, preventing Ai-B's victory. Blue Angel declared she wouldn't let Ai-B gain another turn, as she drew a card. Bringing out "Trickstar Candina", Blue Angel Link Summoned "Trickstar Sweet Devil", and dealt 200 LP to Ai-B, who dealt the damage to her with "Abyss Invitation". "Trickstar Sweet Devil" reduced "Tentacluster Bombsucker's" ATK, and Blue Angel's "Trickstar Temptation" returned it to Ai-B's hand. Her "Trickstar" monsters defeated Ai-B, excluding it.[2]


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