• Hi Lala!

    Sorry to bother you but i was wondering if i can upload the new ending screencaps once they get realease. I know you upload the screencaps from the episode but i was hoping you don't mind if i can start uploading the new ending screencaps would you?  ;-; 

    Just a curioustity but its okay if you don't want me to.

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    • Okay no problem. I got few pictures of the new ending, but I'll leave the new ending to you. If you need help for the screencaps just tell me ^^ Let's help each other ^^

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    • Thank you so much! (^.^)/

      I might miss some screencaps like i did with the opening and ending but i let you know! ^^ 

      I've also taken screencaps of the episodes so i have alot in case you might have miss some so yea let's help each other :D 

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    • I put the pictures I got for 71 episode. If I got missed someone add them ^^

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