Takeru Homura
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Japanese ()(むら) (たける)
Furigana ほむら たける
Rōmaji Homura Takeru
English Theodore Hamilton
Other Names, etc. Soulburner
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Grandmother
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Flame (Originator)
Eye Blue
Hair White and red
Duel Monster statistics
Win 7
Lose 1
Ace Salamangrate HeatlioSalamangreatHeatlio-OW-NC
Salamangrate Emerald EagleSalamangreatEmeraldEagle-OW-NC
Salamangrate Violet ChimeraSalamangreatVioletChimera-OW-NC
Salamangrate Blaze DragonSalamangrateBlazeDragon-OW-NC
Salamangrate Pyro PhoenixSalamangratePyroPhoenix-OW-NC
Monster Type User Link Summon
Ritual Summon
Fusion Summon
Xyz Summon
Occupation Student
School Den City High School Logo of Den City High School
Partner(s) Flame (deceased)
Ai (former)
Shoichi Kusanagi
Blue Maiden
Aqua (deceased)
Ghost Girl
Blood Shepherd
Go Onizuka
Doctor Genome
Akira Zaizen
Friends Yusaku Fujiki
Kiku Kamishirakawa
Flame (deceased)
Enemies SOL Technologies (former)
Bohman (Season 2)
Haru (Season 2)
Bit (Season 2)
Boot (Season 2)
Windy (Season 2)
Lightning (Season 2)
Ai (Season 3)
Roboppy (Season 3)
Anime Episode 48
English Eddy Lee
Japanese Yuki Kaji
Aoi Inase (Young)
Takeru Homura (()(むら) (たける), Homura Takeru) known as Theodore Hamilton in the English dub is character in the season two of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is known as Soulburner (ソウルバーナー, Sōrubānā) in Link VRAINS.



Takeru is a teenage boy with fair skin, blue eyes, white hair with red spikes. His standard attire consists of a green glasses, a slate-colored jacket with light blue trim over a white dress shirt with a pink tie and a pair of black pants and brown shoes.

While dueling in Virtual reality, Takeru got red scarf, gray, orange and red suit, red with gray boots. His eyes are yellow. His hair is light blue with dark blue, red and orange spikes.

As a child, Takeru wore blue jacket, white shirt, jeans and red shoes

Personality Edit

Takeru shows lack of self confidence and always counts on Flame to give him advice what to do next.

Abilities Edit

In a Speed Duel, Takeru's Skill is "Burning Draw". This Skill reduces his Life Points to 100, but allows him to draw a card for every 1000 Life Points he sacrifices. Using this ability puts noticeable strain on Soulburner's body, as noted by Flame.

Takeru is revealed to have been well-trained in Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido by his grandfather in order to find his peace in his heart.


Past Edit

Lost Incident case Edit

Just like Yusaku Fujiki, Jin Kusanagi and Spectre, Takeru is one of the six kidnapped children from the Hanoi Project. As the result of his capture, Fire Ignis that later he named himself Flame who was born based on Takeru as the model. Six months later, he was finally rescued along with the rest of the children. However, to his sorrow, his

Young Takeru rescued

grandparents told him that his parents have passed away in an accident while looking for him. Ever since then, Takeru lived with his grandparents and due to his trauma he vowed to never duel again.

Meeting Flame Edit


Takeru telling Kiku that it is nothing after remembering his past

10 years later, Takeru became depressed to the point he didn't go to school. His friend, Kiku, was worried about him, warning him he'd get expelled, hence why his grandfather visited the school for that issue. He walked away, and felt pain from a nightmare, when he was Dueling during the Lost Incident project. He later approached some bullies harassing a boy, and took their attention by glaring them. The bullies left, noting how

Takeru hears Flame's voice

dangerous Takeru looked, whom the boy thanked for the rescue. Takeru walked away past an electronics store. A voice from Flame from the TV muttered Takeru's name. Takeru swore he heard a voice, but Kiku smirked, thinking Takeru was afraid of ghosts, who didn't even appear during daytime. Takeru went back home, where his grandmother asked of him to come to the dojo. There, Takeru practiced martial arts with his grandfather, who didn't approve of Takeru missing out on school, and slammed him to the ground. He grasped his grandfather, but hesitated to attack him. Later, he went outside to take a quick shower, cursing his past, before returning to his room to think about his parents. Flame appeared on screen to contact Takeru, muttering about "Link Brains" and "Playmaker" The next day, Takeru was walking by the bullies he confronted earlier, overhearing about LINK VRAINS hero, Playmaker, having defeated the Knights of Hanoi. Takeru intimidated the bully into telling him about Playmaker, the Duelist from Virtual Reality space, LINK VRAINS. Takeru walked away, as the bully thought of a plan to take revenge on Takeru. The latter met up with Kiku, who showed him the news on a tablet about Playmaker. While Kiku received a phone call, Flame appeared once more on the tablet, muttering about Takeru's past 10 years ago. Takeru threw the tablet in panic, but Kiku managed to catch it before it fell down. She scolded Takeru how expensive the device was,

Takeru reads about Playmaker

but to the argument the tablet spoke, Kiku found nothing. Takeru, back home, pondered the thoughts Flame told him about. He found his Duel Disk, on which Flame, in his eye form, appeared to congratulate Takeru for finding the item. Takeru became frightened, throwing the Duel Disk as he screamed the Ignis was actually a ghost his grandfather told him about. Takeru went to smash the Duel Disk, but Flame exclaimed it was an AI, and mentioned Takeru's past was connected to that of Playmaker. Takeru stopped, and listened to Flame, who told Takeru that he, like Playmaker, was a victim of the incident. Takeru didn't wish to remember his past, but Flame replied that Playmaker was actually confronting his past. Takeru was still alert of Flame, who tried shifting into its true form, but Takeru preferred it to be in its eye form. Still, Flame exclaimed if Takeru were to find Playmaker, he would seek his path, advising to seek him out in LINK VRAINS by going to Den City. Takeru saw he'd have to Duel again, and remembering the trauma, he swore not to Duel ever again. Just as Flame was to continue, Takeru came outside, as a friend came to report that Kiku was taken by the bullies. Takeru went to confront the bullies, but after being told of another message, he came to Flame again. Takeru came to the bullies alone, one of whom challenged Takeru to a Duel, due to his interest in Playmaker.

