An Xyz Summon ( (エクシーズ)(しょう)(かん) Ekushīzu Shōkan) is the Special Summon of an Xyz Monster from the Extra Deck. It is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.

How to Xyz Summon Edit

Xyz Summons can be conducted when there are two or more monsters of the same Level on your side of the field. Those monsters can be used as Xyz Materials to Summon an Xyz Monster whose Rank is the same as the Levels of the monsters used.

In order to Xyz Summon an Xyz Monster, you must first take the required Xyz Materials face-up on your side of the field and stack them together. Then, the Xyz Monster is Xyz Summoned from your Extra Deck, and placed on top of the stack.

Xyz Materials are not sent to the Graveyard. Instead, they are placed on the same Monster Card Zone beneath the Summoned Xyz Monster. In this state, they are not treated as monsters, nor are they treated as being on the field.

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