Xyz Materials (Ekushīzu Sozai abbreviated (エクシーズ)()(ざい))), known as Overlay Units (オーバーレイ・ユニット, Ōbārei Yunitto) in the anime and manga and abbreviated as ORU in both, are cards stacked underneath an Xyz Monster.

When an Xyz Monster is Xyz Summoned, the monsters used for the Xyz Summon are stacked underneath the Summoned Xyz Monster (called "overlaid" in the anime). The attached Xyz Materials do not occupy a Zone.

Many Xyz Monsters have effects that require detaching Xyz Materials (sending an Xyz Material attached to that Xyz Monster to the Graveyard) as an activation cost. If the Xyz Monster is no longer on the field, any remaining attached Xyz Materials are sent to the Graveyard.

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