Duel against Ryujiro Mizunuma Edit

Takeru didn't wish to remember his past, but Flame replied that Playmaker was actually confronting his past. Takeru was still alert of Flame, who tried shifting into its true form, but Takeru preferred it to be in its eye form. Still, Flame exclaimed if Takeru were to find Playmaker, he would seek his path, advising to seek him out in LINK VRAINS by going to Den City. Takeru saw he'd have to duel again, and remembering the trauma, he swore not to Duel ever again. Just as Flame was to continue, Takeru came outside, Hana came to him to report that Kiku was taken by the bullies. Takeru went to confront the bullies, but after being told of another message, he came to Flame again. Takeru came to the bullies alone, one of who challenged Takeru to a Duel, due to his interest in Playmaker. Flame spoke to Takeru that this Duel would mark his future, and had to change to face his destiny. Takeru took on their challenge, and told Kiku to go home. Takeru faced the bully, whose brother boasted that he was the national champion. The bully, Ryujiro Mizunuma, used "Call of the Mummy" to Special Summon a "Plague Wolf" and Normal Summoned another copy of it. Takeru questioned the bully's move, as the wolves' ATK doubled, but could not attack, and were destroyed at the end of the turn. The bully simply revived the wolves with "Surrounded by Fallen Wolves" and drew two cards.

Takeru facing off The Despair of Dark

Takeru immediately went to play his ace with "Majesty of Flames", "Phoenix Gearfried", and boosted it with "Phoenix Gearblade". With "Valkyrian Knight", Takeru had the two monsters attack. With the wolves slay, Takeru sent "Phoenix Gearblade" to his GY to have his monsters repeat their attacks. Ryujiro screamed to fool Takeru, as he played "Howl of the Fallen Wolves", reviving his wolves again, and adding a Field Spell Card, "Edge of Darkness", to his hand. The wolves were pummeled again, but Ryujiro started his turn. He played "Edge of Darkness" to add a monster to his hand, and Special Summoned it with "Call of the Mummy". Much to Takeru's shock, the monster was "Despair from the Dark" that caused Takeru pain during the Lost Incident. Flame shouted at Takeru to calm down, while Ryujiro played "Skull Conductor". Takeru's monsters were destroyed and he took 500 LP damage, but Takeru fell on his knees and begged this torture to stop. Flame reminded Takeru that he had much more strength than he had thought, and should not give up. Takeru claimed he could do nothing against that monster. Flame exclaimed that the death of his parents, the refusal to Duel made him isolated. While Ryujiro set a card, Flame encouraged Takeru to stand up and "revive" himself. Takeru did so, and using combination of "Rising Fire" and "Tempest Fire", destroyed all monsters on the field to inflict Ryujiro enough damage to defeat him.

Takeru was happy that he won and Flame congratulated him. Takeru thanked the Ignis, who introduced himself as Flame. Takeru thought its name was a translation to "Fire", but Flame, in embarrassment, ignored Takeru.

Takeru's decision Edit


Takeru tells Kiku to take care of his grandparents

Three months after the Tower of Hanoi incident, based on Takeru's conversation with Flame, Takeru became a shut-in and was "fighting against himself" due to the trauma he suffered after the kidnapping. It wasn't until Flame contacted Takeru that he learned everything behind the Lost Incident. Hearing Flame's predicament and inspired by Playmaker, Blue Angel, and Go Onizuka who fought against The Knights of Hanoi, Takeru decided to finally move on with his life and leave in Den City. He asked his friend, Kiku Kamishirakawa, to take care of his grandparents. Leaving his hometown, Takeru started helping Flame to find the rest of his scattered Ignis comrades, creating the avatar Soulburner in the New LINK VRAINS.

Present Edit


Playmaker vs. Bohman Edit

Takeru first appeared as Soulburner together with Flame, watching over Playmaker's duel against Bowman. He told Flame that he has found his comrade, Ai, but Flame dismissed the notion and told Soulburner not to compare him with an airhead like Ai.

Duel Against BitBoot Edit

When Playmaker is chasing after Haru and Bowman after he won against the later, Haru summoned Bit and Boot to stop Playmaker and retrieve Ai while he escaped with Bowman. At this moment, Soulburner revealed himself together with Flame, challenging Bit and Boot while allowing Playmaker to continue his pursuit of Haru and Bowman.
Ep048 Playmaker and SoulBurner

Soulburner telling Playmaker to pursuit Haru and Bowman

He declared that he will burn them with his flames. Soulburner challenges Bit and Boot to duel him and they accept seeing that he also got an Ignis. Bit and Boot fused their avatars into one. namely BitBoot.

BitBoot quickly summoned "D-Scale Battle Coela" and used its effect to move their Link Monster to the Main Monster Zone, so that through their Skill, Marker's Portal, they could bring out "Judgement Arrows". Soulburner and Flame noted like Playmaker's opponent, these ones used Cyberse monsters and used Link Spells, for which Flame swore to never forgive them. Soulburner hoped they could defeat this duo and interrogate them for information. BitBoot moved their Link Monster to a different Main Monster Zone, to inflict 800 LP damage to Soulburner for each time their Link Monster was displaced. BitBoot were proud of their combo, and Flame reminded they could move their Link Monster three more times before Soulburner would be defeated.

