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Yoroizuka 2 - Copy


Japanese 鎧坂
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Gray
Hair Brown
Duel Monster statistics
Occupation Bounty hunter
Affiliation SOL Technologies Logo of SOL
Partner(s) Go Onizuka


Anime Episode 47
Japanese Ryota Suzuki
Yoroizaka is a character who shows in Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS. He's one of the bounty hunters who works for Akira Zaizen.

Design Edit

Appereance Edit

Yoroizaka is a man with spiky brown hair and gray eyes. He wears dark green shirt, with protecting blue and green gears, blue belt, dark green pants and dark green boots and green with black. He also got the logo of SOL Technologies, being bounty hunter

In LINK VRAINS he wears dark green shirt, with protecting blue and green gears, blue belt, dark green pants and dark green boots and green with black and blue glasses. He also got the logo of SOL Technologies, being bounty hunter.

Personality Edit

Biography Edit

Present Edit

The Bounty Hunters Edit

Ep047 Hayami with Go

Yoroizaka with Go Onizuka, Kenmochi and Hayami

Akira called for the bounty hunters in order to track Playmaker. One of them was Yoroizaka along with Go Onizuka and Kenmochi. Akira ordered to them to find Playmaker and take the Ignises.

Meeting Playmaker and Soulburner Edit

Yoroizaka, Go Onizuka and Kenmochi went to pursue after Playmaker and SoulburnerAi recognized Go, who was working for SOL Technologies. Go announced his pleasure that Playmaker returned to LINK VRAINS, and had his fellow bounty hunters surround him to prevent his escape.

Duel against Playmaker Edit

After Kenmochi lost the duel, Yoroizaka back in Link Vrains to face off with Playmaker. Yoroizaka summoned "Gouki The Solid Ogre", and played "Gouki Unity" to make his monsters immune to destruction, and to protect his LP, too.

Kenmochi and Yoroizaka chased away by Data storm

Playmaker swarmed his field to co-link "Security Dragon" with "Gouki The Solid Ogre" to activate the former's effect. He attempted to return "Gouki Riscorpio", but Yoroizaka tributed that monster to fortify his Link Monster with 2300 ATK. Yoroizaka laughed at Playmaker's attempt, claiming "Gouki The Solid Ogre"

Yoroizaka facing off with Playmaker

could've been chosen instead. However, Playmaker Link Summoned "Firewall Dragon" and "Flame Administrator", and since "Gadget Token" had left the field that "Firewall Dragon" pointed to, he Special Summoned "Dual Assembwurm". "Firewall Dragon" returned Yoroizaka's "Gouki" monsters to his hand, leaving him open for direct attacks. Yoroizaka was defeated and was logged out, while Playmaker asked Shoichi for the rescue program. Shoichi finished writing the program and went to execute it, but found an error. Once Soulburner had escaped the trap, Playmaker found him. He reported to Shoichi that Soulburner had been found, and the two boys logged out.

Declaration of war Edit

Per Akira's order, Yoroizaka, Kenmochi and Blood Shepherd were sent to Windy's temple, to find the Ignis. The trio went after Lightning, who summoned dozens of Bit and Boot programs to fight them.

Deck Edit

Yoroizaka is using ''Gouki" deck

Monsters Magic Extra Deck
Effect monsters Link Monsters

Duels Edit

Image Opponent Episode Outcome
Playmaker vs Yoroizaka
Playmaker 63 Lose
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