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Ep003 Rook
Japanese ルーク
Rōmaji Rūku
Personal Information
Gender Male
Duel Monster statistics
Affiliation SOL Technologies Logo of SOL
Partner(s) Bishop
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Koichi Makishima

Rook (ルーク, Rūku) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is a higher-up at SOL Technologies who communicates via a hologram of a white rook chess piece.[1]

History Edit

Ep003 Akira, Bishop, Knight and Rook

Rook discusses the Duel between Playmaker and the knight of Hanoi with Akira, Knight and Bishop.

Rook was briefly seen during the first conversation between Bishop and Akira Zaizen.[2] A few days later, he, Bishop, Knight and Akira discussed about the incident caused by the duel between Playmaker and Knight of Hanoi. Rook proposed to close down Link VRAINS and to perform some maintenance. Knight added that there were some reckless individuals who appeared and it might result in injuries. Akira said that he didn't think it would be a good idea to shup down Link VRAINS for their company didn't decrease in profits and the Data Storm was confirmation that Cyberse was safe. He added that Ignis was captured by a hacker named "Playmaker". Knight asked Akira about Playmaker's identity, Akira answered that they devoted all their ressource into investgating it. Rook reminded Akira that this was his job as the head of Security Department. Akira said that if they shutdown Links VRAINS and the battle between Playmaker and the knight of Hanoi moved elsewhere, they will be lost the Cyberse world forever and suggested to restrict Link VRAINS and to make a battlefield for Playmaker and The Knights of Hanoi in order to capture Playmaker inside of it. Bishop agreed but warned that they won't accept failure.[3] After Playmaker defeated Blue Angel, Bishop, Knight, and Rook interrogated Akira when they found out that Blue Angel was related to him and wondered if she was secretly working with Hanoi.[4] After the Speed Duel between Playmarker and Revolver, they wondered how the Knight of Hanoi could control the Data Storm and thought to a particular person.[5] They later discussed to demote Akira for learning something he shouldn't have and choose to replace him by Kitamura.[6]


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