Soulburner tried to remove "Judgement Arrows" with "Salamangreat Foxy", but was reminded the Skill BitBoot had activated protected it from destruction. Soulburner was surprised, but stated he had different options. Soulburner swapped his "Salamangreat Falco" for "Salamangreat Mia", to prepare himself. Flame got fired up, announcing a Link Summon, and told Soulburner to conduct it. Using his three monsters, Soulburner Link Summoned his ace monster, "Salamangreat Heatlio". Since "Judgement Arrows" could not be destroyed, Soulburner had the card returned to the Deck with the effect of his Link Monster, and due to the negative effect, "D-Scale Battle Coela" was destroyed. This left BitBoot open for a direct attack, who suffered 2300 LP damage.

BitBoot commended Soulburner, but announced their counterattack. After Special Summoning back "D-Scale Battle Coela", BitBoot activated their Skill once more to place "Judgement Arrows" on the field. Soulburner and Flame were in shock, for a Skill could only be activated once, but were reminded Bit had activated his Skill in the first turn, and now Boot did, too. BitBoot Link Summoned "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle", and with "Judgement Arrows", the monster attacked with 4800 ATK. Before the attack resolved, Soulburner had played "Energy of Fire" to restore his LP, equal to the ATK of "Salamangreat Falco": 1200. BitBoot were annoyed, but complimented each other for the progress, believing Ignis would soon be in their possession. Flame reminded Soulburner everything depended on his next draw. Soulburner drew "Monster Reincarnation" and was ready to play it, but BitBoot used "D-Scale Chaff" to negate cards on his field and hand.

BitBoot exclaimed they were the greatest, and demanded Soulburner to surrender. Instead, the latter smiled, and was pumped up to finish them off. He used his Skill, Burning Draw, reducing his own LP to 100 to draw a card for each 1000 LP he lost. He drew and played "Salamangreat Sanctuary", as Flame reminded that card was unaffected by "D-Scale Chaff". Through the card's effect, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Heatlio" to Link Summon another copy of it, a move he called Reincarnation Link Summon. Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatlio" once again removed "Judgement Arrows", and Flame reminded that BitBoot's "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle" was destroyed. However, the monster was protected from destruction of card effects and moved to a new Main Monster Zone, and went to destroy "Salamangreat Heatlio", which was in the same column. When Flame believed that they were going to lose, Soulburner revealed the Reincarnation Link Summoned "Salamangreat Heatlio" caused the ATK of "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle" to become that of "Salamangreat Mia": 800. With "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle" was weakened, Soulburner destroyed it in battle using the reincarnated "Salamangreat Heatlio", defeating BitBoot.

Transferring to Den Academy Edit

The next day, Takeru transferred to Yusaku school. While Takeru was walking in the hall after school, he passed by Aoi Zaizen commenting that she's Blue Angel. Then Takeru saw her with Naoki Shima as Flame commented that Shima is Brave Max, Playmaker's self-declared best friend, but Takeru stated he doesn't care about him and walked until he was behind Yusaku Fujiki commenting that he's Playmaker and wondered how he needs to approach him. But, Yusaku suddenly turns around, making Takeru to hide in the empty classroom, wondering why Yusaku looked suddenly at his way. Flame revealed that Yusaku has already noticed Takeru following him and that Flame has contacted Ai through codes without telling him, much to Takeru's chagrin.

Yusaku showed up, questioning how he knows his identity. Takeru assured that he is not his enemy and explains that he found out his identity because of Flame. He then explained that Flame is Ignis modelled after him, revealing to Yusaku that he's also one of the victims in the Lost Incident. Their conversation continued in a Ferris wheel where

Takeru with Flame, Ai and Yusaku in the Ferris wheel

Flame explained everything what happened after Ai had left. As they are sharing a common enemy, Takeru and Yusaku joined forces to find the remaining Ignis and help Shoichi Kusanagi to bring back Jin's stolen consciousness. While discussing about their new enemies, Ghost Girl sent them the information of how to enter the restricted area where Bowman and Haru have disappeared to. Despite the possibility that it is a trap, Yusaku, Ai, Takeru and Flame decide to go there since this was their only clue. Using the program given by Kusanagi, they were able to enter the restricted area, only to be welcomed by the bounty hunters led by Go Onizuka.

Duel against Go Onizuka Edit

Soulburner was excited meeting Go Onizuka in live. He challenge him for a duel. Go seemed not to be interested in dueling Soulburner, but after Soulburner showed him Flame, Go accepted to duel Soulburner. As the duel begins, Go activated his new skill Dinowrestle Revolution, only to activate field spell, ''World Dino Wrestling''. Go was using completely new deck. Then, Go summoned ''Dinowrestler capoeiraptor''. Soulburner seems to admire Go Onuzuka a lot, even calling him senpai. As the duel continues, Soulburner link summoned his ace monster, Salamangreat Heatlio. But, only to fall in Go's trap, when he couldn't activate his trap card. Soulburner loses half of his life points. Go started to talk about how Playmaker was always on his way and he only thinks to win against him and be no.1. That thing pissed off Soulburner, calling Go SOL Technologies pet and dog. Soulburner told Go Onizuka how he admired him in the past that they defeat The Knights of Hanoi who kidnapped him and Soulburner was finally happy that he found out the reason why he was kidnapped. Soulburner said that Go Onizuka gave him courage, because he's a hero. Soulburner was disappointed of the current Go asking him where the real hero Go left. Go only end his turn without giving him an answer. Soulburner retrieved "Salamangreat Heatlio" with "Link Fire's Return", and inflicted moderate damage to Go. Suddenly, Soulburner was nearly attacked and accused Go of attacking him during the Duel. Go denied being involved in the attack, as Hayami of SOL Technologies was trying to attack Soulburner to prevent Akira's demotion. She launched another attack, but Go took the hit protecting Soulburner, much to Akira and Soulburner's surprise. Go and Soulburner continued the Duel, as the latter and Flame were glad Go wouldn't resort to such low attempts to capture them. Using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner made another Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatlio", which lowered the ATK of Go's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" to 800. To lower the damage he'd take, Go's Link Monster forced Soulburner's "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" to attack it, which prevented "Salamangreat Heatlio" from attacking. By discarding "Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo", Go protected his Link Monster and took 1000 LP damage. Soulburner noted Go's monsters were tough, as Flame noticed he mastered his Deck. Go intended to win, rather than having an entertaining match when two sides' ace monsters would clash. Go's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" attacked "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar"; to prevent defeat, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Sanctuary" to reduce the ATK of "Salamangreat Heatlio" and gain LP, thus avoiding the defeat with 1100 LP left. To protect his monster from "Salamangreat Heatlio", Go summoned "Dinowrestler Rambrachio". Soulburner noted Go put a lot of effort into Dueling, but reminded Soulburner also had a reason for winning. Soulburner claimed he came to fight, being inspired by the heroes that fought against the Knights of Hanoi, to free him from his depression. Flame supported Soulburner, who activated Burning Draw skill to draw a card. Much like Playmaker, Soulburner played "Rise of the Salamangreat" Ritual Spell Card, returning "Salamangreat" monsters from his GY to Ritual Summon "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle". Go reminded his monster still had more ATK. Soulburner tribute "Salamangreat Heatlio" and had his eagle attack, whose effect destroyed Go's monster and inflicted damage to its ATK, making his LP drop to zero.

