Sun Avalon Dryatrentiay



Rōmaji San Abaron Doryuatorantie
Japanese 聖天樹の幼精(サンアバロン・ドリュアス)
Base 聖天樹の大母神
English Sun Avalon Dryatrentiay
Attribute EARTH Icon of EARTH
Type Plant / Link / Effect
Link Markers Bottom-Left,LM-BottomLeft Bottom,LM-Bottom Bottom-Right,LM-BottomRight Top,LM-Top
ATK / Link 0 / 4
Link Material 1 Plant Normal Monster
Effect type Rule, Continuous, Trigger
Appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 037, 038, 039, 041
Card descriptions

Cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects. Cannot be targeted for attacks, but does not prevent your opponent from attacking you directly. Once per turn: You can Tribute 1 Plant Link Monster this card points to, then target face-up Spells/Traps your opponent controls, up to the Tributed monster's Link Rating; destroy them. Monsters in your Main Monster Zones cannot attack the turn you activate this effect.

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