Trickstar Treat
Trickstar Treat
Rōmaji Torikkusutā Torīto
Japanese トリックスター・トリート
English Trickstar Treat
Card Trap Card Icon of Trap
Property Continuous
Effect Type Effect, Immediate-like, Continuous-like, Continuous-like
Appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 033, 034
Anime Effect

When this card is activated: Place 1 Trickstar Counter on it. You can place 1 Trickstar Counter on this card and reveal 1 "Trickstar" Trap in your hand; Set that card to your Magic & Trap Zone, but destroy it during the End Phase. It can be activated this turn. (Only 1 card can be Set on the field at a time with this effect.) During the End Phase, if 2 or more Trickstar Counters are on this card, destroy it. If this card is destroyed, take 1000 damage for each Trickstar Counter that was on this card.

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