Go was defeated, but Soulburner offered him his hand to get up. Go refused and walked away. Soulburner pointed out Go was, to him, one of LINK VRAINS' heroes, but swore in order to regain his old self back, had to continue winning.
Tumblr p8tmlgMIZK1wlpki3o2 1280

Soulburner lending a hand to Go after the duel

Go stopped Soulburner, pointing out everyone could lose a Duel, but the important thing was whether dwell on the defeat or continue fighting. He claimed the true self was revealed once someone loses, and logged out, but Flame commented Go was just a sore loser to say that.

Meeting Windy Edit

Playmaker, Ai, Flame and Soulburner arrived to the unknown world. Suddenly they were caught into wind. Without knowing, the Wind Ignis was watching them and stop the wind. They arrived into one beautiful place. Suddenly they saw one big monster, which Flame said that's the monster who destroyed Cyberse world. When the monster was about to shot, the Wind Ignis come out laughing at them and said that he was making the joke. Soulburner listened what Wind Ignis, who revealed his name is Windy got to say and said that Ignis dream is to rebuild their home, as for Flame agreed with Windy. But, first thing they must do is to find the culprit who destroyed their home. Windy asked Playmaker and Soulburner to stop Ghost Gal and Blue Girl coming closer to his little world. They agreed and met with the girls. Soulburner said that Blue Girl's avatar is cool and even suggested he to change his own avatar, that Flame said no need to do it. Soulburner accepted to duel Blue Girl, so much to buy time for Playmaker to find their enemy, Bowman.

Duel against Blue Girl Edit

Blue Girl stated that Ghost Girl and her came to find an Ignis, to have her brother analyze it. Soulburner noted not only bounty hunters were hired, and replied that they would not hand Ignis over to SOL Technologies, since they were also involved in the Lost Incident. Instead, Blue Girl demanded the two to hand Ignis over, since they were still under SOL Technologies' property. Ghost Girl was surprised by Blue Girl's demand, and was told they could use Ignis to find others of their kind. Soulburner and Blue Girl were eager to Duel, as the former even wished to battle one of LINK VRAINS heroes. While Ghost Girl went to track Playmaker down, Soulburner reminded Blue Girl that like Playmaker, he was ruthlessly strong. Blue Girl intended to show the power of her new Trickstars, too. Blue Girl shared her ambitions, wanting to obtain Soulburner's Ignis to have her brother's approval, using the new Deck she had constructed, in addition, she would use the Ignis to find more of its kind. Flame reminded Soulburner about Blue Girl's effect damage tactics, so Soulburner swore to quickly set up a formation to counter that. The two raced to a spot to determine who would take the first turn, and Blue Girl won that race. Blue Girl proceeded by swarming the field, using "Trickstar Lilybell" and "Trickstar Lycoris" for the Link Summon of "Trickstar Divaridis", and inflicted first 200 damage to Soulburner. She brought "Trickstar Birdhelm", and inflicted 200 points of damage on Soulburner, but could not attack this turn (and neither could she at her first turn). Returning the latter monster, Blue Girl used its effect to equip it to "Trickstar Divadiris". Soulburner's turn started, but he immediately took 200 LP damage, due to "Trickstar Lycoris". Flame and Blue Girl reminded Soulburner could not use Burning Draw, else he'd take 200 LP damage when he would have 100 LP left. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Meer", but took 200 LP damage from "Trickstar Divadiris". He noted that the damage would add up, and intended to save his LP by taking out her monsters. He used the effects of his monsters to swap "Salamangreat Meer" with "Salamangreat Falco", and summoned "Salamangreat Wolvie", his LP lowered to 2400. Blue Girl expected Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatlio", for "Trickstar Birdhelm" didn't allow itself and the equipped monster - "Trickstar Divaridis" - to be targeted by card effects. "Trickstar Heatlio" went to attack, and Blue Girl noted she lost her previous battles, since the enemy broke through her weak ATK monsters. This time, she used "Trickstar Calobane", which doubled her monster's ATK, thus cancelling Soulburner's ATK and lowering his LP to 900. Fortunately for Soulburner, "Salamangreat Heatlio" became indestructible, as it used "Salamangreat Wolvie" as material. Still, Soulburner complimented her as one of the LINK VRAINS heroes. Flame reminded Soulburner he had one thing that improved himself, the Ignis. Soulburner, who believed Flame was just arrogant, asked if he could actually do something, but was told Flame could only observe. Blue Girl summoned a "Trickstar Token". This time, the effect of "Trickstar Divaridis" on her monsters to inflict 200 LP damage on Soulburner. To prevent any such small damage being inflicted, Soulburner used "Gate of Fire". Using her new Skill, Trickstar Gig, Blue Girl sent cards from her Deck, equal to the number of Trickstar monsters she controlled, and added a Trickstar card from her GY. Using "Trickstar Token" and "Trickstar Lycoris", she summoned "Trickstar Holly Angel", thus setting up a Fusion Summon with "Trickstar Fusion", the card she obtained through her Skill. Using "Trickstar Token" and "Trickstar Holly Angel", Blue Girl performed the Fusion Summon of "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar". Flame saw Blue Girl continued to develop herself. Cancelling Soulburner's "Gate of Fire", "Trickstar Divaridis" inflicted 400 LP damage, since her new Fusion Monster doubled that Effect Damage. Blue Girl's "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" raised its ATK by that amount, while Blue Girl added her "Trickstar Calobane" into her hand. Sending "Salamangreat Racoon", Soulburner gained 2600 LP, equal to the ATK of Blue Girl's Fusion Monster, with the additional effects of preventing effects from being used and preventing the destruction of "Salamangreat Heatlio". Thus, he survived the turn, with Blue Girl using the effect of "Trickstar Calobane" to double the ATK of "Trickstar Divaridis". Despite having not won this turn, Blue Girl's confidence was unwavered, as she added "Trickstar Calobane" into her hand. Soulburner was not glad of the circumstances, but Flame stated there was a card in his Deck that could turn the site of battle around. Soulburner drew a card, but was disappointed it was not the card he wanted. Flame dared him to use his Skill, else he'd think Soulburner was lacking courage to face destiny. Soulburner used his Skill, Burning Draw, and succeeded in drawing the desired card. He played "Fusion of Fire", but Blue Girl reminded even if he summoned a monster, "Trickstar Divaridis" would finish him off. However, Soulburner used the latter monster on her side of the field and "Salamangreat Heatlio" on his side of the field to bring out "Salamangreat Violet Chimera". Its effect increased its ATK, equal to the materials ATK. To reduce damage, Blue Girl sent "Trickstar Calobane", increasing the ATK of "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" to 4400. Soulburner anticipated this, seeing she recognized her weakness and played "Trickstar Calobane". In the change of ATK power, the ATK of "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" doubled to 9700 by attacking her Fusion Monster, Soulburner defeated Blue Girl, who was slammed to the mountain wall. Soulburner approached her, complimenting her strength. Flame stated she lost because she

