Temple of the Royal Family
Temple of the Royal Family
Rōmaji Ōke no Shinden
Japanese (おう)()(しん)殿(でん)
Base 王家の神殿
Furigana おうけのしんでん
English Temple of the Kings
Card Magic Card Icon of Magic
Property Permanent Magic Card Icon of Permanent
Effect type Continuous-like, Ignition-like, Rule
Appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 025, 026
Anime Effect

You can activate 1 Trap Card the turn it was Set. You can send 1 " Holy Beast Serket" in your Monster Zone and this card you control to the Graveyard; Special Summon 1 monster from your hand or Deck, or 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck. You can only use each effect of "Temple of the Royal Family" once per turn.


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