Soulburner being told by Blue Girl that a relationship between an Ai and human is that strong

didn't have Ignis as an AI, which made Blue Girl remark the two's friendship. She fainted and logged out.

Ghost Girl confronted Soulburner, who explained the program activated to make her log out. Ghost Girl wanted to face Soulburner, but saw he was weakened from the last Duel. Instead, Flame showed a copy of the program that forced Blue Girl to log out. Ghost Girl took the program, thinking Flame is more charming than Ai. She logged out, proposing to meet someday. Flame, however, blushed at Ghost Girl's charming words.

Rematch duel against Playmaker and Bohman Edit

Soulburner went to find Playmaker, and sensed the winds were getting stronger. Flame suspected it was because of a Duel going on. Later, Soulburner reunited with Playmaker, and Flame pointed out the cyberspace was vanishing. Soulburner logged out, as did Playmaker, who wondered who was the one controlling Bohman.

Meeting Aoi Zaizen Edit

Takeru walked at school and greet Yusaku. Takeru noticed Aoi and he was happy greeting her. She greets him as well and she greets Yusaku too. After she walked away, Takeru told Yusaku that he wished to tell her about their duel, only Yusaku to say not to do that. Takeru complain that he wont talk with Aoi about their duel, only to be interrupted by Naoki Shima who yelled at Aoi that she doesn't go in the Duel club. Aoi said that she's busy and somehow she overheard Naoki, Yusaku and Takeru's conversation about Playmaker. Naoki claimed that he's Playmaker's best friend and Takeru was amazed and asked him If Playmaker is also in the Duel club, only Naoki to decline.

Fake gate and Blood Shepherd's trap Edit

Later, Shoichi found out a trace of the gate, who was opened on one of the floating islands, in the area that was still in development. Ai cursed Windy's choice, but Flame believed this was a logical move he did. Yusaku and Takeru logged into LINK VRAINS and went towards the gate. However, Shoichi was too late to warn them the gate was actually a trap. Blood Shepherd snapped his fingers to suck Playmaker through the trap. Instead, Soulburner bumped into Playmaker and was trapped instead. Soulburner was touched by a particle. Flame watched as Soulburner
Ep60 Soulburner struggling

Soulburner and flame falling into Blood Shepherd's trap

became paralyzed by the fear from the Lost Incident memories. Despite not the target he wished to capture, Blood Shepherd was nevertheless pleased, since Soulburner had an Ignis, too. Bubbles appeared to show some of Soulburner's memories.

Duel against Blood Shepherd Edit

Blood Shepherd was looking into Soulburner's memories and he found his weakness. Meanwhile, Flame was trying to wake up Soulburner by shaking him. After Flame successfully managed to wake up Soulburner, he asked Flame where are they. Flame answered that they're into Blood Shepherd's trap. A cave filled with lava was formed before Blood Shepherd confronted Soulburner. Soulburner was not pleased that Blood Shepherd peeked into his memories, but Blood Shepherd shot Emma Bessho's surveillance, in form of a data bug, down. The two then commenced a Master Duel. Blood Shepherd summoned a "Duplicate Drone"; Soulburner was displeased that Blood Shepherd had his AI explain the card effects, but Flame reminded him to concentrate on his turn. Soulburner proceeded to use "Salamangreat Meer" and "Salamangreat Wolvie" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf", then used the latter with "Salamangreat Mole" to summon his ace monster, "Salamangreat Heatlio". Its effect returned Blood Shepherd's "Mirror Coat Unit" to his hand, but its effect let him add a "Duplicate Drone" to his hand. Soulburner was in shock, since the AI didn't mention that effect, but Blood Shepherd simply claimed he didn't let the AI speak. Flame alerted Soulburner of this, for Blood Shepherd did something like that during his Duel with Playmaker. Due to this, Blood Shepherd called Soulburner a fool to trust an AI, for it was a tool that should only serve humans, and showed his right arm as reference, that Soulburner didn't knew it's pain. Since his field was wide open, Blood Shepherd activated "Drone Barricade" to protect himself from direct attacks. Soulburner, using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", summoned a new "Salamangreat Heatlio" to remove the barricade. Much to his dismay, Blood Shepherd countered that by setting a new "Drone Barricade" from his Deck and activate it. Flame noticed that Blood Shepherd did study Soulburner's Deck. Soulburner ended his turn, while Blood Shepherd started his own. The latter declared Soulburner would lose in this turn, to himself. Soulburner questioned the meaning of those words, as Blood Shepherd uses the effect of "3D Bio Scanner" to Special Summon "Despair from the Dark" from his deck. Soulburner suddenly became paralyzed with fear, remembering his trauma from the Hanoi Project. Taking advantage of the situation, Blood Shepherd uses the effect of three of his copies of "Duplicate Drone", to move "Despair from the Dark" to the Spell & Trap Zone. The drones camouflaged themselves as "Despair from the Dark", which overwhelmed Soulburner with fear. Flame called upon Blood Shepherd for using that fear to his advantage, but Blood Shepherd simply replied that he'd use everything to win. He proclaimed he'd bury Soulburner in dark despair. As the duel continues, Blood Shepherd decelerate attack, using "Despair from the Dark" to attack "Salamangreat Heatlio" Soulburner loses life points. Then, Blood Shepherd directly attacked Soulburner calling him out of league to be duelist and that he doesn't have right to be duelist facing him off. But, when the third "Despair from the Dark" attacks Soulburner, he activates the effect of "Salamangreat Parro" in his hand, Special Summoning it in Attack Position (2000/1000), and making its ATK become equal to the ATK of a "Salamangreat" monster in his GY. He makes its ATK become equal to the ATK of "Heatlio"/ A replay occurs and the third "Despair from the Dark" attacks and destroys "Parro" Blood Shepherd started to talk about Soulburner's trauma, but Soulburner starts to laugh and asked Blood Shepherd what trauma? Blood Shepherd felt lied and he saw that Flame actually tricked him and that Soulburner managed to face off the trauma long time ago and everything was just an act. Continuing with the duel, Soulburner controls no monsters, he activates the Equip Spell Card "Rising Fire", Special Summoning a FIRE monster from his GY and equipping it with "Rising Fire". He Special Summons "Heatlio" (2300/↙↑↘) and equips it with "Rising Fire". The equipped monster gains 500 ATK. When Soulburner Link Summons a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary" allows him to use a monster with the same name as Link Material instead. Soulburner uses "Heatlio" to Reincarnation Link Summon another "Heatlio" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Rising Fire" left the field, Soulburner activates its effect, banishing a face-up monster Blood Shepherd controls and as many monsters Blood Shepherd controls or in his GY as possible with the same name as that monster, then inflicting damage to Blood Shepherd equal to the original ATK of one of those banished monsters. He targets a copy of "Despair from the Dark", and banishes three copies of it. As "Heatlio" was Link Summoned, Soulburner activates its effect, shuffling a card in Blood Shepherd's Spell & Trap Zone to his Deck. He targets "Drone Barricade", but as Soulburner activated a card or effect that targeted "Barricade", Blood Shepherd activates its effect, banishing it to Set another copy of "Barricade" directly from his Deck, which can be activated this turn. Blood Shepherd Sets and subsequently activates another "Barricade". As Soulburner has three or more "Salamangreat" Link Monsters in his GY, Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Foxer" in his hand, sending it from his hand to the GY to return a "Salamangreat" Link Monster from his GY to his Extra Deck, then destroy a card
Ep063 Soulburner on the ground

Soulburner on the ground after being saved from Blood Shepherd's trap

in Blood Shepherd's Spell & Trap Zone. He returns a copy of "Heatlio" to his Extra Deck and destroys "Barricade". "Heatlio" attacks Blood Shepherd directly. At this point, Shoichi's rescue program is activated, freeing Soulburner from Blood Shepherd's trap, leaving the Duel with no result.After the trap was broken, Soulburner fell on the ground. Playmaker rushed fast to tells him that he is glad that Soulburner is alright despite Soulburner tells him he could have won, Playmaker then contacts Kusanagi telling he

has reunited with Soulburner and they both then log out from Link VRAINS.

Yusaku and Shoichi's first meeting Edit

Takeru is shown up that he rushed towards Yusaku asking him If he's going at Kusanagi's place, but they were

Takeru with Ai and Flame listening to Shoichi's story

interrupted by Naoki Shima who called Yusaku to go with him. Takeru left alone towards Kusanagi's place, but he was hit by Ai who felt from the sky, by flying with Yusaku's duel disk. Kusanagi came to them, as Takeru thanked for what he did for him and as a gift, Takeru gave Kusanagi burger, only to be scold by Ai. After they all went in the Café Nagi, Ai and Flame along with Takeru were curious how Kusanagi and Yusaku first met. They were listening Kusanagi's story how he met Unknown (Playmaker). The three were impressed by the tale, but noted the story didn't tell how Yusaku obtained his avatar name, Playmaker.

Ai's mysterious disappearance  Edit

Yusaku came to Shoichi's truck with Roboppy, where Takeru and Shoichi greeted the robot. Plugging in a cable in Roboppy, Shoichi found nothing wrong with Yusaku's Duel Disk, considering Ai, who was supposed to be locked, had gone missing. Yusaku mentioned Roboppy and Ai were on a quiz site the night before, which showed a crossword

Takeru and Shoichi Kusanagi not amused with the prize of the quiz

puzzle. Yusaku pointed at a rectangle, which opened a site. Flame noticed that was a clever Ignis algorithm. The site showed a gate, which led Yusaku to believe they needed to log in the VR system to access it. Takeru proposed he and Yusaku should go, but the latter refused. He stated If could be a trap, and insisted on going alone. Flame was surprised at Yusaku, for that program was made by his allies. Yusaku simply exclaimed he didn't trust Windy, since the world that Windy had built was demolished moments after Bohman was defeated. He still let them know they could come after him, should he take too long.

Takeru's worry Edit


Takeru logs into the VRAINS

Shoichi traced Playmaker's location in the cyberspace, and Takeru believed something was going on. Flame still trusted Windy, claiming he was their ally.

Soulburner searches for Playmaker and Ai

Before Takeru headed off, Shoichi installed a program in his Duel Disk, so he'll be able to interrupt the Ignis program, but was uncertain in its efficiency. Shoichi counted on Takeru, who logged in as Soulburner. He went around the destroyed area, trying to find Playmaker. He and Shoichi were shocked at the devastated surroundings.

Meeting Spectre and Windy vs Revolver Edit


Soulburner meets Spectre

Soulburner approached Windy's temple, and noticed the remnants of a large battle. Flame wondered where Ai and Playmaker were, and Soulburner noticed Spectre atop the stairs. Soulburner identified Spectre, who awaited Soulburner's coming. Spectre knew of Soulburner's accomplishments, and that Flame joined him. Instead of dueling Soulburner, Spectre wanted of Soulburner to follow him.

Soulburner follows Spectre

Flame thought it was a trap, but Spectre simply wanted Soulburner to find the truth about the Ignis. He wanted Soulburner to question his alliance with Flame, and threatened to erase him should he not change his mind. Thus, the two went inside to watch Revolver Duel Windy, where Spectre exclaimed that Revolver was just getting st

Soulburner and Spectre attacked by Lightning and Flame protects them

arted for the climax. Flame was told that Lightning and Windy trapped Playmaker and Ai. Flame was in shock, while Windy bemoaned that another human-supporter just arrived. Lightning went to trap Soulburner and Spectre, but Flame used Shoichi's program. He created a sphere to protect them from that attack, and

Soulburner and Playmaker shocked seeing Haru and Bohman

throw some of it to Playmaker and Ai to free them. Soulburner and Flame watched the end of the Duel, where Revolver Synchro Summoned "Varrel Load Savage Dragon" to defeat Windy. Lightning questioned Flame whether he supported humans. Flame claimed there were no sides, and Soulburner backed him up, for they wanted to resolve the situation without hostilities. Much to their shock, Lightning summoned Haru and Bohman, and revealed the silhouette of his figure: Jin Kusanagi.

Declaration of war Edit


Playmaker and Soulburner chase after Jin, Bohman, Haru and Lightning

Soulburner listened to Lightning, who explained he was the one that had Cyberse World destroyed, and declared war on humanity. Lightning had Jin, Haru and Bohman fly away, but Playmaker and Soulburner were chasing them down. On

Soulburner and Flame chase after Lightning and Jin

their way, Soulburner passed Shoichi's program to Playmaker, to let Shoichi check on them. Soulburner and Playmaker chased them down, and Flame thought that Lighting could not attack when the Knights of Hanoi were active. Lightning used Windy to summon a Data Storm, Soulburner and Flame separated from Playmaker and Ai, who confronted Bohman. Regardless, Flame swore to stop Lightning and Soulburner supported him. Soulburner and Flame continued their pursuit. Flame claimed that the fighting would stop once Lightning would be defeated. Flame and Soulburner wanted to confront him and Jin, but since they were stalled by Bit and Boot clones, Jin and Lightning managed to escape. Flame called the clones weak, and Soulburner logged out.

Yusaku's and Akira's meeting Edit


Takeru and Flame discuss about SOL Technologies

hile Yusaku spoke with Akira, Takeru and Flame watched them from a nearby roof. Flame thought it was unwise to share their information with SOL Technologies, but Takeru reminded the company had created the Ignis. Flame simply reminded him of the bounty hunters that sought them out, and believed they could not be trusted.

Searching for Earth and Aqua Edit

The next day, Yusaku, Takeru and Shoichi tried to fin
Ep074 Playmaker and Soulburner

Soulburner and Playmaker searching for Aqua and Earth

d the two Ignis - Earth and Aqua - finding that he was lurking around LINK VRAINS, trying to find Aqua. He and Yusaku logged in, and split up to find Earth. Shoichi discovered Earth's location in LINK VRAINS, and sent it to Soulburner and Playmaker. Soulburner commented that the location was too far away from him, and had Playmaker go after Earth.

Blue Girl became Blue Maiden and new teaming up Edit


Yusaku, Takeru, Shoichi, Ai and Flame watching the video

Shoichi showed Yusaku and Takeru a video of Blood Shepherd chasing Blue Girl, who had the WATER Ignis. Flame believed Aqua was in trouble, and Ai urged others to rescue her from "the g

Ghost Girl, Playmaker, Ai, Flame and Soulburner shocked seeing Blue Girl's transformation

unman". Yusaku nodded, and went into LINK VRAINS with Takeru. Soulburner and Playmaker met up with Ghost Girl, who reported that Blood Shepherd was gone. Suddenly, Blue Girl went back to LINK VRAINS with Aqua, and met up with the trio. As Aqua and Blue Girl, changing her avatar to Blue Maiden, pledged their support, she, Playmaker and Soulburner rode off.

The search for Lightning Edit

In LINK VRAINS, Blue Maiden, Playmaker, Soulburner and Ghost Girl went to the place where Aqua had been

Playmaker, Ai, Soulburner and Flame search for Lightning

imprisoned. They went to inspect traces of Lightning's logs, but Ai found nothing. Playmaker reminded Lightning was not so careless to leave clues behind, which made Ai curse for their predicament. The group continued searching the network, but found no trace of Lightning. Flame and Aqua advised caution, for Lightning was the type that erased any sort of evidence. Soulburner sensed they could only wait until the situation escalates.

Lightning vs Blood Shepherd Edit

Shoichi saw a signal in LINK VRAINS and led Playmaker to it. Playmaker regrouped with Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Ghost Girl and sensed Lightning beyond the portal. Blue Maiden exclaimed this was their opportunity to face off Lightning and Soulburner cheered her on for her bravery. The group went through the portal, where they saw

Ghost Girl with Playmaker, Ai, Flame, Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Aqua watch the duel

Lightning and Jin facing Blood Shepherd. Lightning explained to the group that he wanted them invited, he dueled Blood Shepherd to reduce the amount of his enemies. Thus, the group watched the duel and noted how Blood Shepherd timed his "Snatch Drone" destroy "Judgement Arrows", though Lightning managed to evade its negative effects. Soulburner commented how easily Blood Shepherd had cornered Lightning, as Flame stated he had a big advantage. Blue Maiden was surprise

Soulburner comments the duel

d at "Armatos Legio Gradius", as Soulburner and Aqua explained that it applied its effect to "Centurion", whom it linked to that monster. The group became frustrated, since Lightning managed to build a solid defense, as well as offense. With the Fusion Summon of "Fortressdrone Beehive", Flame reminded that "Drone Unity" would give all of Blood Shepherd's tokens an ATK of 5000. In the end, Blood Shepherd was defeated. With him gone, Lightning turned to the group, and stated they would be his next targets, then disappeared.

Earth's traces Edit

At the food truck, Ai admitted he was surprised to hear Blood Shepherd and Ghost Girl we

Yusaku, Ai, Shoichi, Flame and Takeru find traces of Earth

re siblings. However, he wondered if they'd see each other, with Lightning having taken the brother. He stopped, and apologized to Shoichi for mentioning Lightning, as Flame nodded to him. Shoichi didn't mind that, while Yusaku was alerted of Lightning's strategy, who anticipated Blood Shepherd's moves. Flame reminded that an AI can detect numerous patterns, and pointed out Lightning was no ordinary AI, either. Suddenly, Shoichi showed traces of Earth, whose algorithm was detected in LINK VRAINS. Ai cheered that their friend may have escaped SOL Technologies, but others had doubts about that. Flame stated Ai was carefree to believe that. Realizing that even if he had escaped, Ai thought Earth could still be hunted by SOL Technologies and Flame added that Lightning could be on his trail. Takeru and Yusaku immediately went to LINK VRAINS to investigate more.

Playmaker vs Go Onizuka Edit

Inside, Playmaker and Soulburner sensed something was coming. Go Onizuka appeared, and confronted Playmaker, wanting to crush him. Go Onizuka replied he'd take on Soulburner, after he'd defeat Playmaker. Playmaker confronted

Soulburner and Flame comment about Go Onizuka

Go Onizuka and Soulburner watched with Blue Maiden, who later joined him. Soulburner and Flame gasped, as Go Onizuka used Earth's Link Monster, "G Golem Crystal Heart", showing that Earth's data has been integrated into Go Onizuka. Soulburner and Flame continued to watch their Duel, and were shocked when Playmaker fell of his D-Board. Soulburner felt that Playmaker would even

Soulburner with Playmaker, Ai, Blue Maiden, Flame and Aqua comment about the war

lose the Duel, but was interested when he Xyz Summoned a new monster. After Go Onizuka's defeat, Playmaker gave Aqua the "G Golem Crystal Heart" card back, as it is the only thing Ai managed to retrieve from Go Onizuka. Ai believed Earth would be more comfortable if Aqua held onto that card. However, Blue Maiden worried how was Go Onizuka doing. Soulburner thought he was also a victim of this battle, a battle Playmaker hoped to end quickly.


Takeru uses a "Salamangrate" Deck, an archetype of FLAME Cyberse monsters revolving around a Beat-Down strategy. His ace monster is Salamangrate Heatlio.

His skill is "Burning draw." Burning draw is a skill where he reduces his LP to 100, and then draw new card from the deck for each 1000 LP he sacrificed.

Extra Deck

Effect Monsters

Ritual Monsters

Fusion Monsters

Xyz Monsters

Link Monsters

Duels Edit

Image Opponent Episode Outcome
Ep049 Soulburner vs BitBoot


49 Win
Go vs soulburner
Go Onizuka 51-52 Win
Blue Girl vs Soulburner
Blue Girl 56 Win
Ryujiro vs Takeru
Ryujiro Mizunuma 61-63 (Flashback) Win
Blood Shepherd vs Soulburner
Blood Shepherd 62-63 No result
Revolver vs Soulburner
Revolver 84 No result
Bit and Boot 86 Win
Windy vs Soulburner
Windy 88-89 Win
Bohman vs Soulburner
Bohman 94-95 Lose
Ai vs Revolver,Playmaker and Soulburner
Ai (Copy) 106-108 Win/w Revolver and Playmaker
Roboppi vs Soulburner
Roboppi 112-114 Win
Soulburner vs Revolver
Revolver 115-116 Win

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